Rear seat headrest changes soon??

Rear seat headrest changes soon??

I saw a tesla prototype on 280 Freeway 3 weeks ago with larger adjustable headrests. Is this an option or will it be soon? This change is only item holding me back from ordering a model s. I can't imagine those are the same headrests used on the s in Europe.

AmpedRealtor | 2013年8月14日

No changes were made to the headrests for EU delivery as far as I know.

chrisdl | 2013年8月14日

That would be good news.

How do you know it was a prototype? (Apart from the adjustable headrests.)

napatesla | 2013年8月19日

It was a black car with black leather seats. It said: Car 24 and PROTOTYPE was on the lower portion of the doors (not easy to see). The Dealer License plate was: 63277
It had adjustable headrests in rear like you would see in the back of an Audi. If I could confirm this change I will order 2 Tesla Model S cars tomorrow!! Any more info??

napatesla | 2013年8月19日

TS - Those are the type of headrest I believe I saw on the prototype! Where is this photo from? When are they available? Thank you! | 2013年8月19日

Why do you want less safe headrests? Adjustable rear headrests on just about every car I see are at the lowest-least safe position, and are often completely removed! I suspect that's why companies that go for safety like Volvo have fixed headrests.

It doesn't hurt to have the safest car from a crash worthiness either:

TexasYes | 2013年8月19日

The current non adjustable seats can be problematic with booster and car seats for kids. The current headrests extend forward too much and has forced me to make some modifications to my kids' booster so that it hits the seat flush from too to bottom. Being able to remove the headrest would solve this problem.

cfOH | 2013年8月19日

I keep wondering if these people who are complaining about the safety of the headrests have seen the NHTSA testing results that basically show the Model S is the safest car in existence.

napatesla | 2013年8月19日

Why would I/we want less safe headrests? Have you ever sat in the back seat of a Tesla Model S? If you are not short and average height or taller you will realize the rear mini headrests that are NOT adjustable pose a serious safety issue. Of course I have seen the 5 Star Crash Ratings. This is one of the reasons I want this car, however in case you aren't aware, these high scores do not represent rear passenger safety. I guarantee 5 stars will not awarded with current rear headrests. Again, this is the only issue holding me up and countless others I have mentioned this to in regards to purchasing a Model S. It looks like the X will have very cool height adjustable headrests in the rear from photos I have seen, but judging by the fact that Tesla is still showing adjustable rear headrests on their website gallery for the Tesla Model S, but don't offer it as an option seems very strange to me. Can anyone at Tesla help with this matter?

Brian H | 2013年8月19日

People don't actually raise and adjust the headrests, and often remove them. Fixed have a better record in real world stats.

mlnewman | 2013年8月19日

@napatesla, no Model S... models have adjustable rear headrests. I suspect they will be available, as pictured, on the Model X arriving next year. This implies, possibly, that Tesla will encorporate adjustable headrests into future mosels like the Gen III and perhaps Model S 2.0. This is all speculation, of course, but it sounds logical to me.

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michael1800 | 2013年8月19日

oh my. There are countless people who didn't buy a Model S because of no adjustable headrests! Seems crazy to me, but in all fairness, I wouldn't say I'd be completely surprised this day and age. Unlike the cup-holder and grab handle complaints, this ISN'T one where there is a simple, easily attainable solution.

negarholger | 2013年8月19日

@michael1800 - if the car crumbles to mush that is OK as long as the head rest is adjustable...
...AND did the driver actually adjust it correctly? I want to be a fly on the wall when the head rest adjusters advocates transport a party of five and the driver actually adjusts each head rest to the perfect position before taking off. It has to be done by the driver because the occupants haven't read the procedures.

napatesla | 2013年8月19日

Kleist???What are you talking about? the front seats aren't adjustable, but unlike the Porsche Panamera and all other sedans on the market, the Tesla Model S does NOT have rear adjustable headrests. This seems very odd considering the high levels of safety the car has achieved, but unless someone proves me wrong, I don't believe they put average to tall crash test models in the back seat. I know my neck would hit the top of the current rear seat headrest and if rear ended could pose serious injuries to the rear occupants. The current headrests look cute but are basically pointless. I am sure it is something that was overlooked as it seems the majority of safety equipment is top notch. The model x has rear adjustable head rests, but why not update the rear seat of the Model S so that the safety and comfort rivals the competition, especially when I am spending $120,000 on a car

jjaeger | 2013年8月19日

Yes, short test dummies only - and you can't ride in the back seat if you have arms. At least that my take away from the NHTSA pics and videos posted.

negarholger | 2013年8月19日

@napatesla - what I am talking about is start with a strong foundation. If the chassis is strong you have a chance to survive, however it the engine block rests in the rear passengers cheast who cares about head rests. I had the pleasure to respond to car accidents for 2 years in my life... if the car stays in one piece you have a chance. When the car is sprayed over half a mile guess where did I find your pieces. Get real.

oo7 | 2013年8月19日

The non-adjustable rear seat headrests have been discussed in many threads. If you've actually sat in them and were too tall for the headrests you would've noticed that in the event of a crash, the rear sloping roof line would keep your head from snapping back. Try it first before deciding that it's a deal breaker...

negarholger | 2013年8月19日

@oo7 - exactly. When you actually sit in the rear seats and your head hits the roof the head rest is in the perfect position to support you head from snapping back. You can't go higher because the roof prevents that. It really doesn't matter how tall you - genius design... I just tested it in my car. The tall Norwegians may not sit comfortably in the back seat, but their head is protected by the head rest. Everybody whining about the rear seat head rest has never actually sat in an MS tested it. Stop judging by silly pictures and actually sit in the car.

negarholger | 2013年8月19日

At least this thread had one positive - I actually tested it and now I can rest assured that my rear passengers are well taken care of - safe and sound regardless of how tall they are.

Atlantis | 2013年8月20日

Since MS is all around the safest car, for perfectionism sake it has to resolve this one weakness too.

The other day, I was in the back seat, and my heavy footed wife - judging by other threads this is common - was driving. After a few stop-signs and traffic-lights my neck was hurting. And I'm 5.11"

If it offends you to think of it as safety issue, at least consider it a serious comfort issue.

It should certainly be towards the top of the Tesla's to-do list.

oo7 | 2013年8月20日

Atlantis, your head didn't touch the sloping roofline when it needed support? I'm not sure how that is possible. I've road tested with a few friends of various heights to test the seats and none had issues with head support.

Atlantis | 2013年8月20日

the headrest would fall pretty much in my neck, lining up with my hairline.
The top of my head would scrape against the roof-line on top of the back window (panoramic roof), but it wouldn't provide comfortable support. Acceleration was still enough to pull back my head, along the way bumping it against the roof-line.

negarholger | 2013年8月20日

So the problem is the panoranmic roof. There is less then 4 inches space between head rest and the solid roof... so the headrest is always above your eye line, no way to raise your head higher then that.

napatesla | 2013年8月20日

I don't know why one would want their head to hit part of the roof in an accident in which someone slams into the back of your car, but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the headrests are clearly inadequate for adults of average to tall heights. It is a very simple fix and if you look at all Tesla website galleries you will see they even show different headrests in some of their images. How difficult is it to make better rear seats (perhaps for only 2 people, not 3) a la Maserati or new MB S class. | 2013年8月20日

I guess many of us choose to disagree. I'd much rather have fixed headrests and do not want Tesla to change it. I can see well out the back, and I don't have to worry about maladjusted (or removed) headrests for my rear seat occupants.

As for pictures of the Model S with adjustable headrests, I think you must be looking at the prototype. I've not seen any current images or MS cars with adjustable headrests. The SUV might have adjustable headrests, but might not. The X prototype appears to have them now, but this can easily change between now and production.

Look, if rear headrests are the only choice you make about a car, there are quite a few other cars that can accommodate you, but I wouldn't wait for the Model S to have them or you may have a very long wait. Likely the next safest car is a Volvo, but wait - they also have fixed headrests! I'm sure there are some cars with adjustable rear headrests, it's too bad they aren't as safe as the Model S in every way that matters.

napatesla | 2013年8月20日

This is copied form the TESLA Gallery on their website:

Check out photo #6 from what is currently on the Tesla website. It shows different headrests. Why didn't they use this option?

When will this be an option??

DonS | 2013年8月20日

The prototype picture is very old, as in pre-production old. Apparently Tesla found significant drawbacks to that design. From looking it, I'd say it would interfere with forward-facing car seats, and be impossible to rest your head on long trips.

oo7 | 2013年8月20日

Atlantis: Man goes to doctor and says "Doctor, it hurts when I do this.", Doctor says "Don't do that."

Tell your wife to slow down if she's snapping your neck? :) There's plenty of ways one could drive the S and make passengers very uncomfortable, including motion sickness. I've never had any rear passengers complain about the headrest and I'm all for spirited driving, but a couple complaints about wanting to throw up! I understand you have a real issue and hope there's a good resolution. In any case, I'm glad we're all here talking about the adequacy of the rear headrests vs how the latest crash sent the engine block into the passenger's lap or something truly disturbing...

negarholger | 2013年8月20日

+1 TeslaTap
I don't want any change either - rear head rests are perfect and safe for the S and its low roof line in the back.

Alex K | 2013年8月20日

@napatesla | AUGUST 19, 2013: […]but unlike the Porsche Panamera and all other sedans on the market, the Tesla Model S does NOT have rear adjustable headrests.

Both the front and rear headrests on a Panamera are not adjustable:

napatesla | 2013年8月20日

Alex K - Cleary you can't see very clearly. If the Tesla Model S had fixed headrest with the substance of the Panamera as pictured above this forum would not be taking place. For $120,000 I and many others want safe headrests and comfortable seats. The Tesla Model S does not offer this. Tesla has to make adjustable rear headrests due to the slope. When you login to the Tesla Forum Screenpage and see the red Model S with tan leather you will also notice the rear headrests are not the ones that come with the car. These adjust up and down. When is Tesla going to change the current headrests that the car has, but are not shown on the website.

Alex K | 2013年8月26日

@napatesla | AUGUST 20, 2013: Alex K - Cleary you can't see very clearly.

Considering I also have a Panamera, I can see clearly that the Panamera headrests are not adjustable. I was just pointing out that the Panamera has fixed headrests, which you implied were adjustable. The Panamera headrests are much more substantial, but they are fixed nevertheless. Tesla could also make similar fixed headrests. My Panamera has the rear comfort seats, which include a scalloped headrest where your head doesn't flop around (like it does on the Model S).

janet.a.louie | 2013年9月4日

I just test drove the car and found the back seat to be very uncomfortable. I am only 5 foot 3 inches and found that the seat was too low to give any thigh support. This would be a problem on any longer road trips. Is this an issue for anyone else?

rhbohl | 2015年9月12日

In a brief review of a Tesla, by a friend who happens to be an auto writer, he mentioned rear seat headrests interfering with aft vision, something I did not recall. Yesterday, I was given a recently-manufactured Model 60 as a loaner, and noticed that the outer two headrests were noticeably taller than those in our, 2014 model, and indeed interfered slightly with aft vision toward the sides, whereas our, 2014 uniform headrests do not.

Perhaps a case of safety considerations trading pre-crash avoidance for post-crash injury mitigation .