planning long road trips.......??

planning long road trips.......??

Yesterday I drove my wonderful new 300 mile battery Model S from SF to Long beach. Problem: My inlaws garage had an older 220 plug which is a 3 prong. The car came with adapters that were for 110, and 220 (four prong). My car was already low so my only choice the night before leaving was to plug in at 110v which got me about 35 miles of charge. This made for a very long day and many stops until I was able to get to Gilroy with the Tesla superchager. I highly recommend getting additional adapters (just in case). I also recommend learning the charging process around town before going on a long trip.

Brian H | 2012年12月28日

Yikes! Sounds like we need someone to compose the "Wrong Prong Song" to warn Tesla owners ...


TheAustin | 2012年12月28日

When you see that prong...prong, prongprongprongprong.

sbrizius | 2012年12月28日


Where did you stop to charge when traveling from SF to LB? Any issues?