Store Recommendations

Store Recommendations

Will be purchasing a MS in the next few weeks. Current owners, please share your buying experiences and store recommendations (along with any product specialists) in the Southern California area who provided a top-notch purchasing experience.

geekydon | 2013年7月19日

I went by one of the stores in San Diego a couple of times to get eyeballs on something specific that I wanted to see, but I relied on the Tesla website and this forum for answers to my product questions.

Buying a Model S isn't remotely like going to a car dealer. You don't have to chance upon a good salesman. Everything you need is right

I never want to go to a dealership again!

stevenmaifert | 2013年7月19日

If you live near a Service Center, they usually have a pretty good selection of body colors and interiors on the lot awaiting delivery. You can't get in those cars, but you can at least check out the colors which may appear a little differently on your computer screen.

f14bdriver | 2013年7月21日

Thanks for the responses. I will definitely visit the service centers to ensure the color choice is exactly what I want.