Power Folding Mirrors

Power Folding Mirrors

Did power folding mirrors just get added to the tech package? Looks like a small increase in price but a great feature

vipdoc | 2013年10月17日

Wow! Really? They couldn't have added that when they did the whole price change! Wouldn't have been nice to have!

vipdoc | 2013年10月17日

DAMN! "WOULD have been nice to have!"

Brian H | 2013年10月18日

The boost air resistance because a motor needs to go in the stem, making it much less aerodynamic. Mirrors already account for 5% of drag.

bp | 2013年10月18日

And, will this be available for upgrades for current owners???

redacted | 2013年10月18日

@Brian H maybe they fold while driving :)

turtle171 | 2013年10月18日

Where do you see that this feature is now available?

mjs | 2013年10月18日

I think they fold when playing poker.

sagebrushnw | 2013年10月18日

@ turtle171

Folding mirrors are now listed under the Tech Package as of 10/17:

Tech Package

The Tech Package adds a host of features to an already advanced car.
•Onboard maps and navigation for North America with free updates for 7 years
•Daytime LED running lights
•LED cornering lights
•Automatic keyless entry
•Lighted door handles
•Electrochromatic mirrors
•Power folding, heated side mirrors
•Power liftgate
•GPS enabled Homelink
•Memory seats, mirrors, and driver profile

Gizmotoy | 2013年10月18日

@Brian H: There's no reason the motor has to be in the stem. You could easily put a small motor inside the existing mirror housing without changing the exterior appearance at all.

Thomas N. | 2013年10月18日

Oh how I hope this doesn't turn into folding-mirror-gate.

cbassdriver | 2013年10月18日

The price also increased today on the tech package and the car!

ecarfan | 2013年10月18日

Have emailed my sales person asking if my S85 with Tech Package option,which I ordered 19 days ago and is scheduled for early December delivery, will have the heated power folding side mirrors. It's a nice feature. I seriously doubt they will produce a significant amount of extra drag at speed.

Gizmotoy | 2013年10月18日

@cbassdriver: Pricing looks identical to the one I ordered two weeks ago when $250 increase on the tech package is factored in. The price of the car remained unchanged.

Dramsey | 2013年10月18日

Yep, says it right there in the lust of Tech Package features: "Power folding, heated side mirrors".

It seems to have added $250 to the price of the package: it's $3,750 now, whereas I paid $3,500 less than a month ago.

I'd bet a fair amount of money that there is no external physical difference in the mirrors...

AmpedRealtor | 2013年10月18日

I think as Tesla adds more features, the previous explanations as to why those features were missing in the first place will be exposed as b*llsh*t. For instance, when prospective buyers came here to ask about the lack of power folding mirrors, tons of people came on board to say it wasn't possible due to the highly aerodynamic mirror stems, etc., that the motor wouldn't fit.

I hope this is a humbling experience to those who made those statements.

mjs | 2013年10月18日

I think its more likely that they thought they couldn't do it, then found a way to solve the problem.

It's almost like asking why the iPhone isn't thinner/smaller/faster/lighter/tougher. "Well, it's as (something) as we could make it." But then somehow it gets (something)er.

Gizmotoy | 2013年10月18日

@Amped: tons of people came on board to say it wasn't possible due to the highly aerodynamic mirror stems, etc., that the motor wouldn't fit.
People actually said that? That's depressing. An electric motor can just as easily be in the part the moves as the part that's stationary.

Gizmotoy | 2013年10月18日

Dah, hit submit too soon.

The likely reality is that they're a new and relatively small automaker, and had to pick and choose where to focus resources. Some of the luxuries weren't a high priority, so were put on the back burner.

Now that the car is starting mature, they're able to go back to those features they wanted to add but didn't have the resources to complete.

SamO | 2013年10月18日


Agree that there seem to be a goodly number of armchair experts that will defend Tesla no matter what but @mjs's explanation seems to be logical.

Also, remember when EU got parking sensors first? Perhaps they've had them in development but had to launch the car.

Or there was a supplier problem . . .

redacted | 2013年10月18日

I never heard they couldn't do because of aerodynamics. Volkerize doesn't seem to find anything except:

"They thought that it could not be done,
Some even said they knew it,
But he faced up to what could not be done...
And he couldn't bloody do it!"

(Benny Hill for you youngn's)

AmpedRealtor | 2013年10月18日

This also shows that Tesla is listening to its customers and adding requested features. I think that's great. | 2013年10月18日

I recall seeing statements about aerodynamics too, but you can never find things in these forums.

We'll see if I can get the mirrors in my build. Here's hoping they got some in stock before they announced :)

Tiebreaker | 2013年10月18日

Agreed with mjs. I don't think it was the aerodynamics, I think it was to deliver more important things and the whole car on time.

Remember a while ago a post quoting Tesla's open position for a mirror engineer? I guess they hired them and they did their job!

Tiebreaker | 2013年10月18日

Darn closed >

Tiebreaker | 2013年10月18日

bad 2 for 2 :-(

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 2013年10月18日

Just upgraded my build for order confirmed Oct 10. Thanks, all you sharp-eyed folks!

jeffsstuff | 2013年10月18日

So mine is due in December. Does that mean it will include the new mirrors or the old? Need I pay $250 more to get them? Definitely, they are a feature I want!

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 2013年10月18日

You need to ask for the change to your order. It will increase the price by $250.

Thomas N. | 2013年10月18日

Unimportant feature to me. One more thing to break.

cbassdriver | 2013年10月18日

Just added it to my late november build for $250!! It will make parking in my garage a lot easier.

tm | 2013年10月18日

Took delivery of mine in June... Somewhat mad between these new mirrors and the recently added parking sensors. Tesla reps have informed me that they currently "have no information of any future retrofit kits". Not pleased with all of the new features being added every month or so.

Gizmotoy | 2013年10月18日

I'm jealous of all you guys able to get in touch with your DS. I sent an email last night when the page updated and called this morning, but haven't heard anything back yet.

talbryn | 2013年10月18日

I have a bit of a tight squeeze through my garage door entrance and would have loved to have power folding mirrors. Missed it by two months. I really hope that some day there will be a retrofit kit.

lfeiwel | 2013年10月18日

...Just added it to my later November delivery...An advantage to having delivery times being slower due to additional volumes for Europe.

Thomas N. | 2013年10月18日

Ah, tight squeezes in garages - that makes sense. I don't have that issue as I have a two car garage with just the Tesla parked in it. We keep another ICE outside in a third parking spot. I kept trying to figure out why power-folding mirrors would be desirable and all I could come up with was being in a parking lot and people would have an easier time walking between cars.

fluxemag | 2013年10月18日

I can't believe how many things came with my car that are now options. I didn't get the tech package, but apparently these are no longer standard:

•Daytime LED running lights
•Lighted door handles
•Memory seats, mirrors, and driver profile

In addition to the premium interior lighting which is now a standalone option (has been for a while).

This all looks like gross margin improvements.

PapaSmurf | 2013年10月18日

I was able to add the option for planned end of line November 11th.

PapaSmurf | 2013年10月18日

I also have a narrow squeeze to get into my garage. I measured it at 3 inches clearance on each side of the car. So hopefully this provides significant extra space on each side.

Brew | 2013年10月18日

I just spoke to sales and they said they would let me know if I could still add it to my 85 which has a 11-27 delivery date.

Bighorn | 2013年10月18日

I have the same clearance, but I find the mirrors most helpful in backing out. They are a good frame of reference for pulling in as well given the pretty wide haunches of the fenders. They are pretty robust and they do give way to obstacles in both directions.

PapaSmurf | 2013年10月18日

Do the regular side mirrors fold manually?

AmpedRealtor | 2013年10月18日

Yes, they do.

cbassdriver | 2013年10月18日

They already told you your delivery date? Mine still says "Late November."

MacDaddyDude | 2013年10月18日

Mine says "Late November" as well, and when I called to request the change/addition, I received a definite "maybe." So, probably, but no promises.

spasam | 2013年10月18日

Just added to my order that was confirmed a week back. Thanks for posting this folks.

-SP | 2013年10月18日

YES! Scheduled production next week and got message that

"I can confirm that power folding mirrors have been added to your configuration without a delay in your delivery timeline".

Thanks @mrfeb14!

brandonarbini | 2013年10月18日

Added to mine with a delivery date of 11/19. No problem.

jeffsstuff | 2013年10月18日

I sent an email, they sent me one back and then after confirming I was willing to pay $250, They sent me an email confirming they were adding the mirrors to my car (scheduled for December).

Now I need not stress quite as much about my small garage.

Anyone know how small they will fold up?

reitmanr | 2013年10月18日

Any news about retrofit to we early MS owners? Would love them in parking lots. Need my mirrors open when backing out of my garage, but they will make walking by the car easier in parking lots.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2013年10月18日

Added, to my Nov 16th delivery, yesterday when this posted. Thanks for the heads up about the change.