Sunshades are useless - painful to drive in the morning

Sunshades are useless - painful to drive in the morning

I have had my S for several months. I love most things about it. However the minimalistic approach creates a BIG problem. The sunshades are completely useless. In the morning I have to drive with my hand up blocking the sun. Even with that I get to work with a splitting headache and poor vision in my left eye for about an hour. Did anyone doing design ever test drive it in the morning? I have looked at extensions, but they are ugly. I am going to bite the bullet and buy one because this morning I almost hit a kid on a bike while was completely blinded by the sun.

Is Tesla doing anything to fix this? Someone is going to hit and kill someone while blinded by the sun.

Mathew98 | 2013年12月4日

Do you use sunglasses during rush hours traffic? I wear a pair of wrap around sun glasses to combat direct sun light. The skinny visor for the MS works fine for me otherwise. The sloping angle of the windshield dictates the skinny visor. I think a thicker visor would actually impair your visibility.

I have extra thick visor in my ICE but it doesn't block the sun light well enough by itself. I have another pair of wrap around shades in the ICE for the occasion.

CalDreamin | 2013年12月4日

I agree with the OP, the sun visors are my biggest complaint about the Model S. They are far too skinny, so can't block the early morning or late afternoon sun for me. I've driven many other vehicles and never encountered this before. The visors also can't extend out when swung around to block the side window, a feature that even cheap vehicles often have. I wear a baseball cap to (partially) compensate for the inadequate sun visors.

RandomizeMe | 2013年12月4日

I would say before going to buy something that you think is ugly and what not, try some sunglasses. Some dark ones that won't give you headaches. If you wear glasses and that doesn't work for you, look into a pair of transitional shades (inexpensive).

Captain_Zap | 2013年12月4日

I have the same issue, only at sunset in the summer. The sun hangs low on the horizon for a very long time during that time of year.

Sunglasses only do so much, even if they are top of the line and polarized. Let me know if you find a good stop gap fix for the visors that isn't too unsightly.

furbrain | 2013年12月4日

I hate the sun visors :-(

Theresa | 2013年12月4日

I agree that they are very poor. I am lucky to be taller and I can raise my seat enough to make them usable. That might be a solution for you.

Sunglasses are not enough to help. I have driven for over a million miles and stopping the sun completely is much preferable to trying to dim it with sunglasses.

NKYTA | 2013年12月4日

They work fine for me, but I'm tall (see @Theresa's post about raising seat height).
Any bigger and I wouldn't see enough of the road...

CalDreamin | 2013年12月4日

I'm 6 feet tall. But I'm tall in the legs, not the torso. I have the seat at the maximum height and maximum distance from the steering wheel. The Model S sun visors don't block nearly enough for me.

NKYTA, I don't understand your comment "Any bigger and I wouldn't see enough of the road." You could always tilt the visor in a way to not have that happen.

EESROCK | 2013年12月4日

Raising the seat position helped me with the visor issue.

DaphneGreen | 2013年12月4日

I love that I can figure out how to set my favorite radio channels and that I don't have to figure out how to set the clock twice a year. I hate the visor, especially now that we have a low winter sun. I would really like to see Tesla do an aftermarket fix for them.

Brian H | 2013年12月4日

Next gen tech is needed: active glass darkening, placing a black dot over the sun in your line of vision, as actively computed on the fly using internal sensors.

chrisdl | 2013年12月4日

At least the visors have illuminated mirr... Oh wait. Ehm, never mind.

(couldn't help it, sorry)

Mathew98 | 2013年12月4日

@Brian H - Transition lenses were invented for this reason...

George with SacEV | 2013年12月4日

Many, many months ago one of the Tesla executives said something about the visors being temporary and better ones would be forthcoming as a post-delivery fix.

And that was...MANY months ago.

I agree, the sunvisors are worse than what is one a Toyota Corolla.


Roamer@AZ USA | 2013年12月4日

Easy fix. Fold down the visor and raise your seat until the visor is just where you want it, then save the seat setting.

Or have your window tint guy put a "Limo Band" across the top of the windshield.

I live in Arizona and put a dark band across the top 5 inches of the windshield. Works great and I usually never need to lower the visors. Done right it adds a nice look to the car and breaks up the long expanse of window from the highly sloped aerodynamic windshield.

Low CG | 2013年12月4日

I like the visors. They look cool and work for me.

NKYTA | 2013年12月4日

@CalDreamin - but if they were too big and already flat against the windshield, I'd have to lower my seat, which is already pretty low.

@chrisdl - hilarious! :-)

carolinagobo | 2013年12月4日

The visor are the smallest of any car in the market, near useless. Any aftermarket option?

David Trushin | 2013年12月4日

To tell the truth, i don't care for them myself, but in my comfortable seat setting, if they were any wider, i would have very little windshield to look out. So i'm ok with them for now.

stevenmaifert | 2013年12月4日 - That exec was George Blankenship but, as we all know, he doesn't work there anymore. August 2, 2012 blog post:

RAM_Eh | 2013年12月4日 a house east of where you need to go every day ;)

suresv | 2013年12月4日

How about this

Full disclosure - I don't need and don't have one of these. While the visors are not necessarily great they are fine for me.

nvjx | 2013年12月4日

Worst visors of any car I have ever owned or driven. Can't believe they have these on a $100K car.

Brian H | 2013年12月4日

different. Varigrey lenses darken the whole field. I'm talking a whole 'nother level of tech. Blacks only the line of sight to the sun. It exists already, don't have the reference handy.

jcaspar1 | 2013年12月4日

I like the visors. Just have them wrapped by a leather shop to make them bigger if you are too short for them. Shouldn't be to hard.

OldDrummer | 2013年12月4日

Visor issue? Move to Seattle. Now you'll have a wiper issue.

Koz | 2013年12月4日

Visor is not an issue for me. Can always adjust to block the sun all the way down to the horizon. YMMV and your head position may be lower. Try raising the seat.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2013年12月4日

My wife is short and had the same complaint one day when I was a passenger. I laughingly suggested that she could raise her seat instead. She did so and said "problem solved". It isn't as silly as it seems. Even short people can reach the pedals fine by adjusting up and forward, especially with the adjustable steering wheel.

mdemetri | 2013年12月4日

Yes, raising the seat should solve the problem. I am very tall in the torso and have the seat all the way down, and at that level, the visors are perfect for me. Any larger and I would have trouble seeing the road. However, my wife is the opposite, which is fixed simply by raising the seat. The difference in seat height between us is so large that I cannot get into the car with her setting.

So..just try raising the seat height.

jefflieb | 2013年12月6日

The visors are less than optimal. Their minimal approach forced the lack of a mirror because of the design. I Can't believe they have these on a $100K car. Oh its an experimental car...that's right.

Captain_Zap | 2013年12月6日

My seat is already up all the way. The sun gets in my eyes when it is low in the west. Does that mean I need to move to Japan? that would be a long commute.

I don't have any problem with the visor when I am using the wipers. That is one of the nice features about being in the Seattle area.

I'll look into the leather shop idea though.

James- | 2013年12月6日

I drive into the sun for about 20 miles on one or both of my home - office journeys, the fantastic clear California weather means few clouds so I really do have this situation most days. Before I got my Tesla I rented so got to try quite a few other vehicles - none were better or worse for me.

In addition I can also clearly see in my rear view mirror that other drivers have it no better and many have it worse than me with the sun full in their face no matter what the car brand.

donaldmeacham1 | 2013年12月6日

I'm 6'4" tall and fine the visors to be "just about right" both for the windshield and the side window.

PBEndo | 2013年12月6日

Here is my solution.

Brian H | 2013年12月7日

The highly raked windshield mandated narrow visors. Git over it.

Captain_Zap | 2013年12月7日


So, THAT is what the mirror is for!
I like it.


I don't understand how the highly raked windshield would influence the visor's size. If there was any issue at all, I would imagine that it might be an overlap in cars that have the pano roof. But, I wouldn't know about that because I chose a solid roof.

bb0tin | 2013年12月7日

I am expecting to have the sun visor issue when I get my S. I have sensitive eyes which must be shaded from the sun so always wear sunglasses outdoors. There are several, though ugly in my opinion, visor extenders on Ebay which I may have to check out. But I would prefer not to have to do so...
Unless there is some regulatory impediment, solving the sun visor issue is an engineering problem. It is a matter of making the visor extensible. I can think of several ways to do this. Here's hoping that Tesla has it solved and implemented before I get delivery in New Zealand.
PS: I believe that the sun visor issue is one of the 'complaints' that does have merit beyond a simple want. For me it is a matter of safety as well as comfort. Without sheilding from the sun, my eyes get to the point that I cannot keep them open.

bb0tin | 2013年12月7日

I should have said that if the visor mounting allows the visor to be angled towards the windshield, then the user can change the visor angle to get the required shielding. This is how I do it on my current car. If the current visor is not big enough for this to work effectively, then Tesla could change the mounting bracket to extend, either manually, or as the visor changes angle.

Rheumboy | 2013年12月7日

I think we need an advisor on how to add a visor!

Captain_Zap | 2013年12月7日

@bb0tin - I'm sensitive to bright light too. It's a good thing I live in the NW. Early summer can be a tough time for me. I don't know why, but bright light or flashing lights will trigger my blinding migraines. Is this the price we pay for having blue eyes?

bb0tin | 2013年12月7日

I do have blue eyes ;-) I also find that I cannot look at a lit stage in a dark auditorium. Eventually I have to close my eyes.

Sudre_ | 2013年12月7日

I hate sounding like a nit picker but I agree the sun visors are not up to Tesla standards. My 5' tall wife finds them pointless.

Love everything else about the car.

Captain_Zap | 2013年12月7日

Blue eyes that can't handle the light.
Is that a blues song coming on or what?

2050project | 2013年12月8日

The might not make it too much larger, but, help add some handy storage to the visors:

@pbendo, or maybe go all-in and get one of these lol:

ColonyGolfer | 2013年12月8日

The best and quickest fix for the visor in the morning is to raise your seat a little. I think a wider shade cuts out too much vision in such a low-profile vehicle. I had my windows tinted with Huper Optik 35, sides and back and the results are phenominal (SW FL). Best $275.00 I ever spent.


IMO the sun visors are perfect they block the sun for me even though the seat is in the lowest setting and they don't block my view when making right turns. This is a frequent problem in other cars when the passenger has the visor all the way down.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2013年12月8日

Seems like a problem mostly for short people...