Production Complete Your Model S Signature is being prepared for pickup or delivery. .... BUT..........

Production Complete Your Model S Signature is being prepared for pickup or delivery. .... BUT..........

This is just appeared on some Australian dashboards, including mine.
However, there is no delivery date in the dashboard, and our local representative does not know where the cars are. The first service center has not yet been commissioned, but apparently it is well on the way.., None of us know which suburb in Sydney it will be in. As usual, they are being very cagey. So, we have no idea in Australia when the launch will be or when we will be receiving our cars.
Personally I consider that this level of secrecy sucks. It is simply teasing us for no reason at all. The company is playing with us. Not happy.

anodyne | 2014年9月24日

I was under the conspiracy assumption that they were going to deliver your Aussie Model S's by the end of the month because they were built and shipped immediately after the factory upgrade at the end of August. Knowing that you've been waiting practically forever, I hope they do show up in the next few days and all you pioneer mates of ours get your cars before sunset on Sept 30th.

dborn | 2014年9月25日

With all the commentary on the new unannounced features being delivered, the single most important fact is the complete silence from the company.
This too is my main complaint. Total lack of information is really souring the experience for all of us in Australia.

jbunn | 2014年9月25日


Preparing it for delivery probably involves putting it on a boat. Could be another month before it gets there.

On the bright side, you'll have one of the very few 2014 Signatures. Should come with some extra goodies the original 2012 US Sigs did not have.

windex | 2014年9月25日

Honestly, you say that, but the last thing you want for them to do is tell you Sept 30th then miss that by 2 months due to a customs paperwork whatever problem.

It is far more annoying to be told a date and then have it missed. If you want information from them at this point they are just going to be placating you.

Captain_Zap | 2014年9月25日

I have a hunch that maybe your car will be there in November. It looks like RHD's may be going out at that time. I do hope you get it earlier though because with all the extra electronics, it wouldn't be an authentic Signature. ;-)

It seems odd to just have it sitting in storage now because they don't have a Service Center yet. Tesla got by just fine with ranger service alone for many years.

Do you know how many Model Ses are supposed to be on deck? I suppose that if there were too many, they would be more inclined to feel the need to have the Service Center open.

Do you have a means of looking online for building permit applications by name and checking the status?

Brian H | 2014年9月26日

Yeah, as per recent and general comments from TM about SpC's the last thing they want to do is make promises dependent on other parties who may make liars of them. So they say nothing rather than make estimates based on counting on others' performance. Could be they learned the hard way with their early suppliers!

J.T. | 2014年9月26日

@dborn This too is my main complaint. Total lack of information is really souring the experience for all of us in Australia. No need for the "in Australia."

Brian H | 2014年9月26日

?? as compared to which automotive maker, 'zackly? GM & Ford, who bailed from there a while ago?

gnuite | 2014年9月26日

Unless I'm mistaken, J.T. was simply suggesting that the "in Australia" qualifier in dborn's quote was unnecessary, i.e. that the experience is being soured "for all of us [everywhere]."

Not that I agree; but don't jump on him just because you misunderstood him.

TFMethane | 2014年9月26日

I have to agree. The most consistent complaint I've seen about Tesla is that they do a very bad job of communicating with customers. This is not specific to Australia. I've heard it described as "Autistic" a few times.

Often, the stories they give you sound fishy (i.e. "the car carrier broke down," so your delivery is delayed a week).

Some of it probably happens because the PR people and delivery specialists are kept in the dark (intentionally or not) about specific causes of delays. You are demanding information they don't have, so they make something up to hopefully placate you.

Tesla might be forgiven for this. They aren't UPS, and logistics expertise has never been their focus. They build amazing cars and are changing the world. But, if they hope to move beyond motivated early adopters, they will have to iron out these customer service kinks.

ray | 2014年9月26日

Trying to figure where Tesla's locations in AU will be can be done by looking at their careers.

APAC-AU-NSW-Artarmon_Fredrick St.

Which doesn't help me as I am in Brisbane....


Pungoteague_Dave | 2014年9月27日

There have been similar threads in all of the country threads. TO is a consistent bad communicator. It is a symptom of their focus. We think it should be on the customer. They think it should be on the product. They're right.

Seriously, they are a small business and don't have time to micromanage every sale and delivery of every car. Wait, that's what dealers do. 8#}

dborn | 2014年9月27日

Ray- except that Frederick street is in St Leonards, not Artarmon. There is no '" Fredrick" street ANYWHERE in Sydney. That spelling simply does not exist.