Supercharger schedule frustrations, rants and other useless drivel.

Supercharger schedule frustrations, rants and other useless drivel.

The thread "Supercharger Locations (existing/planned) - CONFIRMED - not rumored or speculated…" started by Dortor is a useful thread. Even more useful when not hijacked by those frustrated souls who are not getting their superchargers as soon as they would like or even as soon as they perceive they have been promised.

I propose we leave Dortor's thread to act as a useful thread and post our rantings here.... I will start.

Omaha, where I live is on I-80. Initially we believed (ok....I believed) that meant that we would be getting SCers early on. As it turns out "...coast to coast via I-80..." did not include Omaha. Rather the plan was to go across South Dakota. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! HOW UNFAIR! HOW INHUMANE! I'm going to look up the details of the lemon law! (....I does not apply....) BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO SOMETHING! Elon and his ilk have misled us.

There now I feel better. And now for how I really feel.

I was disappointed at the map when it came out. However at no time did I feel as though I had been misled, at least not on purpose, or that Tesla has anything but the very best of intentions. Quite frankly I revel in the honor I have been given to participate in, a very small way, a great moment in our lives. Yes, I really do feel creating a coast to coast supercharger network is really that important. I look at the big picture and admire what the Tesla team is accomplishing. I stand in awe. For me, to complain about not getting a supercharger in my locale, as soon as I perceived it to be promised. or even actually promised, is to grossly under appreciate what is happening.

Let the rants begin....

jai9001 | 2013年9月26日

As a resident of Memphis, TN, I feel like my car might never see a supercharger.

I feel your pain!!!

We are scheduled for 2015!!

Thomas N. | 2013年9月26日

Well as long as we're complaining, I'm down in Orange County, California and I have to either drive 40 miles North to hit the Hawthorne SuperCharger or head 30 miles South to hit the San Juan Capistrano SuperCharger - which doesn't even exist yet. Sure, they're putting in the foundation and the permits are done but I want the golden goose NOW daddy!

Neither of those two locations are close enough to me which means I'm stuck in my garage getting a measly 30mph from my 14-50 outlet.

I'm probably going to be looking at the new S-class next week and sell this bloody thing. There's a gas station literally a block from my house.

jjs | 2013年9月26日

Thomas N. LOL

MandL | 2013年9月26日

I am very worried that Tesla will manage to get the superchargers in Richmond VA and Greensboro, NC up and running before Thanksgiving. If that happens I will lose my excuse to NOT go to the in-laws for the holiday.

Dammit Tesla, leave the mid-Atlantic / Southeast alone and take care of these poor souls in Omaha and Memphis!

ausdma | 2013年9月26日

I live in Austin and have reasons to occasionally drive to Kansas City. I get why that route is not at the top of the list for SC installations, but I am puzzled about the SC locations that appear to be in Wichita Falls, TX and Childress, TX.

The rest of that N/S route is on I35, but the Wichita Falls station will require a detour off of I35. Ft Worth to Oklahoma City is 200 miles or so, which seems longer than what I thought they were going for, but maybe I am wrong about that.

It's awesome that they are enabling a route across north Texas but it would make more sense to me to put a station in Ardmore, OK, for the N/S route and one in Vernon for the north Texas route. The distances all work and it's the same number of stations.

I guess that was not much of a rant.

TeslaLandShark | 2013年9月26日

MandL - LOL!!!