I want to share this edited excerpt from My Inventions and Other Writings (page 56) by Nikola Tesla. To me, he could be talking about TM’s EVs versus Big ICE.

Tesla, discussing his turbine.

“My turbine is a … radical departure in the sense that its’ success would mean the abandonment of the antiquated types of prime movers on which billions of dollars have been spent. Under such circumstances the progress must needs be slow and perhaps the greatest impediment is encountered in the prejudicial opinions created in the minds of experts by organized opposition.” Tesla had a conversation with a friend and former assistant, F. Scott ( professor of Electrical Engineering at Yale). Tesla said, “my turbine will scrap all the heat engines in the world.” Scott replied, “That will make quit a pile of scrap.”

Brian H | 2012年4月1日

Hey, if you're going to quote, at least get the spelling right!
"That will make quit quite a pile of scrap."