Nick's glitch/due bill thread (P2698)

Nick's glitch/due bill thread (P2698)

Hi all. I ** love ** my Model S (so much that I wrote a book about it.

But as a new car from a new factory from a new company it isn't perfect. This is a thread for me to keep track of the various glitches, due items and idiosyncrasies of my Model S (P2698, VIN 02298). Please comment if you feel like it, but it's really a place for me to post things and make them visible to TM.

Pearl White Performance with dark wheels, CF trim, and tech package.

Delivered 1/3/13
Initial issues:

no parcel shelf delivered 3/20
no footwell cover installed 2/10/13
rear offside tire wall damaged (looks like the tire was either run when flat, or damaged during install on the rim) replaced 1/25/13
passenger side rear seat belt drags part replaced 3/4/13
wrong wheel color on car display fixed 1/7/13
charge port cover intermittently won't open using touch screen and/or UMC button. Port clicks but does not spring open. fixed 2/10/13
was filthy when delivered, including wax pencil marks on windows detailed on 1/10/13
delivered with 4.0 software

01/07/13: The wheel color was fixed on a visit to service. Charge port problem could not be recreated during service visit, but subsequently reappeared.
01/10/13: Car was detailed on TM's nickel

Service Manager says they'll replace the tire next time I can go by the service center.

01/13/13: Today while driving the cruise control suddenly stopped working.

Stopped the car, powered it off and back on again and it started working again.

01/24/13: Had SunTek PPFC applied to full front (including lights), hood, front fenders, mirrors, all doors, rear impact areas in front of and behind rear wheels, and a strip below the rear lift gate.
01/25/13: Tesla Dania replaced the damaged tire, and tried to adjust the charge port. They made it worse. Now I can't get it to open except by forcing it.
01/26/13: Car forgot that the Energy widget was supposed to be in the left dash area, and when nav was canceled it showed blank instead.
01/26/13: doing a full range charge for the first time to see what range it shows. May be taking it on a long run in a couple of weeks.
01/29/13: upgraded to 1.19.42 and now have #VINISEMPTY instead of VIN on about screen.
01/30/13: a reboot fixed the VIN empty problem
02/03/13: washed car today and drivers door popped open of its own accord. Emailed Ownership. Charge port still intermittent, but improving.
02/10/13: got my dash cam installed today see this thread. Also had charge port door lubed again - seems OK, finally. Was going to get the rear seatbelt fixed but they hadn't ordered the part. Picked up the footwell cover.
03/04/13: cruise control failed for second time. Sent email to ownership.
03/20/13: parcel shelf delivered
04/03/13: updated to 1.25.40 (4.3)
04/06/13: P85 badge installed at Dania
07/17/13: visit to Dania to fix passenger door handles (reset controller), compressor noise (working as designed) and poor radio signal (could not reproduce); also tire rotation (not necessary)
07/19/13: Spectra Photosync film applied to windows. 75 on front; 35 elsewhere.
07/19/13: 'Car needs service' error. Called TM and they saw errors in the logs - low voltage
07/20/13: 12V battery replaced; DC-DC KET HVIL connectors replaced. Unrelated: rear axle nut and washers replaced.
07/22/13: noticed orange residue below both light clusters.
09/22/13: recurrence of orange staining below light cluster.
11/08/13: Into Dania to install rear cup holders. 5.6 installed (1.45.45). Replaced bolt on front crash structure. Rotated tires and aligned wheels. Received new trunk load floor.
[sometime in December] 5.8 (1.49.24) installed.
12/18/13: 5.8 (1.49.30) installed
12/19/13: Noticed delamination on rear view mirror.
02/11/14: 5.8.7 installed
02/13/14: Noticed a clicking from steering on full lock.
02/14/14: Tesla must be reading these forums. Got a note from Dania service saying there's a know issue and a fix for the clicking.
02/15/14: Steering fixed and mirror replaced at Dania. Both under warranty.
03/12/14: 5.8.8 installed
03/20/14: Front windshield cracked at driver's A-pillar. Insurance claim for replacement; Tesla didn't want to do it under warranty.
03/21/14: New front windshield installed.
04/13/14: Upgraded my dashcam to a BlackVue 550 2 channel (front and rear)
04/21/14: Underbody protection installed. Front rotors replaced (no more squeaking brakes!). 5.9 installed.
06/18/14: Button broke on Key Fob. Got replacement fob/reprogrammed at Dania.
10/16/14: Blew out sidewall on right rear tire; replaced both rears (13,500, 6/32). Center louvre replaced; vanity mirror cover replaced. 1.67.43 installed
11/03/14: New mats and A/C compressor acoustic blanket fitted; 1.67.80 installed.
02/??/15: 6.1 (2.2.115) installed OTA
02/07/15: Unplugged performance body kit installed

Brian H | 2013年1月13日

Did you drop below 20mph?

mkh1437 | 2013年1月13日

While it is true that the cruise doesn't work below 20 mph, it should give that warning message if you drop below 20 mph. It should just disengage the cruise, and you can re-engage it once you exceed 20 mph again.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月13日

I was driving at around 30 mph and was nudging the CC lever to adjust the speed; then the warning appeared on the dash.

Velo1 | 2013年1月13日

Did CC re-enable upon restarting the car? If so, has it happened again?

Brian H | 2013年1月13日

"and back on again and it started working again." Read all the way to the end.

prash.saka | 2013年1月13日

Just out of curiosity, when you wrote "... on a visit to service ", did you take time off from work to take the car to a service center? Or do you have the ranger service?

~ Prash.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月13日

I work from home and set my own hours, so didn't "take time off", but I did visit a service center. I was attending a meeting a couple of miles from the service center, so popped in. They had been planning to come to my house, but since I was near the service center I canceled the home appointment.

prash.saka | 2013年1月14日

Thanks Nick. I, on the other hand, work in an office with work hours. This means that I have to take time off work to get these issues, which keep popping-up regularly, addressed and I am not too happy about it.

I think I will feel like I am being called to the principal's office to talk about what my child did wrong today. And we don't have any children yet. These time-off's may be a practice run for future.

~ Prash.

vouteb | 2013年1月14日

there are too many 'glichtes' appearing on the forums....


DouglasR | 2013年1月14日


Right. I think I'll stop reading the forums.

Vawlkus | 2013年1月15日

You don't need to take time off prash, Tesla will come to you ya know.

prash.saka | 2013年1月15日

@Vawlkus ... I think you Tesla will come to you if you either sign up for the 4-year anywhere plan ($2400 pre-paid) or pay $100 for each visit.

We aren't too keen on having that much dole lying around and so, will sign up the the annual plan. This means that we have to either pay $100 for each roadster visit or take time-off from work to get these issues addressed.

@vouteb, sad, but true.

~ Prash.

sboal | 2013年1月15日

anyone notice cupholders too close together for two standard starbucks cups?

rd2 | 2013年1月15日

sboal - I just noticed this myself. Incredible that they put the two cupholders that close together. It's somewhat frustrating, but I think I am going to seriously consider the CCI now, as it has a more appropriately placed cupholder and the storage is a nice bonus.

I think I will miss the nice open space for my messenger bag (and my wife will miss it for her purse). But they demonstrate on the CCI site that you can still put a bag on top of it. Not sure it is that stable though.

Mel. | 2013年1月15日

Move up to grande

Larry Chanin | 2013年1月15日


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing glitches. Are you dissatisfied with the service you are receiving from Dania Beach such that you feel this posting will get you better service?


nickjhowe | 2013年1月16日

@Larry - nope. It's more that there's no other way to keep a running log of issues with TM. My "due bill" was a scribbled list on a piece of paper that I signed and have never seen again. There's no ongoing official way to record a punch list, which seems like it will be needed for some considerable time to come. "There's no such thing as bug free software".

IMHO there are far too many issues to leave reporting/follow ups to chance. I want to record them for my own reference, and putting them here both makes them visible to TM and visible to others who might be having similar issues.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月26日

A couple of updates to my glitch list...
Friday 25th took it into Tesla Dania Beach and they replaced the rear passenger tire that was damaged prior to delivery.

At the same time they adjusted the charge port door to make it open more consistently. Unfortunately they made it worse. Now when I press either of the in-car charge port buttons the port just clicks six times and does nothing. I've yet to get it to open with the UMC. I now have to manually force it every time.

Today the car 'forgot' that the dash was set to display energy in the left part. I was navigating, and when I canceled the nav the left display reverted to blank instead of to the energy widget.

Captain_Zap | 2013年1月26日

Are you reporting all these events to Tesla so that they can enter it into their database?

nickjhowe | 2013年1月26日


DonS | 2013年1月27日

The cruise control being disabled is probably related to accidentally bumping the stalk too often. When I first drove the car, I kept hitting the cruise instead of the turn signal. The software determined there was a problem with the cruise control and disabled it.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月27日

Hmmm. Thx @DonS - I'll see if I can recreate it. Based on what I remember at the time it is quite possible I did something like that.

bob | 2013年1月27日

Regarding the cupholder issue, what is CCI?

Damian | 2013年1月27日

Regardless the reason, I for one appreciate the list of problems, be they pesky or unrelenting!

Brian H | 2013年1月27日

stands for Central Console Insert, notably at .

bob | 2013年1月27日

Please ignore the last post. I found it.

WSE51 | 2013年1月27日

You wrote: "Today the car 'forgot' that the dash was set to display energy in the left part. I was navigating, and when I canceled the nav the left display reverted to blank instead of to the energy widget."

This happens to me frequently, I think it is a minor software bug. It is easy to get the energy display back again, it takes less than 2 seconds (push the left scroll wheel, hold until the first option appears, then while still pushing scroll to the energy display and let go), but I can understand if you are a bit annoyed that they didn't program the display to remember what was there before the navigation took it over.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月28日

@WES51, not 'annoyed', just noting it. There are bound to be bugs. Have sent a note to TM.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月29日

New one tonight - upgraded to 4.2 and have '#VINISEMPTY on the Tesla about screen where the VIN should be. Have contact Ownership.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月29日

Actually already had 4.2 - upgraded from 1.19.41 to 1.19.42

Alex K | 2013年1月29日

@nickjhowe | JANUARY 29, 2013: New one tonight - upgraded to 4.2 and have '#VINISEMPTY on the Tesla about screen where the VIN should be.

I had this once under V4.1. I either rebooted the 17" screen or power cycled the car and the correct VIN was displayed.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月30日

Thanks Alex. Will try that.

Brian H | 2013年1月30日


nickjhowe | 2013年2月4日

@Brian - RWFI???

nickjhowe | 2013年2月4日

New glitch on Feb 3rd - drivers door opened on its own while I was washing the car. TM Ownership has been informed.

Brian H | 2013年2月5日

Reboot Will Fix It. RWFI.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月5日


Nova315 | 2013年2月5日

This sounds like Windows Vista on wheels. Reboots will resolve issues. I understand we're first adopters to this amazing vehicle, but at some point, we'll all become frustrated with the small issues if Tesla is NOT reading these forums and working towards resolutions. 400 cars produced a week, means that more and more owners will have these issues and service and response times will begin to drop.

Brian H | 2013年2月5日

Dropping response times sounds like a good deal!

Nova315 | 2013年2月5日

I realized after I hit submit that I wasn't correct. It would be great if Tesla allowed me to edit my post :)

prash.saka | 2013年2月5日

@nickjhowe, is the issue you are having with the doors similar to what others have reported? What's common among all these posts is that the issue the door happens after a car wash or rain.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月5日

Seems to be. My guess is that somehow the [electromagnetic??] touch sensor in the door handle is getting triggered by the moisture. Maybe a simple sensitivity that needs adjusting via software update. Hopefully not a more serious design flaw.

scriptacus | 2013年2月26日

@nickjhowe - my rear seatbelts scrape against something inside of the upper mechanism when being pulled out at a normal angle. Is this the same issue you're having, and if so, is it fixable by service?

mikeadams | 2013年2月27日

I noticed that the first time I pulled out the rear passenger seatbelt there was a lot of friction/snagging. Very little when pulling towards the center of the car and more so when pulling towards the front of the car. But when you are sitting in the seat, unless you are tiny, you have to pull it forward some (where the issue is) before you can pull it toward the center. After trying this a few times, I noticed that it seemed little smoother regardless of the angle. So I pulled it out and let it retract about 30 times and the friction/snagging appears to be mostly gone now. Weird.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月27日

@scriptacus - yes. It is a known problem (has an ID in the service system) and has an orderable part to fix it. Speak to TM service.

Some cars seem better than others, and even the perfect ones still seem to scrape a little when pulling across the body - but there's definitely a problem with some cars that can be fixed/improved.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月27日

Thanks @MikeAdams. I'll try it.

pilotSteve | 2013年2月27日

@nickjhowe - had this same missing VIN after updating to .42 but it reappeared about 24 hour later. Also my wheel graphic changed from 21" to 19". Speaking with ownership they said its a commonly reported bug that will be fixed in a future release. I was at the service center so I asked the technician if he could fix it; he said yes and did some very quick magic to make it all correct.

@wse51 - same thing for me as well. This is a new bug with .42 that was not there before. Annoying but one of the few bugs I've found in .42 Overall software quality is getting better IMO now that they are releasing fewer changes at a slower pace.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月27日

Tags turned up a couple of days ago, but no title yet.

Still awaiting the parcel shelf (starting to ship, it looks like), and the fix for the rear seat belt. No word from Tesla Service who ordered the part a couple of weeks ago.

I think I will put the P85 badge on the back if they can order one.

Going in tomorrow to order my vanity plates and HOV sticker.

Bought some Lloyds Ultimats but don't like the color. Am offering them for sale over at TMC:

nickjhowe | 2013年2月27日

Clickable link: my ultimats for sale

nickjhowe | 2013年2月27日

@nn - wrong thread?