Price for Model S in Europe

Price for Model S in Europe

I'm confused regarding the European price for Model S.

Is this ~ US$ 96000 price for the 60 kWh version including
the VAT for residents of UK?

If yes, the price without VAT is about US$ 80000, which
is a bit more than the US$ price of US$ 59900 + US$ 7500
federal tax credit, so total US real cost US$ 67400.

The transport from US to Europe is not that expensive,
so the profit for Tesla is much higher for the European
market. I think about US$ 10000 more per car.

I thought the Model S should be a "mass market" car
in the price range of US$ 50000 / US$ 65000.

The higher European price and the general price increase
makes this car now a luxury car in the price range of
US$ 100000.

I'm disappointed.

haansberger | 2012年12月24日


As you read in other thread's, you forget one big factor in your calculation and that is TAX ! The 67.400$ you mention is without any form of TAX. The reason why they never include tax in pricing in the U.S. is because it's not the same in the different states. Anything you buy in the U.S. is marked with a pricetag NOT including tax. As an example, if you buy a sweater in a store with a pricetag of 100$, you will end up paying 107$ at the cashier if the state tax is 7%.
So, when you bring the usual 21% ( Belgium, Netherlands )into the equation, the 60kWh model has a price of 81554$ ! Bringing it over to Europe adds another 15% for transportation and import tax, which brings you to 93787$. The remaining 2213$ is to cover the required modifications and to pay for the companies expenses such as the distribution center in Tilburg. So all by all, I would say the price is fair. It's not Tesla we should blame - it's the governments with their insane tax structure !
And if you would wonder - no, I'm not affliated to Tesla, I'm a regular hard working and tax paying citizen :-(

Carefree | 2012年12月24日


most European cars,like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW are significantly cheaper in the US because we do not have your insane VAT. Anything you guys buy in Europe is by default at least 20% more expensive. In addition you have import duties. Don't be disappointed with Tesla, blame your government.

patrick.meier | 2012年12月24日

Hi all,

A short note from Switzerland. Our VAT stands at 8% and there is no luxury tax for motorcars. Import duties are neglectable.

The USD equivalent for Model S Signature Performance over here is about 136'000. In Switzerland, this is in the range of a decently motorized and well equipped Audi A6 / A7, E Class Mercedes Benz, 5 Series BMW or a Jaguar XF. Top of the range versions of these models are all way above USD 150K. So in terms of pricing, the Model S has hit the spot.

My observation is that if someone is seriously interested in moving to a high performance EV, there is no alternative to Model S at present. So it isn't Model S vs. the new A6, it simply is EV vs. ICE and Tesla Motors must make the most of this situation while it lasts.

One of my colleagues has just taken delivery of a brand new A6 Avant quattro Bi-TDI last week. An impressive piece of machinery, but it really is a dinosaur. Now that a fully electric alternative is available, I would rather bite my tongue off than to buy another ICE car.

Best wishes,


The Froq | 2012年12月25日

The Big Mac index is a good way to compare the prices of the car in each country........volontairs?

Sudre_ | 2012年12月25日

silvio, "The higher European price and the general price increase
makes this car now a luxury car in the price range of
US$ 100000."

The Model S is not a Mass Market car. That will be the GenIII. The Model S is going for a higher market. The Model S has always been shooting for the higher car market. If you want the affordable version you have to wait 3 or 4 more years. The Model S is a mass produced car about $50000 cheaper than the Roadster which was a select market sports car.

teslaMS | 2012年12月25日

19. Dezember 2012, Model S European Pricing, George Blankenship: "Tesla has taken a very straightforward, transparent approach to European pricing. Our goal is to make the same level of profit per car no matter where it is ultimately delivered around the world. We do not think it is right to seek higher profits from customers in some countries just because other companies do."

In Switzerland we have 11% less VAT than Germany. (8% vs 19%)
So i'm surprised the announced price of the Model S in Switzerland is quite the same as in Germany, instead of 11% lower. How does it come?
Are there other expenses which are about 11% higher in Switzerland compared to Germany? (other than the costs for the included 8-year services)

teslaMS | 2012年12月25日

Tesla Model S 85 kWh price in USA 77'400 $
Tesla Model S 85 kWh price in CH 96'250 CHF = 89'120 CHF w/o VAT (= 96'870 $) = 25% higher price in CH than in the USA (or about 22% after adjustment for the included 8 year service)
Do the additional transport costs and import duties really account for about 20'000 $ ? Or what did I miss?
Up to now the "very straightforward, transparent approach to European pricing" is not at all clear to me.

jkirkebo | 2012年12月26日

In Norway the 85kWh base Model S costs $90,800 with today's exchange rate.

In the US it costs $79,900 after the price increase and without the tax break.

I calculate that to a 13.6% price increase for the EU model.

Some of that comes from the exchange rate being calculated very conservatively. From the battery pack increase it seems they've been using NOK 6.00 per dollar, compared to today's rate of NOK 5.58 per dollar. The car price is $84,450 if using NOK 6.00, an increase of 5.7% in addition to the exchange rate safety margin.

If the exchange rate keeps dropping (it was NOK 6.13 per dollar 5 months ago) they'll have to drop the Norwegian price eventually.

BjörnF | 2012年12月26日

In Sweden, the base Model S (60 kWh) is priced at 72400 $ (99538 $ - 25% VAT - 10% duty fee). Less then 4% more then the price in the US, 69900 $.

Germany seems to have a 10% import duty, 17% VAT. The 60 kWh is priced at 71400 € , 94248 $. That's 73230 $ without the duty/VAT.

Carefree | 2012年12月26日

Didn't Germany jack up their VAT to 19% recently?

Brian H | 2012年12月27日

Are you quite sure you've captured all the added taxes in that? A raw 14% markup seems unlikely and inconsistent.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年12月27日

There is an in-depth discussion of European prices in this thread: