overall height of Model X?

overall height of Model X?

Any specs on the Model X from a height perspective?

I really need to know what is the overall height with the gull wing doors open, so I can determine whether it will fit in my garage. If it doesn't fit, no matter how nice it is, it may not be an option for me.

I can't seem to find anything official about the dimensions?
Thanks in advance,

jjs | 2014年8月25日

No official dimensions yet. We won't see those until final production.

Elon has stated that with gull wing doors open it will fit into a standard height garage. From the pictures it looks like 7'-8'. If your garage is higher than that you are probably ok. But none of us will know for sure until final production version is released. That will be "soon".

gfb107 | 2014年8月25日

Elon has also stated that the falcon-wing doors don't open an higher than the rear hatch back of a normal SUV. If you have an SUV in your garage now, and can open the rear hatch back, you will be fine.

See the [a href=""]Model X Unveiling[/url] video at 19:15

gfb107 | 2014年8月25日

Corrected markup: Model X Unveiling

ian | 2014年8月25日

There are some good estimates of the height of the open doors at the bottom of page 2 and top of page 3 in this thread...


Alex K | 2014年8月25日

A long time ago I did some pixel counting and came up with this:

Red Sage ca us | 2014年8月25日

I believe the Falcon Wing Doors should open fine in a space that is a full 7'-8" (~2m) clear in vertical height. The vehicle itself will likely be roughly 68"-70" tall (~1.8 m), about the same as its direct competitors.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年8月25日

DOH! I meant 6'-8" clear, above.

timf2001 | 2014年8月25日

Based on the above picture, it looks like the height with the doors closed would be closer to 64"-65".

aljjr2 | 2014年8月25日

My current Audi Q7 fits. I too was concerned about the height of the doors..... must have bee a Senior Moment. I never let anyone in or out of my SUV in the Garage. I only open the driver's door, since I keep the SUV in the Single Garage opening, and the other cars in the double door area.

So I went ... DAH! the height of the doors may not be an issue if they clear the opener in the center of the bay. The Falcon doors maybe a blessing, since if the height works, I can open the rear doors IN the garage!. YEA.

TeslaNH25 | 2014年8月25日

The height should be ok with me. My other concern is how far the doors will open outward. My garage has a track for the garage door which is about 75" above the floor. Plus I have a pole between my 2 garage bays. If it opens out too far that could be an issue.

Also, my wife keeps reminding me of the Delorean with its gull wing doors and that car was a dud.

ian | 2014年8月25日

Falcon wing doors are different. Designed to open in less space on the side than a slider on a minivan. Check the graphic on the X page. Less than 6 inches for sure.

ian | 2014年8月25日

OK, check that. They do seem to spread a bit wider higher up in the opening swing.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年8月25日

Take a look at these for an idea of the size you can hope for...
AUDI Q7 BMW X5 BMW X6 Porsche Cayenne
Length 200.3 192.4 192.0 191.14
Wheelbase 118.2 115.5 115.5 113.98
Height 68.4 68.5 66.5 67.0
Width 85.7/78.1 76.3 78.1 85.2/78.7
Track 65.0/66.0 64.7/65.0 64.7/67.2 65.2/65.7
Weight 5,412 5,150 5,170 4,817
cd .37/.34 0.31 0.34 0.36 | 2014年8月26日

Alex K.: thank you for the most excellent " pixelation". The bottom of my garage door opener motor is 90" above the floor. One more item exits the checklist. I will be able to flap the falcon wings with impunity.

jjs | 2014年8月26日

@georgehawley You are probably correct, however keep in mind that those images are based off a PICTURE of a PROTOTYPE. We won't know for sure until the final production version is released.

Brian H | 2014年8月26日

There are proximity sensors on the doors to prevent accidents.

ian | 2014年8月27日

True Brian, but anything less than full open will make ingress and egress much less convenient. | 2014年9月1日

Last February when I had my physical exam, I found that I was one inch shorter than I thought I was. By the time I finally, at last, get my MX after this interminable, godforsaken wait that is only 20% over, I will be even shorter, if I am still alive. Meanwhile, I will keep annoying people with these idiotic posts until Tesla sells me an MX just to encourage me to go away. I'm not ever going to let anyone drive my MX anyway. I will never use the rear doors to get in or out of the car inside or outside. I don't care if the falcon wings flap against my garage door opener. Just sell me the doggone thing already

NumberOne | 2014年9月1日

Occasions where the doors would not open to the full height would hopefully be very few. Where most children are concerned, there should be no impact on them getting in or out on their own.

jjs | 2014年9月2日

+1 georgehawley Made me smile! :) | 2014年9月3日

Sorry for the PTSD (Pre-Tesla Stress Disorder) :-)