New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie broke state law in 2011

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie broke state law in 2011

Gov. Christie withdrew New Jersey from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Again he made the decision without the public.
He talks but can't walk his talk.

Mike83 | 2014年3月27日
Cause of this high percentage could be due to environmental pollution. Sad.

Dramsey | 2014年3月28日

If politicians that simply ignore laws based on their own political leanings and prejudices upset you, I have a better target for your ire.

Not that thus has anything to do with cars.

Mike83 | 2014年3月28日

Just stating a fact. But Christies word is worthless especially when it comes to the Tesla direct sales model. Sometimes connecting the dots and following the money may bring enlightenment.

bigd | 2014年3月29日


jkn | 2014年3月30日

This was explained somewhere. An old law in New Jersey is written so that it was illegal for Tesla to sell cars. Somebody complained and they had to close Tesla shops.

Superliner | 2014年3月30日

A letter I sent to my State Reps, here in AZ.

"The existing franchise “laws at their core” were first proposed and lobbied for by the dealers themselves as a means to ensure that the manufacturer could not be in competition with them. They were trying to protect their own interests. Additionally at the time of these proposals there were no laws requiring manufacturers to utilize a franchise system.

The manufacturers essentially created their own monster in enlisting the “then” help of and utilizing franchises to increase their footprint without using their own funds.

Subsequently the franchises took on a life of their own and when they came under pressure from manufacturers who had realized that they had essentially lost the handle on controlling their brand image those same franchises banded together against manufacturer control and became too big to fail.

Flash Forward… Along comes Tesla (note I could find no reference to “any” law requiring a “NEW” manufacturer to utilize the franchise system)

As has been said elsewhere, Tesla HAS NO franchises which would come under the protections of existing law “as current dealers do” Tesla cannot compete against it’s own dealers because it has none!! ALSO dealer or franchise protections were not intended to protect any dealer against an un franchised competitor

You can still purchase a Tesla anywhere in the United States and they will deliver the car to you. They have Service rangers to accomodate repair requirements etc.

GM etc. have no grounds to cry foul as they were the ones who created the monster known as their dealer network to gain fast $$ and market footprint years ago.

For these reasons the argument being raised by established manufacturers that somehow Tesla is getting a pass by selling direct is flawed. The laws with regard to automotive start ups is at it’s core the same today as it was 100 years ago.

In closing . What are the Dealers / Manufacturers so afraid of? If their franchise model is as great as they would have us believe then surely a small start up such as Tesla cannot possibly compete.

I submit that they DO think Tesla can compete and they are seeing the handwriting on the wall that trading total control of their brands to a franchise system years ago for profit is now coming back to bite them on the backside due to being handcuffed by laws they themselves brought about

Do you REALLY want to be told how you have to purchase your vehicles? My guess is that 100% of Americans would answer no to that question. Well folks here is a newsflash GM Ford Chrysler etc. etc. know that too."