New Reservation - When to expect delivery?

New Reservation - When to expect delivery?

Hi all,

Reserved my tesla model x on Oct 1st, #1434 (I believe this is the correct vin as it did not give me the direct # on the reservation page) in Canada. This is equivalent to a US reservation of around 21,200, and was wondering when I would expect to receive this vehicle. The Tesla Gallery had said that I would expect mine in September 2016, but I have read many pessimistic posters saying that they will only get their vehicles in late 2016 with reservation numbers only in the teens.

Any feedback would be appreciated,

Tâm | 2015年10月3日


We can't see the future but we can look back at the history.

History says future comes SOON.

And you have to learn to be patient with SOON!

There were delays with Roadster, Model S, and would you expect any different with Model X?

It was promised that deliveries would start at Q3. And that timeline was achieved.

However, you need to take that with a grain of salt.

Only 6 Tesla insiders called "Founders" got the delivery.

Now, you need to ramp the production up for the rest of the Founders then Signatures then General Production.

Once, it ramps up to about 1,000 Model X a week, then you can base that to estimate your delivery.

Everything is just a crystal ball right now.

Stay tune.

NumberOne | 2015年10月3日

Take everything with a grain of salt. No one knows anything, but I am relatively confident that I will have my car by the end of the year. (I have had a reservation since 2012, so I am ahead of most people in a very literal sense of the word.)