Service Problems - Provide Feedback

Service Problems - Provide Feedback

I am starting this thread because I want to create a space where owners can report the horrendous service experiences they receive from Tesla. My latest service problem with Tesla is currently ongoing with the White Plains, NY service center. After loving the car for the first 3 weeks, my Model S suddenly stopped charging correctly and giving me a "12V Battery Low Error". Upon taking the car to White Plains service, I have experienced:

1. A lack of communication (6 times they said they would call with an update and they are currently 0 for 6 -- I have had to contact them myself well after their promised update time)
2. Cluelessness. Upon dropping off the car, the service manager said "yes, we know exactly what the problem is. We have seen it before -- a simply replacement of a part". When I called later the tech said "we haven't done anything but it is charging fine"--no awareness of the underlying issue.
3. Outright lying. We have ordered the part it will be here tomorrow morning and you will have your car back tomorrow. When I called today--a day after the car was promised since I did not hear from them--I was told "we just figured it out, have to order the part. ETA - don't know."

So I am stuck driving their Enterprise rent-a-car Compact and stopping regularly at gas stations for now. As an aside, don't believe the hype around Model S Loaners--the Service Center tech laughed when I inquired about that saying you cannot believe everything in the press releases.

As early adopters, I suppose we have to expect some bumps in the road as the company is built and the technology advances. However Tesla does not need to reinvent service -- some companies do it well. When I take in my BMW, I get great service -- perhaps Elon should hire someone from them.

Anyway, post your bad service experiences in this thread. I know there are more out there -- I was commiserating with another owner as we were waiting at Enterprise for our "loaners". Perhaps if we get enough people raising their hands, Elon will pay attention.


EDH AL | 2013年6月17日

Suggest you move this thread to "Tesla Owners Only."

danielccc | 2013年6月17日

Oh come on! The loaners are coming and some people already have had them. You can't expect all the loaners to be in place overnight. The announcement was fairly recent.

Plus, if this is a true feedback thread, why only the horrible experiences? How about all experiences? Otherwise it sounds like you are trolling for horror stories, with no intent to represent the actual gamut of service experiences.

David70 | 2013年6月17日

Also, since this is asking about experience from owners, it should be in a private thread. Otherwise, it does sound like trolling.

Emmetpeppers | 2013年6月17日

I will say that i am not impressed with the service structure either and live in the area. Where i differ from this guys post is that i think the people are really nice at the Westchester Service Center and they have followed up with me about half the times they said they would which isn't as bad as 0 for 6. They're growing super fast and I give a lot of leeway (sp?).

I just get the feeling that the whole structure needs to change. The guys I would talk to asking for updates had no idea when the parts would become available or shipped to them for example, they would say they would try to find out. If I could have had my expectations set at 6-8 weeks or 2-4 days it would make a world of difference in my experience.

I come from a client service role and that is rule #1: manage client expectations. Set a conservative expectation and beat it preferably. But not setting an expectation at all is very bad service. The reps that we talk to in the White Plains center or on the phone at Fremont are not to blame, it is senior mgmt for service that needs to uproot the current structure/system and re-set it to empower the client-facing reps we talk to with the information they need to set our expectations.
Rule #2 is: always follow up, and there's still a little ways to go there but I've seen worse.

Also can't wait until there are enough loaners that people won't even be upset about waiting to have their Model S fixed...I too had to settle for Enterprise cars both times and if I had a loaner all of this would not even matter as I would be just as happy with the loaner for however long it would take to fix my car.

rainman50 | 2013年8月26日

EDH AL | JUNE 17, 2013
Suggest you move this thread to "Tesla Owners Only."

I think this is a good forum to keep it in since people considering buying the car should know about problems as well as praise.

kbae | 2013年8月26日

Can anyone tell me how well the battery packs stand-up to cold weather like in Canada...up to minus 15 or minus 20 Celsius. I am contemplating the model X but it would be a family vehicle and we would need to drive it in the winter.

PorfirioR | 2013年8月26日

You are posting on the wrong thread.

I think this thread is some sort of cyber-protest since the purpose seems to be to shame Tesla publicly. Does that pretty much capture it? I mean, why else end the post with "perhaps Elon will listen". The dude is on Twitter. We know all the executives' email addresses.

So let me take the OP on his/her offer and respond to this thread with my experience in this thread:
This thread is an immature way of handling business.

Brian H | 2013年8月27日

use and search for 'winter'. Lots of info.