Roadster Reliability

Roadster Reliability

Hi guys. I'm interested the reliability of the roadster and Tesla in general since I'm considering a Model S. Hopefully you owners can share some insight.

1/ Do you use your car as a daily driver?
2/ What is your driving style: aggressive, or as an everyday commuter car, etc
3/ What is the range you usually get from a full battery charge?
4/ how long does it take to charge your battery?
5/ has your battery performance/range changed over time?
6/ how often does the car break down or require service?
7/ how much money do you spend a year on maintainance and servicing of the car
8/ how much does charging the car add to your electricity bill?
9/ what are common problems that you have experienced with the roadster
10/ if you had to do it all over again, would you still get the Roadster?

Thanks guy!

ggr | 2012年8月28日

1. Yes. I drive my CLK63 once a month, whether it needs it or not.

2. I don't think it's aggressive. Apparently others do.

3. 180 standard, 233 range. But the correct answer is "it's always full in the morning".

4. It's always full in the morning.

5. Stable at the above figures for the last 18 months.

6. One problem just after delivery -- HVAC gas leaked out. One electrical problem that took ages to diagnose and 10c of wire to fix. One overheat due to fan connector. In 3 years. 3 annual services.

7. First service free (combined with the electrical problem). 2x$600.

8. Hard to tell; we installed solar at the same time and now pay a total of about $200/yr for electricity. Also charge at work sometimes.

9. Needed fans replaced once. That's common to a lot of roadsters, so they redesigned the fans later.

10. Actually, the Model S sig perf is more my kind of car. But keeping the roadster, my wife needs the model S trunk. But if there was no Model S, I would absolutely replace the roadster with another roadster if something happened to it today. And no second-guessing the original purchase at all. The roadster is almost incomparable.

11. (Of course it goes to 11!) Tesla people are fantastic to work with.