Only 7 miles difference from P90D to 90D?

Only 7 miles difference from P90D to 90D?

ok... let me see if unsrstood it correctly...

Range for P90D is of 250 miles
Range for 90D is 257 miles.

P90D has 259 + 503 hp motors = 762hp
90D has 259 + 259 hp motors = 512hp

It's 250 hp power less in 90D and it only has 7 miles plus than P90D?

I find that hard to understand.

johnse | 2015年10月1日

I'd written a long=ish post about this. When I went to post==I'd apparently been logged out and thus lost the post.

In short, if you were to assume the EPA test was 250 or 257 miles all at 65 (I know they aren't...but it's illustrative) and it was completely draining the 90kWh battery, then the X90D would draw about 22.7kW or about 30.5hp while the P90D would draw about 23.4kW or about 31.4hp at cruise. The X90D could theoretically draw up to about 386kW if it's maxing out both of its motors.

Unlike ICEs where a larger engine is much less efficient at the lower power output than a small engine.

So with electric motors it doesn't cost you a lot in terms of wasted energy to have the large "extra" amounts of power available whenever you need them.

lolachampcar | 2015年10月1日

I did find that my results going from a single motor P+ to the PD showed about a 15% reduction where Tesla's EPA testing indicated I should see about 7%. This opinion was generated over 18K miles in the P+ and going on 10K miles in the PD with the same driver, terrain and routine.

vandacca | 2015年10月1日

These two numbers are estimates. How would you feel if both numbers were low-balled, and when the final numbers come out, it's higher for both versions? Slightly higher for the P90D, but more significantly higher for the 90D. I just find it hard to believe that it's only 7 miles difference between the two versions (when the MS has a more significant gap).