Painting the nose?

Painting the nose?

I have a pearl car. A friend of mine has a black model S. The front of his car looks sleek, while I feel the black nose makes the front look stubby. I was thinking that I could have the black part below the narrow band of black with the T emblem, painted pearl. I think it would enhance the look of the car. Of course no one has ever accused me of having good taste, so I invite discussion. Has anyone done this? Or is it just me?

info | 2013年3月18日

Thought I'd get some help on this one. It appears that I may be the only one who thinks the front end looks less than sleek on the lighter color cars.

michaelseda | 2013年3月18日

As any owner of a chain of auto body shops.....I'd paint it. Make sure the shop does a spray-out to make sure the number of pearl coats is dead on. If they don't, the nose would look funny with two different shades of pearl. DO NOT use the low bidder and make sure they know that you'll be picky( makes sure they go the extra mile)

Hope this helps

petero | 2013年3月18日

You might also consider having the nose vinyl wrapped. It may not color match exactly but it easy to change back.

kilimats | 2013年3月18日

plasti dip

info | 2013年3月18日

Has anyone changed this part? I'm curious if it looks ok. I guess I could give it a try and then go back to black if necessary.

David Trushin | 2013年3月18日

I think wrapping is a better option if you are trying it out. New nose cone is a couple of hundred bucks.

DouglasR | 2013年3月18日

I was thinking of putting a propeller on mine. My old Studebaker had one.

ian | 2013年3月19日

I say paint it bright red like a clown nose. Or better yet make a clear one and install a red light behind it that way you can make it light up in late December when you're also sporting those cool window antlers. Ha! ;-)

Seriously though, maybe someone with some sublime photoshop skills can do a mock up so you can see if you like it before you buy it. I admit that I'm curious as that black nose does look a bit out of sorts on some colors.

torst1 | 2013年3月19日

Maybe if there are some photoshop artist here they could do a photoshop trick with a picture of a car in your color so that you can see the difference. Will let you see if the result meets your expectations.

For me I must say I think the black contrast is ok, but on such a machinery them little details must all be perfect. So if you like go for a respray. Even though tricked out paint like perl can be a challenge. just choose a good shop.

You even put photos of your Tesla out in an other thread here so if any photoshop experts reads this and a some spare time maybe they can help OP?
Here is the thread with pictures of his model S:

torst1 | 2013年3月19日

Do they get perl paint ok with vinyl?
What I have seen of wrapping in the past is not too great on special color like pearl.

Kludge | 2013年3月19日

Mine is going to be plain white (not pearl) and I intend to do a vinyl wrap on the nose just like the OP mentioned. I'll post when it's done, but don't hold your breath; I'm an expert procrastinator. The car is still a week or two out.

Think I could get away with printing my license plate on it?

info | 2013年3月19日

In a tale of "typical" DMV stuff, I waited in a two hour line on Thursday to get my vanity plates AMP USER. With them in hand I was going to a friend who owns a sign shop who tells me he can make a vinyl stick on license plate that is reflectorized and will look like the raised letters on a CA plate. Unfortunately when I finally got to the window to pick up the plates, which the clerk had in her hands and showed me, I couldn't get them because I had been contacted by DMV on Wednesday and asked if I wanted my HOV sticker sent to my home (registration address) or work (License address). Since I changed their delivery, there was a transaction in process (tip) put on my account and I couldn't get the plates. I had to return on Monday. On Monday I showed up at the DMV and the computers were down.

When they got up, I went to the window again and saw my plates. Another clerk told me that the tip was still there and I should try Friday. When I get them???? I will take them to my buddy and have the plate made and will post a photo and opinion.

With regard to your decision of white rather than pearl, I think you made the right choice. The pearl is beautiful, but you can only tell the difference from three feet away in sunshine. Had I seen them side by side, I would have saved the $1,500, or used it on some other feature/option.

akikiki | 2013年3月19日

Info@Richardpol... I am interested in the results of your vinyl sticker tag. When you get it done, can you start a new thread on that subject so we can find it, please?

Is your buddy a business? Can you post the business name/contact info here?

Also, ask your buddy how hard is it to remove/pull the tag sticker off the car if required (when we get caught and are told to remove it).


BYT | 2013年3月19日

Would that part (the nose cone) look bad on Pearl White if Carbon Fiber wrapped? Especially considering that I was going to CF wrap all the Grey lower parts on my Model S anyway.

jeroens | 2013年3月19日

not my best work (white is most difficult) but quick and dirty...

torst1 | 2013年3月19日

Here is a great photo as a starting point if there are any photoshop wizards ready to do some work. Would have done it myself and started by looking online for a good photo when I realized I don't have photoshop any more cause this laptop runs Linux. And I have yet to work out Gimp, can't even find magnetic lasso to do a proper select in Gimp so I caved.

Here is the link if any one else would like to take a crack:

strengthcoach4 | 2013年3月19日

BYT; If you don't mind I'd love to see pictures of the CF wrap if you get it done. I was thinking about the exact same thing. I get the diffuser wrapped Monday. I wanted to see how that looked before I did all of the grey parts. I've got a white MS.

kviveiros | 2013年3月19日

I have a Pearl S and I personally like the black nosecone but here's what it would look like using the picture that @torst1 linked to:

jbunn | 2013年3月19日

Never much liked the nose cone, but like it less in white, perhaps.

Brian H | 2013年3月19日

Now try red. ;)

kviveiros | 2013年3月19日

@Brian H I'll take that challenge. Post a pic of red and I will give it a shot :)

Brian H | 2013年3月19日

Use the Gallery to get official Tesla reds to copy.

Brian H | 2013年3月19日

And I meant add red "nosing" to the white car above, too. >:P

ian | 2013年3月19日

+1 jbunn

Maybe a simple matt black wrap would look better?

The shininess is what bugs me the most.

Kludge | 2013年3月20日

The more I look at it, the more I think all of the black plastic needs to be covered. Try to imagine the black Tesla emblem in chrome:

Anyone care to take a shot at properly 'shopping something like this?

info | 2013年3月20日

To all: Thanks for all the work. You've convinced me that I'm not going to do anything. The only time I've ever gotten in trouble in my life always starts with the opening sentence, "It seemed like a good idea at the time but....." I think the problem is that I just don't like the front end. I love the car from the side and back. Straight on from the front, it seems stubby. The opening reminds me of the 60's E-Type Jag, but there was a grill there. Since most other people just briefly see the front of the car in their rearview mirrors and then look at the back, I'm comfortable with it, especially since I've seen the alternatives.

BYT | 2013年3月20日

Nice job kviveiros but the shadow needed fixing too... ;) I love the work you put into the reflections too however.

I still an considering covering the whole thing in Carbon Fiber as well as all the grey spots under the bumper, doors and the rear area, forget what we call those spots. I would use a Vinyl Wrap so it can be removed later if it looks bad over time or if I just don't like the look or get sick of it.

steve | 2013年3月20日

Now this is a bit of a tangent but I came across this and now I want to do it to the Tesla emblem...

Although, I really did like the front nose design of the alphas with the emblem on the hood and the chrome around the black nose section.
The other thing that is unique on the alpha are the brake lights. I can't tell if I like them better than the current ones or not. The Alpha ones seem more Audi-ish.

torst1 | 2013年3月20日


Nice - and you got great reflections as well.
Any chance you done this in Gimp? I am new to Gimp and was giving it a go yesterday by it seems that Gimp lack proper lasso tool to properly mark the nose cone. If you know a way that work in Gimp pls share.

torst1 | 2013年3月20日

Btw did you use filter to make the light reflections?

Alex K | 2013年3月20日

@Chaser | MARCH 20, 2013 : I really did like the front nose design of the alphas with the emblem on the hood and the chrome around the black nose section.

Yes, I concur. I think the Alpha nose area has more of a minimalistic look. I like the lack of clutter and the logo on the hood.

kviveiros | 2013年3月20日

@torst1 I didn't use Gimp, I'm in graphic design so I used good ole photoshop. The reflections are the ones naturally occurring with some dodge and levels adjustments
@BYT HaHa! I got lazy out on the reflection and you called me out :)
@Brian H
White with a red nose:

Red on Red:

ian | 2013年3月21日