Paint defects

Paint defects

Hood of my dark blue S85 appears to have the paint chipping like it was sandblasted. I noticed after my first car wash. Didn't notice in on delivery a couple months ago but I might've been overwhelmed at that point. So far, although service staff have been nice, there's no offer to fix the problem claiming I must've driven on a dirt road. I could understand that logic if my other cars, which I did drive on dirt roads for years, had the same paint issue. And maybe more so if the defects were low to the ground and not all over my hood

My volvo mechanic seems to think there were not enough top coat applications. I've whined about it enough that tesla is taking another look at it tomorrow

TESLA CA | 2014年5月26日

Your paint is a base coat clear coat type of paint, the paint chips on the hood happens when you drive your car through a sand storm or rocky environment! lack of top coat (clear coat) or more of it can never help the chipping problem. Does you bumper have any chips? If not then that would be a good starting point to argue. Good luck.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2014年5月26日

The only really strong finish on a car is on the ford products Ms's finish is more like a German car's finish. I don't know how bad you environment is but is might be bad for soft finishes. Also, if the bumper is OK is not a sign the paint on the metal is bad. The bumper paint is more like a rubber because it is on rubber . The body paint can't be like that. I wish you luck.

Bernard Hong | 2014年5月26日

I got the same problem. I took my car to opticoat right after delivery and drove slow and the specialist pointed out to me a tiny chip on the hood between the paint and the clear coat so when you touch it, you would not feel it and also he found out a double paint (paint overlaid, you can see 2 line vertical) on the fender. I took it back to the SC and the service specialist at the service took a picture on the tiny chip and said he would documented it and send to me, nothing received yet for a week. I even called ownership but no feed back. Who should I contact, anyone knows?