Raced a Maserati GHIBLI and WON!

Raced a Maserati GHIBLI and WON!

As an Audio Engineer, there's no clear days off for me. I work almost year round. This passing Thanksgiving Day weekend was no different. I had a gig to at a very prestigious studio in Burbank so now that I'm allowed to tell this story i found to be amazing, here we go:

I was scheduled to be there at 4pm but arrived around 5 due to traffic and other crap. I was suppose to arrive before the Artist to set up the session but lucky i had an assistant to get there and knock it out in great time. Anyway, as i arrive in the parking lot, i notice the artist (a huge act of today) standing next to his Lambo. Along with a few other huge name artist standing next to $250,000+ cars. Here i am pulling up in my MS 85. Kind of feeling like i should of parked a mile away, i pull in next to them and hop out. To my surprise: all 6 of these multi-platinum, millionaire, big name artist come over to my car and gawk over it. I mean leaning on the car looking in, walking around the car, and more. Im standing by looking in awe. After about another 10mins of explaining the touchscreen, door handles, and the FOB, they were blow away to here that this is all standard and nothing was an aftermarket add on.

So after a few hours in the session, everyone wanted to go outside for a "break". This is where i usually stay and do some editing but to my surprised, they asked me to come outside and hang with them. Letting my assistant handle the duties, i head outside with what is now about 40 some odd people (entourages, groupies, other artist, and such) only to find myself explaining my car to a lot more people. Thats when i get an odd challenge: Lets Race!

So here it is: My MS 85 up against a Maserati GHIBLI (Whose owner you've probably heard on the radio). I'm sweating bullets.

The Race: So anyone who knows Burbank, Ca, late in the night most of the streets are virtually empty. Especially around the holidays. So we line up on a major street (won't give the name) and we agree to race 6 blocks where the Lambo is parked to mark the "finish line". Off we go and right from the take off i would of never expected to be out front so quickly. By the time i look back, the GHIBLI is almost at my bumper... the race is over. This felt just like a movie. Every race car movie i've ever seen. Cheers and liquor for the rest of the night.

In conclusion: If you think you can beat that one car with you MS... you probably can. | 2013年12月6日

Are you expecting congrats and attaboys for street racing?

RandomizeMe | 2013年12月6日

Not really. Wasn't my idea. Just sharing an experience.

portia | 2013年12月6日

could get a ticket if caught. but sounds cool. how many of them artists are now going to be Tesla owners? I hope you sold a few. never pass a chance to tell people about the car.

George with SacEV | 2013年12月6日

The traction control on the MS is simply amazing. Unless the high end ICE has a specific launch control setting and uses THAT, certainly any P85 should be able to dust anything up to Ferrari-class up to around 350 yards/meters. Just do not let the race go too long and do not give the other the chance to set up those special launch control protocols.

mdemetri | 2013年12月6日


Great story, thanks for sharing.

Do you have a S85 or a P85?

Car t man | 2013年12月6日

Interesting story... Sounds like you had a great time.. And have a great assistant to cover for you well. Both things quite priceless..

RandomizeMe | 2013年12月7日


I have the S85.

lolachampcar | 2013年12月7日


I am very disappointed in you!

You SHOULD have been giving rides/drives with such an audience :) I think you got the point across anyway.

Great story.

jeffsstuff | 2013年12月7日

I suspect that,mid caught racing on the street, you might well be walking today instead of driving. I'd stick with giving rides. Quoting from a tv show of the past, "let's be careful out there".

Electricfun | 2013年12月7日

GHIBLI is a slow non performance car. I would hope you'd win easily.

July10Models | 2013年12月7日

Has anyone taken the P85+ on a hot lap at Nurburgring? Only the high speed straight at the end of the run would be a problem.

david.baird | 2013年12月7日

Racing in the streets is of course highly reprehensible, but I think Teslas bring back the teenager in all of us to a certain degree :)

Glad to hear that S85's roast other cars too!

drp | 2013年12月7日


Did you have 21"? Or 19"

L8MDL | 2013年12月7日

With a top speed of 130, the Tesla is be non-competative at Nurburgring. It's great for local speed racing - not so much for fast road courses.

DCTesla | 2013年12月7日

Awesome story!!!

Mel. | 2013年12月7日


Congratulations and an attaboy.

carlk | 2013年12月7日

Congrates RandomizeMe. I hope some of those folks will consider upgrade to an MS.

RandomizeMe | 2013年12月7日

I have 19". I read all the topics about the 21" having to be replaced more often.

To all those saying i should of given more rides instead: Yes, i totally agree with you all. but i fell into peer (sorta) pressure. Plus i really wanted to put them to shame. After hearing "Oh it's electric? Must be slow like that Prius...", it was on.

Bighorn | 2013年12月7日

Street racing, is bad, mmkay?

Great story, though. Heady times!

Thumper | 2013年12月7日

Any time you are tempted to street race, just think about the poor souls involved in that Honda vs MS fatal. Two dead and the survivors life ruined. No one ever INTENDS bad things to happen but at high speed on the street, you do not have complete control of the situation. Just say no!

Mark E | 2013年12月7日

In NSW, Australia, your car can be confiscated for street racing.

logicalthinker | 2013年12月7日

While I definitely do not condone the street racing, I'm curious: did any of the famous people ask about the Model S fires?

Since those people are typically so out of touch with normal people life, if they were to ask about the fires their awareness would suggest the media penetration on that non topic has fully saturated society.

RedShift | 2013年12月7日

Look at us, mostly middle aged folks ( I said MOSTLY) kinda well-to-do, street racing.

What will we do when Tesla comes out with a true supercar (or hypercar) in a few years from now? Race Ferraris and Lambos?

Good story, I won against a new Camaro SS with my lowly 60. It was fun, I wasn't racing on the streets, but on on an on-ramp.

KOL2000 | 2013年12月7日

That's a F--$ing awesome story!!!!!

Ignore the dweebs chastising you for the race.

Go Tesla!!!!

(Ps. I've yet to be beaten by any cars with my MSP+)

bitcrusher | 2013年12月7日

Good to see another Model S owning audio engineer, I suspect it will be the stereotype soon!

P.S. I can't think of a studio in Burbank I'd call prestigious, that is still in business :-(

hsadler | 2013年12月7日

shame shame no no to street racing....

but you forgot to bet pink slips

Jewsh | 2013年12月7日

Glad to hear you had a good time but I have to agree with others. Take it easy on the streets, we've had enough carnage there lately.

jbunn | 2013年12月7日

KOL2000, yeah it's great, and I got a little woodie too, but this also comes close on the heels of the Walker crash deaths. So yeah, it's kewl bro, but we're not all 15, nor are any of us dweebs for advising caution.

Electricfun | 2013年12月8日

You won't lose many buy you'll lose a few.
Be safe