rearview camera

rearview camera

I apologize if this had been posted previously. But there is no search function for this forum.

I reserved the model S a few month ago.

Anyone know if model S will have rearview camera. Over the years, I found the rearview (backup) camera is indispensable. I have decided I will not drive another car unless it has such option.


Timo | 2011年7月23日

That was one of the question for Franz. No answer, so nobody knows. I would like to have proximity radar systems in both front and back, because with that low ground clearance you don't want to drive to curb stones either way while parking the car. I don't have that much use for rearview camera (assuming view to rear is adequate and mirrors are not just some decorative extensions at the sides of the car).

Gary8 | 2011年7月25日

There are aftermarket kits for the R/V cameras and proximity warning systems but who would want to drill holes in this beauty... Cameras are usually easier to install and don't require much drilling... hopefully this will be standard on the P level S's.



michiganmodels | 2011年7月26日

I can try to find it, but there is an interview or presentation with Elon Musk, Jerome Guillen, or Franz (I can't remember who) that states there WILL be a rearview camera consistent with other cars in its class.

I think it is one of these:

michiganmodels | 2011年7月26日

I found one reference:

At the 39 minute mark, the developer reference the rearview camera also, if you view the dashboard, one button is clearly labeled "camera":

David70 | 2011年7月26日

The last one does mention camera and backup camera. Purpose of backup camera is obvious, but I don't know about the other camera (forward?).

Tim10 | 2011年7月26日

A camera for watching the kids in the +2 seating in the back?

Timo | 2011年7月26日

Maybe "backup camera" is not for additional camera, but backup for the main camera? Wording counts.

Volker.Berlin | 2011年7月26日

"To back up" means to move the car backwards. It's probably a "back-up" (rear view) camera, not a "backup" camera.

Timo | 2011年7月26日

Probably, but that (forum) wording doesn't make that clear. It can be either.

I'll watch the videos when I have a bit more time, maybe it is more clear in the video which one that means.

EdG | 2011年7月26日

[the label on the 17" screen that says] "CAMERA is your backup camera".

There is only one camera mentioned.