PEM, Power controller.

PEM, Power controller.


I am currently working on an Electrical propulsion project (not cars). We are struggling to engineer and produce a reasonable priced PEM.
The Model S power spec. is right where we are and the controller, I believe, would be perfect for us.
Does anyone know if Tesla are producing these them self or do they have a sub supplier?


Brian H | 2011年2月14日

Elon has said that his overriding aim is to promote electric-powered transportation (plus populate the universe). So I believe Tesla collaborates with anyone wanting to adapt or use their technology. By all means contact them directly.

Vawlkus | 2011年2月14日

I doubt you'll get insterest though. Tesla has, thus far, only dealt with large scale companies & orders.

If you just want a couple, then it's likely you'll be outta luck.

Brian H | 2011年2月15日

If it's a new design, intended for ultimate mass-market use, they might. R&D is something Tesla is very familiar with. And the "not cars" electric propulsion area is barely explored. Sounds intriguing, actually!

Timo | 2011年2月15日

Many big ships and almost all submarines use electric propulsion. For boats of all kinds electric propulsion would be very sensible solution.

nagero01 | 2011年2月16日

Thanks for the replys.. Does anybody know who to contact in Tesla or where to start?

BTW. I don't think I got one of my questions answered:

Does Tesla producing the PEM them self or do they have a sub supplier?


Timo | 2011年2月16日

I answered that in your other thread of same question. Tesla PEM is Tesla build. AFAIK they have patented it.

Nobody makes PEM like Tesla, in Model S it is one tightly packed unit right next to engine and transmission, all liquid-cooled single module. Watch this:

(same is in blog third video, but for some reason it doesn't work for me)

Vawlkus | 2011年2月17日

Thanks Timo. I couldn't remember if AC Propulsion had a hand in the R&D for Tesla's PEM or not. I remember there being a fight about it, but not what the outcome was.

nagero01 | 2011年2月22日

Thanks again guys.

Again the big Q.... Anybody know who to contact at Tesla?

AlfredG | 2011年2月25日

Vawikus - For the first prototypes Tesla paid a licence fee to AC-Propulsion. I remember vaguely that this was for the technique integrating the charger into the drive electronics. Later the PEM was completely redesigned and digitized. Tesla does no more pay for any licences.

dsm363 | 2011年2月25日

Try calling the closest Tesla store and asking them. Maybe they have a contact at Tesla they can connect you with.

Steve | 2011年2月26日

Alfred - It was not just the prototypes, it was all of the 2008 model, which is up through VIN 500. On the end of the PEM, on the driver's side, is a small label telling of the license from AC Propulsion.