Suggestion for interface / HomeLink / App

Suggestion for interface / HomeLink / App

Somewhere I had seen a place to post or email suggestions but cannot find it this morning.

I was thinking it'd be nice if the HomeLink buttons in the car were replicated in the Controls page of the iPhone app. That way your phone would also become a HomeLink transmitter of sorts. It'd be good for those of us who have no outside buttons on our garage doors.

cgiGuy | 2013年6月13日

Interesting idea. So, you could just use the phone app instead of carrying a garage door remote, if your garage is down the way, like in some apartment complex setups?

Here's the email with software suggestions: | 2013年6月13日

You can add new suggestions and vote directly on suggestions at under desired features.

You can also email:

PRFSRR | 2013年6月13日

Is there any way to increase the number of "participants" in the Tesla Homelink garage door opener? I have three kids and would like to open all their doors including mine!!

SUN 2 DRV | 2013年6月13日

Are you saying you want the iPhone app to send a command to the Model S that triggers its Homelink transmitter? (Obviously this would only be helpful if the Model S was already in or near the garage)

Or are you suggesting that the iPhone try to send a Homelink signal itself? I doubt the iPhone has the required RF transmitting hardware.

pkurland | 2013年6月13日

joehuber, yes, use the Tesla as a relay for the HomeLink signal. Good for a detached garage or similar. Thanks TeslaTap and CGIguy for the links.

pkurland | 2013年6月13日

apparently that URL is restricted access, or so it tells me.

DouglasR | 2013年6月13日

The suggestion would not be added to the Prioritized Software Enhancement List because it doesn't include features for the smartphone app. I think there is another thread for that, however. Check with