Request for Tesla Dealerships in India.

Request for Tesla Dealerships in India.

India has tons of wealthy people willing to spend top dollar for top end and refined vehicles that are indicative of their status in the society.

The sheer absence of the brand presence of Tesla here is absolutely frustrating because the only luxury vehicles you get here are a bunch of those agricultural Mercedes' , Audi's and BMW's almost all of which run on those farm grade noisy inefficient Diesel engines , as though Gasoline wasn't a viable option. I figured it out long enough that , if you're rich enough to buy an expensive car, you may as well afford to go for a powerful petrol engine and fill it up with petrol of course.

With the nearest Tesla dealership at Hong Kong I'm not sure how many people have the patience and perseverance to deal with the hyper-mortifying customs and taxes only to get a Chinese spec car with no maintenance and service stations for tens of thousands of miles and also no supercharger charging points in horizon. And , at the end you also end up paying twice the face value of the car to get it cleared for registration here.

The People at Tesla motors should know the fact that Indians absolutely love the Model S and are more than willing to buy it rather than a gas guzzler.

If Tesla motors wants to have a global presence , India is one of the right places to start in Asia. The Indian subcontinent has lots of rich people who love supercars and know their lot about them. Also With Growth Rate Pegged at 7.5 % for the FY 2015 To 2016 I think it would not be a bad place to invest in.

Also, It would be cool if we had an R&D center over here where tech enthusiasts like me can come up and discuss new and innovative ideas with you guys to create the perfect vehicle.

And I already have quite a few ideas lined up !

Red Sage ca us | 2015年2月10日

Tesla Motors is not a luxury car company. Their goal is to make electric cars affordable for the masses. To do that, there must be infrastructure in place to allow the convenient use of such cars. Roads, roadside services, and a reliable electrical grid to allow jome charging overnight. It also helps to have a government that at least allows exemption from import fees and taxes, among other incentives for purchase.

hpjtv | 2015年2月11日

Let them solve all their problems in China first before tackling a new one. Like you said, if you are rich enough, it shouldn't matter.

spacevertex | 2015年2月11日

Well being Indian myself, i would argue that let us first get India' priorities right. India have energy crisis, poverty crisis, income inequality, child mortality, water crisis and so on and so forth.

Tesla is asking for an exemption from the Indian Govt. of the 110% Customs duty charged for a fully built luxury vehicle imported from other countries.

IMHO, Indian govt. should continue its policy of charging 110% Customs duty on imported vehicles and rich people which like you suggest are though plentiful should pay those high custom duties.

The convergence shall happen when Tesla would see enough rich people in India lining up to buy a Tesla, till such time, i would suggest to drop by to other countries to experience the thrill of the joyride.

spacevertex | 2015年2月11日

Typo: India have = India has.

srikar.samavedam | 2015年2月11日

Let us just place the customs exemption part of things aside for a while. If the Indian government does want more investments it should make its policies towards companies more flexible.

Manufacturers could go by Mr. Modi's Make In India drive and reduce the amount of money the consumer has to spend , making their products more affordable and easier to purchase and more importantly help further develop the economy of the country by manufacturing their Products here. It would be a win-win situation.

Companies like Tesla are pioneers of renewable energy. They can further help the people here switch to more sustainable sources of energy, hence putting an end to power woes and paving a way to a more self sufficient system.

spacevertex | 2015年2月11日

Yeah, the prophecies of Mr. Modi & Mr. Modi' blind followers, which assumes that somehow the great Mr. Modi has a magic wand and all the world will come to India to manufacture goods and create Indian jobs no matter what is the unemployment rate is in their own countries.

Mr. Modi, the great Mr. Modi, the friend of the industry, should allow Tesla exemption since Tesla Motors is a pioneer of renewable energy consumption no matter the stats that roughly 300 Million people in India even lack access to dirty energy, wow, thats almost equal to the whole population of USA.

Mr. Modi' followers, the great Mr. Modi' followers, who wilfully ignore the widening trade deficit India already faces and then allow expensive cars & goods manufactured overseas to widen the trade deficit.

Mr. Modi creates a paradise and the herd gets to live in a fool' paradise.

The wisdom of the people of India is dead, long live the wisdom.

spacevertex | 2015年2月12日

Oh, i almost forgot that Mr. Modi, the great Mr. Modi, would not change India' labor laws which puts down India as the worst place for industry, specifically manufacturing industry to set up shop in comparison to the world as that is not politically convenient.

But hey, let us forget the stats and realities, let us really live in fantasies, thats how we create a brighter future both for India and the world.

spacevertex | 2015年2月12日

I apologise, but man, you gave me a lot of fodder so i am gonna feed that right back right to you.

The Indian Engineers, the great Indian Engineers, who have mastered the art of doing software & hardware back end, clerical and repetitive jobs for western companies, somehow would spiral the intellectual discussion with their brilliant ideas and teach Tesla how to make great cars even greater.

Dude, are you for real.?

spacevertex | 2015年2月12日

No one is preventing Tesla from coming to India, if Tesla comes to India it is most welcome.

Tesla needs a market, India needs jobs as almost half of its population (600 Million) is going to be below 25 years of age thus making it the youngest of the largest countries by population.

India does not even have the regressive American car dealership laws and customs duty would be 0% if it manufactures in India.
Mercedes, Audi, GM, Ford all have plants in India and India is the global export hub for Hyundai.

If Tesla does not want to set up a manufacturing plant in India and wants to only milk the Indian market, then the customs duty would be levied on imported cars and rich people have to pay their fair share of taxes, you see, unlike America, Socialism is a good word in India, which is what differentiates us from America, which though prides itself on capitalism which ironically has made income inequality their current political issue.

Tesla is famous for seeking incentives from governments, why should the government not seek incentives like job creation in return.

Btw, i pay for share of customs on imported products, i am not a poor guy against rich guys, i have earned my dough but i also am committed to my fellow citizens, to use an American phrase, we are our brother' keeper and socialism for us is not a bane, it's a boon.

spacevertex | 2015年2月12日

and the last thing i would say to my fellow Indians is that admire Tesla and all innovative companies out of America but do not be blinded by their brightness.

American Capitalism has virtually vanished the American Middle class, their top 1% controls their political class and money power has stiffened their democracy, if we the citizens of other countries let in American Capitalism without securing our own interests, they would come like raiders and milk our nation & people dry & go back with the riches.

A country' trade deficit is an important parameter, America earns its money from innovation, Saudi Arabia earns its money from Oil (hence the moronic beliefs lacking understanding of science), India has neither currently, so a cautious approach towards innovation has got to be made.

amithpatel.09 | 2015年9月10日

Respected Sir / Madam,

Greetings of the day.

As per name of this page "Request Tesla dealership in India" I want to share my views about the opportunity. Myself Amit H Patel. By profession I am graduate Mechanical Engineer and working experience of 5 years as a technical support engineer and now as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Currently India is the second most populated country of our Earth. My view is about fro saving our valuable atmosphere. More population cause more pollution by using fuel like petrol and diesel. I have gone through the site of Tesla and referred all the detail about the product. I am pretty much impressed by the product manufactured by Tesla. I think such type of vehicle can make huge change to reduce pollution caused by conventional usage of fuel like diesel and petrol by promoting such a high performance plug in electrical vehicle. I want to contribute my effort to reduce this pollution in my country by promoting Tesla vehicle. For this I need a legal permission to get dealership from Tesla. I belong from middle class families so I am not having any existing showroom owner experience. But I have huge confidant on myself that I can do this. Only thing I need is your valuable support. I have clearly stated my vision here.

Sir/ Madam, Trust me I can make changes by my hard work and hard effort to contribute my self in saving our nature. I hope you will bless me only one opportunity for this.

Hope to hear your swift and positive reply soon.

Your's Faithfully,

Amit H Patel

Timo | 2015年9月10日

Wrong place to put your message, but I can save your time and give a short answer:

Tesla doesn't have dealerships. Direct sales to customers. So no deal.

AkSJaJ | 2015年12月14日

I would say that you join the Tesla motors and then rise to VP level for getting your voice to be heard to bring Tesla to Asian market.

All the best for your findings...

tushar.gsi | 2015年12月19日

It seems the CIO (Chief Information Officer) is not " Informed " about the Indian economy, The irony is he is an Indian, Mr. Jay Vijayan..............

acharya.sagar.sagar5 | 2015年12月31日

spacevertex, I bet you can't do 1/10th the things he's currently doing in India if you were at his place. You don't know about the mindset of the people in India. Also there is 12 times the population density in India compared to US and much less fundings(you can't even imagine how much less)

So stop making statements.Show some respect, you're talking about a prime minister here. You're nothing but a clerk writing up some damn texts. I bet your company too might have Indian engineers leading the areas(where you claim that they can do just clerical work) but IGNORANT FOOLS WRITING FORUMS don't know about it.

If Elon Musk sees you're posts, I guess he'll fire you

Bubba2000 | 2016年1月1日

With all the pollution in places like New Delhi, may be the Leaf would be appropriate. Not sure about their power supply.

Rajkrishnan9 | 2016年1月5日

Modi visited tesla and met with elon and requested his batteries b brought to indian farmers thats a very good start in the right direction for tesla to enter india and expand
Modi is seriously investing in a giant solar powerplant
Like he said it is difficult to move a big country like india
V have to make the moves when US started investing in china it was no better or worse
V need all foreign investments v can get regardless of our other issues
These investments will b catalysts to many of our other problems

iman.hakim | 2016年1月6日

Hi Tesla,

Happy New Year 2016! I am interest to read this post regarding "Request for Tesla Dealership". As what had been mentioned by our friend from India, I would like to ask the same request to Tesla for being a Dealership of Tesla Motor in Indonesia which is based in Jakarta for the first move.

My background is in the energy conversion (perhaps you can visit my website I believe Indonesia will be come a great market for electric cars in the nearly future as long as we can sell our electrical cars in affordable selling prices, affordable maintenance costs, lowest TCO, high resale value, nice models, high reliability, MTBF more than 20 years, state of the art of technology, elegant, strong cutting edge, and the most important the lowest carbon issue. And nowadays, Indonesian government after Paris Summit is concerning to climate change and carbon issue. An incentive will be given to persons or companies who contribute to minimize the carbon footprint.

Continuing the above discussion regarding request for Tesla Dealership, there are several questions need to be clarified and answered by Tesla as follows:
1. What are terms and conditions become Tesla Dealership?
2. Is it possible for Tesla to establish subsidiary company in Indonesia?
3. Is it possible for Tesla to joint invest in this beautiful country?
4. Can we develop service centers for Tesla Motor in Jakarta or other provinces of Indonesia? Not for sales only off course!
5. What should be prepared to have service centers for Tesla Motor?
6. How long for our technicians and engineers to be trained by Tesla Engineering Team to get them certified by manufacturer.
7. How big area wise for building and workshop are required by Tesla Motor (roughly for Sales Showroom & Service)?
8. Is it reliable for Tesla S or X type or even the new Tesla 3 in the very bad traffic jam situations like in Jakarta city?
9. Is it reliable for Tesla S or X type or even the new Tesla 3 operates under environment temperature 32-39 deg. C during day time and bad traffic jam?
10. Will it affect Tesla battery life time if it operates in conditions as above mentioned on #8 and #9?

Well, I hope you read my message and for that I shall look forward to hearing and having a good news from Tesla. Wish you have prosperous 2016!

Thanks and regards,
Iman Hakim

Brian H | 2016年1月6日

This is not a company query site. The answer to #1 is: become a Tesla employee. None of the others matter.

There are no "dealers".

rajasekharrangu... | 2018年8月4日

I want a dealership

erikcraud | 2018年8月12日

I know in India they do a lot of Viagra, which is then delivered to Australia. Now it will be transported to Tesla. Hahaha

David N | 2018年8月12日

@by srikar.samavedam
As previously mentioned, India has many issues that might need to be corrected before you see a Tesla showroom.
The whole “I want a Tesla Dealership” sounds awfully selfish and perhaps therein lies part of the issue within the leadership /citizens of India.

Tesla2018 | 2018年8月18日

India has a caste system. You are born into a certain class of people and it can never change. One group is called the undesireables or something like that and they are looked down upon by all the other castes. I think the highest one is the Brahm? which is the upper class 1% equivilant in America. It is not racial but economic discrimination that makes India a horrible place for the average person to live.

nckarthikkumaar | 2018年10月18日

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am extremely interested in your currently advertised role for a dealership and would liked to be considered for this position, I would like to further my career with you as you are a highly reputable company. I believe that me working for your company would add value and my skills would be appreciated and useful in that environment.

yours sincerely

karthik kumar

yashpatel119971 | 2018年10月24日

Respected Sir/ Madam

I am interested in youe advertised role for dealership of Tesla in india. I would love to with with highly reputed company. It will be pleasure to work for Tesla and contribute to save environment. I would like to know further procedures for dealership and your requirements about dealership.

Waiting for response from your side

Sincerely Thank you

ravisundaramam | 2018年10月24日

Dear Yash Patel,

We are excited to offer you this exciting opportunity to become the sole Tesla dealer of India.

Please go to the Indira Nagar Branch of Indian Overseas Bank, and remit the fees as
given in the following schedule:

Dealer Application Fee 1,00,00,000 INR
Show Room evaluation Fee 20,00,000 INR per show room, 8 major metro show rooms minimum
Earnest money deposit 2,00,00,000 INR

After paying the amount specified duly therein, contact our main office in Fremont CA, with a copy of
the challan.

As a token of appreciation we are going to give you the San Fancisco Bay Area Bridge free to you.


Ima T Roll,
Chief Marketing Officer,
Global Sales,
Tesla Inc.

bharattak19 | 2018年12月9日

I am from India (country) Telangana (state), Hyderabad (city)
I like your cool Gadgets
And in future model of a Tesla motors
I prefer you to open a Tesla showroom in India, Hyderabad, Telangana city.....
I hope in India it will first

abstractquarter | 2019年3月18日

Hi I would love to be a active member of TESLA.
How can I get in touch with the comoany..
Please start one of your unit in Karnataka Mysire .
This is my contact details Vikram Dharam 919900221133

abstractquarter | 2019年3月18日

Hi Vikram Dharam here.
Please start one Tesla Unit in India Karnataka Mysore.
It would great to have Tesla in Mysore.

carolyn.perkins | 2019年3月18日

Also looking for a Inda dealer. Following

kprajapati5300 | 2019年5月1日

I request Tesla to establish their company in India at multiple renowned cities. I belong from Ahmedabad, and I wish to reciprocate the one goal of Tesla i.e efficiency, safety and green. I firmly believe Tesla would need to provide dealership in India to penetrate market and create homely environment for their potential customers. I follow and would like to be a part of it by willing to be as car distributor. Please look forward to announce your entry in this country.

ankushkale9 | 2019年6月19日

i am interested in Telsa car dealer ship katraj ambegone. i have as per rent 5 ekar land in Ambegon oune bombay bypass high way.

patelshivam999857140 | 2019年8月10日

i am interested in your advertised role for dealership of tesla in india.i am from surat(city),gujrat(state),india(country).i would like to further my career with you as you are a highly reputable company.i believe that me working for your compnay would add value and my skill would be appreciated and useful in that environment.

Tesla2018 | 2019年8月10日

I would llike to open a Burger King or McDonalds in India and a Hooters in Iran.

Xerogas | 2019年8月10日

@patelshivam999857140: sorry, we already gave it to kprajapati, because he uses proper capitalization. Better luck next time!

jaypatel1720uwsb | 2020年3月28日

I would like to know that tesla is given dealership in india

blkice | 2020年3月29日

Dealerships? Really? The dealership is on your iPhone or computer, good luck to you and stay safe

saadpunjabi25 | 2020年6月26日

I am interested to open Tesla Motos in INDIA