Ordered! New Performance Model S coming to the RaceDeck Garage!

Ordered! New Performance Model S coming to the RaceDeck Garage!

Looking forward to getting this delivered ( soon I hope) , not too many Tesla's in Utah and for sure nothing like it in our RaceDeck garage.

85 kWh Performance Model S
Silver Metallic Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 21" Grey Turbine Wheels

Black Performance Leather Seats Carbon Fiber Décor

Performance Plus Carbon Fiber Spoiler Tesla Red Brake Calipers

Supercharger Enabled

Tech Package Smart Air Suspension Parking Sensors Fog Lamps Alcantara Headliner Premium Interior Lighting Subzero Weather Package Parcel Shelf

sbeggs | 2014年3月21日

@jorgenmollerjr, wow! Loaded! Enjoy it when it arrives.

ccbldg | 2014年3月21日
jorgenmollerjr | 2014年3月26日

"Loaded" - that was not the plan when I started building online, but Tesla has it to a science and during the 2 weeks to confirm I kept saying "might as well add this, I am already spending this" ;)

carlk | 2014年3月26日

Lol.... same here. I left out the ambient lighting but still couldn't help to ask the DS to add it when he called to set up the delivery schedule. Makes no sense to save $1K and regret later with the $100K+ car.

Mathew98 | 2014年3月26日

@TeslaTap would give you instructions to install the ambient lights for under 10 bucks per door...