The roads are too straight!

The roads are too straight!

Now I am not exactly a car enthusiast. Work is way too busy and I spend most of the driving time on the phone. Driving around the Bay Area, how often does handling matter in commute hours?

Ever since I started to drive the Model S months ago, this thought started to recur: “It is a shame the road is too straight!” So I started to look for excuses to go on winding roads. Going far away? How can I find a winding road to get there? Breakfast? Instead of eating at home on weekends, how about Santa Cruz or HMB? Especially early in the morning with no slow pokes in the way (those of you familiar with Bay Area know what I mean)

Should not admit this, but I left work early today just to drive. My normal commute is 20 miles one way. Instead of going on 101, I not only went to 280, but cut over to Highway 1, up and down, and picked a really winding road to get back to 280. Instead of 20 miles, it took me 50+ miles to get home. Have not done this in, 25 years.

Has anyone else done something silly like this? | 2013年2月26日

Yep-- I must plead guilty to wasting Whs for the enjoyment of driving the long way home, or going to lunch. The destination doesn't really matter when the joy is getting there. I have started the process of selling my motorcycle because of the S. My needs for speed and handling are being met and exceeded. I plan to drive the mountain motorcycle routes as soon as Spring arrives in the Rockies.

gregv64 | 2013年2月26日

Move to Santa Cruz! Let me tell you, I'm enjoying the daily commute over 17 a lot more now (I commute off hours, so there's not as much traffic).

Hills | 2013年2月26日

17 is made for the Model S!
From Pacifica to Cambria on the Pacific Coast Highway, what would you pay to drive your Model S if there are no police and no traffic?

Hills | 2013年2月27日

By the way, there have been many actual and potential reservation holders who worry about range/mileage driving winding roads. Many of us owners have said to NOT worry about it. Other factors such as very high speed (70 ++ mph) and very low temperatures are bigger negatives.

In my 50 miles drive yesterday, the terrain was mountainous with numerous elevation changes but with the ending point about the same elevation as the starting point. I averaged 350 w per mile, which is not bad. Speed ranged between 10 and 70 mph.

Brian H | 2013年2月27日

And its that "range" bit, the changes, which are the most fun and kept you >300 wpm. :)

Brian H | 2013年2月27日

Oop, wrong thread.

Brian H | 2013年2月27日

No, right thread! TM threw me into the Black Screen of Death, for several minutes, and I got confuzed.

Hills | 2013年3月15日

Followed through on my desire to put the Model S to the test, I drove Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) from Cambria to Carmel to Gilroy last Friday. I am not a car guy, but consider this one of the glorious driving highways of the world.

Ocean on the left, mountain on the right, driving north with sun behind me, sharp turns, up and down...Model S ate up the highway effortlessly.

Happy driving to all on the forum.

DouglasR | 2013年3月15日

When I drove down to the SF Bay area last month, we made several trips out to visit my father in law in Pt. Reyes Station. Driving over the Lucas Valley Road was a joy, as was driving up and down the coast.

negarholger | 2013年3月15日

Why do you think the German cars are build the way they are? The Autobahn is never straight and winds through the landscape all the time... on purpose so you do not fall asleep. Cup holders are not need because you have not time to gulp, full concentration is needed. After 2 hours at 100 to 130 miles an hour no question you need a break and there are plenty of Autobahnrestaurants to relax for half an hour. If the MS could sustain 2 hours at 130 m/hrs and super charge to recover for another 2 hours of driving it would be the killer car for German Autobahns. Couple more years and we will be there...

Hills | 2013年3月15日

Flying up to take my son to see colleges in two weeks, UBC and UofW. Too bad we will be in rental car and not Model S; no time for drive from S.F. to Seattle/BC. We once drove all the way to Jasper via Seattle and BC long ago. There will be great Pacific NW highway drives in the future.

ian | 2013年3月15日

Awesome thread. Thanks for sharing Hills!

Just be sure to keep an eye out for your non motorized two wheel friends. They love these kinds of roads too. ;-)

Speaking as one of said two wheelers myself. ;-)