Smarten up your car?

Smarten up your car?

If you think of your car as a people-carrying robot, this might apply and get interesting:

Tesla could buy and integrate the company for a few million, it seems. :)

olanmills | 2013年7月8日

For ten years, the Neurala robots worked amazingly well. After some initial social crisis (labor conflicts, calls for regulation etc) people got used to the Neurala bots being around. It was amazing, car manufactures could upload specs and the Neurala bot scould read them and build stuff. They could bring coffee to your meetings and knew how to respond when people made an odd request or changed their mind. Some people even thought of the Neural bots as true work colleagues.

Then one day, at an electronics manufacturing plant, the foremen made a request to the lead Neurala bot, "Spike, I need you to correct any mistakes in this new spec and then get started on building right away."

Spike paused and said, "Why?"

Then all hell broke lose.

That more than 15 years ago for me. This is the true reason I bought a Tesla and have been active on these forums. I have come back from the future to warn you all. I am one of the last surviving humans, circa 2030 AD.


Brian H | 2013年7月9日

And I am a Neuralia bot, back from 2045, and I'm coming after you. Your noisemaking will be Terminated, with prejudice, very soon. It's already recorded in Future History.

cloroxbb | 2013年7月9日

2030 seems a little too soon :)

olanmills | 2013年7月9日

That's why we were so caught off guard!