"Ocean blue" metallic and "Deep blue" metallic the same?

"Ocean blue" metallic and "Deep blue" metallic the same?

I don't think so.

rmg007 | 2015年4月11日


acegreat1 | 2015年4月11日

I screen captured the 70D on the website on wednesday and today I screen captured the blue they have on the design studio today and am comparing them. The current one looks darker now. :(

rmg007 | 2015年4月11日

It's the same color

AmpedRealtor | 2015年4月11日

Ocean Blue sounds better than Deep Blue Metallic.

Bet TSLA too | 2015年4月11日

@acegreat1 -- I looked at the car in person on Thursday and I'd say the color is closer to the design studio than the picture on Tesla's home page. The home page photo is too light/bright. But seeing the color on the car it does seem lighter/brighter than the paint samples in the stores. Probably just an effect of sunlight vs. indoor light. | 2015年4月11日

@Bet TSLA too - I agree. In the sun it does look a bit lighter than on the web page. Car paint is always hard to duplicate on a website, photos, or in print. It really needs to be seen on an actual car, preferably outside. It is quite a bit lighter than the old discontinued blue.

bahar.wadia | 2015年4月12日

@Bet TSLA too - Do you have pictures you can share? I just placed my order for "Deep Blue Metallic" hoping its more like the Home page rather than the Design Studio. Now I am having second thoughts...

sandpiper | 2015年4月12日

I agree with Bet TSLA too, I saw the blue color at the factory yesterday in bright sunlight and it is still darker than the home page photo. The design studio color is much closer. However, it looked really good to me. You should see it in person before you finalize.

I also saw the Titanium and didn't like it much at least not in bright sunlight. Might look better in low, artificial light.

Reli | 2015年4月12日

I'm sorry it is not the same as the builder. They need to change it

is not remotely the same blue I used the color picker tool in photoshop it is dramatically different.

the blue in the builder is 2b4570
the blue on the home page is 37619e

much brighter.

Brian Vicars | 2015年4月12日

Did no one notice that the three new colors announced were only on the Design Studio for one day?
On the day of the announcement, the 3 new colors were added to the chooses on the studio. On the day after the announcement, ocean blue and warm grey were removed, leaving the original metallic blue as the only blue option. Plain white, a no charge color was also removed.
What is going on?

sandpiper | 2015年4月12日

Yes really unprofessional of Tesla. They really need to hold someone accountable for the web page fiasco.

Nantang | 2015年4月12日

It would be odd to introduce a new color only for one or two days. That, and the one blue showing now looks more vivid and bright, like Ocean Blue, as opposed to the older dark blue--which, by the way, I WAS planning to get when I place my order in the coming weeks. I'm glad the old colors are still quietly available.

gr | 2015年4月12日

My order changed to the new color name without my assistance.

acegreat1 | 2015年4月13日

I went to the showroom at the soyyest long island service center. They had an ocean blue 85 inside. I then went to the wall and got the blue template off the wall and put it next to the car. They both looked the same. I didn't know/ask what color was on the wooden template

Brian Vicars | 2015年4月15日

Design Studio changes. Basic "white" came back but "warm grey" and "ocean blue" remain missing.
"Deep blue metallic" is not the same as "ocean blue"

Brian Vicars | 2015年4月15日

Sorry, I meant "warm silver" not "warm grey".

Jay415 | 2015年4月15日

Deep Blue is the same as Ocean Blue. They must have changed their mind on the color name, but the paint code is the same. Neither looks like the CGI image on the homepage. Tesla has never offered a bright blue color. The images in the studio are close to the real color. I took lots of photos of the new Ocean/Deep Blue at the Tesla store in Corte Madera. They are here:

acegreat1 | 2015年4月17日

Does anyone have a picture of the "old blue" from 2014 to compare to this new blue?

Brian H | 2015年4月17日

Not even close. Old blue was black with a bit of a bluish reflection in bright sunshine.

mclary | 2015年4月17日

What is the point to this thread again?


dilspam | 2015年4月18日

I just got back from the factory tour. the two colors are VERY different. my dark blue appears almost black at times. the new blue is much brighter. I am very happy with my dark blue, I would not have chosen the lighter blue.

tndcosta | 2015年5月25日

What is the point of mclary ?

Madatgascar | 2015年5月25日

Here is a photo of both side by side:

Madatgascar | 2015年5月25日

Sorry, let's try that again:

TwinMaTesla | 2015年5月25日

A few days after the new colors were placed on the website, their names were changed. "Warm silver" changed in name to "titanium," "ocean blue" was relabeled "deep metallic blue," etc., and plain white returned. It's not clear exactly how long the old colors (blue, silver, etc.) will be available off-menu, but it's always worth asking. And color does matter, whether you're choosing it for heat effects, ability to hide dirt, visibility, or pure aesthetics.