"pick up your car at an event we're having at our Hawthorne Design Studio"

"pick up your car at an event we're having at our Hawthorne Design Studio"

My "Product Specialist" sent me this email today.

Hey Jon,
I just wanted to reach out to let you know all the options for picking up your Model S! It looks like your car will be a member of a big bubble of cars that will be released this weekend. The best way to get your Model S before Thanksgiving would be to pick up your car at an event we're having at our Hawthorne Design Studio. We'll have your car available at the Supercharging station for a 10am delivery, and we will have light snacks and drink available (we've found that people tend to want to jump in their car and go).
Let me know at your earliest convenience!

I misinterpreted this to mean I could pick my car up this weekend. My reply:

Saturday or Sunday? For other deliveries, the delivery specialist has spent an hour or more going over all the features of the car. Would I miss out on that if I pick up the car in Hawthorne?

His reply:

We can arrange for a Saturday or a Sunday delivery to the address of your choosing. If you chose to pick it up in Hawthorne this Wednesday at 10, you would still get extensive training on the car! It's completely up to you how long the tour goes, we just want to ensure that you are totally comfortable with the car.

I will be out of town this Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving), so I'm asking them to schedule delivery to my house the following week.

jbunn | 2012年11月16日

A big bubble of model S cars sounds like an exciting thing. It also seems to be a natural new name for this grouping. We have a murder of crows, gang of thieves, gaggle of geese, deck of cards, bevy of quail, etc...

A group of Tesla cars then would be a Bubble of Teslas.

mrspaghetti | 2012年11月16日

How about "shock"?

Beaker | 2012年11月16日

I received a call with a similar offer, but the event is on Wednesday the 21st at Tesla's HQ in Palo Alto. Getting mine before thanksgiving definitely makes me smile, as much if not more than a home delivery the following week.

Ohms.Law | 2012年11月16日

How about a...

Whisper of Teslas

Crow | 2012年11月16日

A murder of crows? I don't like the sound of that.

stevenmaifert | 2012年11月16日

Maybe a Pride :)

Nick Kordich | 2012年11月16日

A coil of Teslas.

mrspaghetti | 2012年11月16日

@Ohms.Law, Nick

Good ones!

Nick Kordich | 2012年11月16日

Google says "coil of Teslas" has been used before on the TMC forums. Two other options:

A "surge of Teslas" - plays on the electrical term as well as the surge you feel from the electric motor's torque.

A "Flux of Teslas" - a Tesla is the SI unit of measure for magnetic flux. From Latin's "fluxus," meaning to flow, as an English word it refers to a state of change as well as electric flux representing the flow of electricity. Also, the car's aluminum construction makes flux dispersal easier, to allow for smooth passage through the space-time continuum.

Schlermie | 2012年11月16日

A current of Teslas

Brian H | 2012年11月16日


mbcaffe | 2012年11月16日

Charge of the Teslas as in Charge of the Light Brigade

pilotSteve | 2012年11月16日

A joule of Teslas

DouglasR | 2012年11月16日

A musk of Teslas

jbunn | 2012年11月17日

Folks, you are watching history being made here today!

jerry3 | 2012年11月17日

An elon of Teslas.

rterry | 2012年11月17日

A tide of Teslas...

BYT | 2012年11月17日

Positive Charge of Tesla's

BYT | 2012年11月17日

sorry, Teslas... fast moving pinky, please beware

pilotSteve | 2012年11月17日

+1 DouglasR !!!

Discoducky | 2012年11月17日

@Brian H, yes, Torrent of Teslas!

portia | 2012年11月17日

+1 jerry3

Vawlkus | 2012年11月19日

You guys are making my brain hurt :P

pilotSteve | 2012年11月19日

"n-1 Teslas"..... because MINE is not among them! :)

Brian H | 2012年11月19日

That's a sign it's attempting to grow -- but failing! ;)

Vawlkus | 2012年11月20日

Your head must hurt a lot then Brian :P

Rodolfo Paiz | 2012年11月20日

How about a "bolt" of Teslas, as in a bolt of lightning?

I like "charge" too. :-)

mbarontseff | 2012年11月20日

I think a coil of Teslas is the best so far. But great ideas. | 2012年11月20日

I think the offer of small group introductory sessions at the service centers or design studios would be a good idea. If they are already geographically (sp?) batching you would have the group composition determined. The delivery specialist could schedule these between batches to reduce the education time required for each individual delivery while still keeping it personal.

cerjor | 2012年11月20日

I like a joule (sounds like jewel which is also true). After all 85 kwhr ≈ 300 megajoules.

pilotSteve | 2012年11月20日

+1 cerjor, my thought exactly.

electricblue0303 | 2012年11月20日

A freakin' sh**load of Teslas!

DanielR | 2012年11月20日

This is a "Faraday" as any for these Tesla collective names.

pilotSteve | 2012年11月21日

Does Faraday come before or after Thursday? Maybe that the day when my car will be delivered :)

ArieK | 2012年11月21日

Regardles of the name of this collection of Tesla's, does anyone know how large todays group is? My other question is, will this be a monthly event? Hope someone who attended today can answer these questions. Thanks.

DouglasR | 2012年11月21日

Over at TMC, the suggestion was made that people might want to volunteer to have "delivery parties," where several people would pick up their cars at the same time at a service center or store (rather than home delivery). The theory is that this might get the cars delivered sooner and be more efficient/cheaper for TM.

GoTeslaChicago | 2012年11月21日

Why not weekly?

Brian H | 2012年11月22日

Soon, daily!

Jgdixon | 2012年11月23日

They are talking about doing this too for our Canadian Sigs.
In Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Probably in Mid December.