Software up sells (navigation please!)

Software up sells (navigation please!)

Would be an added bonus to be able to buy options after purchase that are software only.
Just like the new announcement.

I do not have nav but would like it!


jat | 2013年4月1日

It isn't clear that is just a software upgrade. At the very least, you probably need additional storage in the on-board computer to hold the maps. | 2013年4月1日

My understanding is the storage is 16 GB for non-sound studio and 32 GB for sound studio. No changes otherwise, so a software upgrade to have nav should be doable. Since it is licensed from Garmin, there are fees that Tesla would have to pay.

Sorry to say, more likely it's not worth the engineering time as it's not going to make much money for Tesla.

hnashif | 2013年4月1日

@Frank2 My understanding is that audio storage is 16GB w/o tech package and 32GB w/tech package.

amirm | 2013年4月1日

I'll be happy with a google maps app for turn by turn nav (like the one you can get on smartphones) without the stored maps.

Any rumors re availability of such an app?

jat | 2013年4月1日

@amirm - no, as that would require either being able to run Android or iOS apps or getting Google to port their maps to a completely different system.

@Frank2 - it isn't Garmin, but Google map tiles and Navigon routing software modified by Tesla.

DouglasR | 2013年4月1日

Isn't Navigon owned by Garmin?

jat | 2013年4月1日

@DouglasR - you're right, Garmin bought them a year and a half ago. | 2013年4月1日

@hnashif - where did you hear the space was by tech package and not sound studio?

I heard it from a Tesla employee,that the size was related to the sound system selection (i.e. you get much more space for songs with the sound studio). He was the first I found to identify the size of the SSD several months ago. He seemed to know what he was talking about, but he was not an engineer. Of course different employees may have different info (right or wrong), so I don't trust that I've got it 100% right.

Sudre_ | 2013年4月1日

Navigon software is a $30 piece of software for the US on my Android Tablet. $45 for US and Canada.
The US version takes 1.2GB of space. It is all stored on the Tablet so it is fully an off line mapping solution. I have used it quite a bit in the past before Google would allow you to cache large areas.

I recognized it clearly when I saw some pics of how the S shows exits and stuff. I am curious if Tesla rewrote bits so it would work on their OS or if they wrote some kind of emulator that the program runs in.

I am curious in the future if Tesla allows other people to write apps if mapping solutions will be allowed. Navigon may sell something for the S for those who didn't opt for the tech package.

HzSoGood | 2013年4月1日

Day2 since we got our car. Used the nav for the first time. Not too pleased with accuracy. Way too late in announcing up coming turns. Does not mute radio enough for nav directions to be clearly heard. Slow map update in bad 3G coverage. Does the system have no local map cache memory??

cerjor | 2013年4月1日

I have used Microsoft's Streets and Trips extensively. It has done everything I have asked of it. I doubt that Tesla would ever use this program. But it would be nice if the program could be loaded into the car's memory and used from there. Or if it could be run from an external hard drive via usb.

I am not excited about subscribing to 3G so hope the entire map doesn't disappear.