Search forum?

Search forum?

Is there a way to search the forum that I'm not finding? I'm trying to find out who will be offering financing for the model s.

Robert.Boston | 2011年10月4日

Use Google to search using this syntax:

financing site:

Volker.Berlin | 2011年10月5日

With the site search as suggested by Robert.Boston, you will only find the term "financing" if it is in a forum thread's headline, and only if that thread is in the Model S section of the forum.

To do a full-text search on all posts in this forum (not only Model S section, but actually all), use the following site argument for Google:


Volker.Berlin | 2011年10月5日

TESLA, can you make this topic sticky? Or, even better, can you provide a search form that redirects to Google using the appropriate site parameter? The search feature is really lacking from this forum. I find myself doing Google site searches a lot, but not everybody is familiar with it. There is so much valuable information in these forums, you should provide a way to retrieve it!

sbeggs | 2014年10月16日

Hello, we are from the future and we can tell you definitively that the answer is "no".

Captain_Zap | 2014年10月16日

We're from France!

Bighorn | 2014年10月16日

Let's start a petition.

Captain_Zap | 2014年10月16日

Volker beat you to it.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年10月17日

Uh... Can we make this a sticky?


ccbldg | 2014年10月17日

Until Tesla Motors IT gets on the ball...

shaneosullivan1 | 2014年10月17日

If you want to be able to search the private messages, use the extension I wrote for Chrome, get it here:

Brian H | 2014年10月18日

Does the Chrome Search still mark all posts as "read"?