Supercharging Map Changes?

Supercharging Map Changes?

Checked on the map to see the new dots for Waco and Rockford, and the cross-country supercharging road map for late this year appears much more north than it did in the past. The route, which will probably be the one Elon will use for the trip, cuts partway through Colorado, then over Nebraska.

If the US supercharging map wasn't changed, then at least the EU map got a huge edit - the map no longer shows dots for the stations, only routes you can take with the superchargers. The map also expands into late 2014 and shows all of Europe connected via supercharging routes.

ian | 2013年9月12日

That's the same cross country route they've always shown to be the first connected.

Haeze | 2013年9月12日

The "Routes" he is mentioning are on the EU map. It is rather odd looking without the actual locations shown. | 2013年9月12日

The difference between Winter 2013 and Winter 2014 in Europe is pretty darn impressive--I wonder how many SC's that represents.

I also wonder if they are being obtuse about specific locations to deal with some of the obstructionism they are seeing here in the US?


shop | 2013年9月12日

It will be very sad indeed if European permit approval is faster than US. So far Norway is winning.

negarholger | 2013年9月12日

@shop - The German Autobahn is administered on federal level including the restaurants at the rest stops. So the permit process could be at warp speed compared to the US. Also in general the rest stop layout is ideal for SC and all are very similar - so the design could almost be a stamp. I wouldn't be suprised if the Central Europe is super charged faster then the US. Only problem could be politics.

f-tal | 2013年9月12日

The state 'over' Nebraska is called South Dakota. Not sure why they are choosing the route going over one of the least traveled E-W interstates in the country. Seems counter intuitive to put the superchargers where your customers aren't.

hsadler | 2013年9月12日

Gotta keep reminding myself - Europe is much smaller in size - it just will seem like the SC's are filling the space quicker.

lbjack | 2013年9月12日


Obtuse means slow-witted. Abstruse means complicated. Do you mean obscure, as in hard to see? Maybe "vague".

Note that Tesla already have SCs in Norway, but they aren't pinpointed either.

JimAlger | 2013年9月12日

During the annual shareholder meeting Elon said he had driven this wacky rout from San Francisco to Philly via Wyoming and S Dakota, Chicago etc back in college.

Looks like it's pure nostalgia. I'd much prefer I 40 be lit up first and plug right in to the I 95 corridor. Trying to go that far north in the winter is going to SUCK... maybe thats the point but it's inconvenient as heck.

negarholger | 2013年9月12日

US : 3.79 million square miles
Europe : 3.93 millions square miles
EU only : 1.79 millions square miles

and the first SC in Europe are not in the EU.

negarholger | 2013年9月12日

@JimAlger - did you put your fortune on the line or Elon? It is totally OK that the first car is based on his taste and the first SC country crossing pleases his desire. Just remember without him risking everything we would have nothing.

toby_wan_kenoby | 2013年9月12日



ian | 2013年9月13日

@Haeze - Since when did Colorado and Nebraska move to the EU? He and I both referred to the first route across the US to be completed. ;-)

@big maple - See JimAlgers answer. It's not about numbers, it's about sentiment. Not that I would disagree that it should be the other way around. Eastern Wyoming and Southern South Dakota are quite beautiful though with the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower etc. though. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Need to get back soon.

That route is going to suck to build in the dead of winter let alone drive. That's some SERIOUS cold and snow. I'm going to guess that his trip is postponed until early spring.


SunCoulombs | 2013年9月13日

You are right, some people have seemingly genuine difficulties to distinguish between EU and EFTA.

tes-s | 2013年9月13日

@goneskian - Elon announced his cross country trip is planned for December. There has not been a significant change in the weather since he announced that, so I don't think that is why he would be postponing his trip.

He said he has finalized his plans - and made no mention of a change from his December date.

Grant910 | 2013年9月13日

In the Northeast, they merely switched from "summer" to "fall". The new summer superchargers never came, and as September 21 approached, the label was changed.

Although this may not be the fault of Tesla (permitting problems), a basic credibility problem now exists. There is no reason to believe that they won't just change the label to "winter" in three months.

There should have been some explanation for this, and some assurance that they care about this issue. We bought these cars with an expectation of SC support, based upon Tesla's own map, which was launched with much fanfare,and upon Tesla's own claims that the car will be supported for long distance trips. Now they just keep changing the schedule without any comment. I am disappointed.

Docrob | 2013年9月13日

Kleist, the SEC rules are quite clear on the management of publicly traded companies, decisions must be at all times in the best interests of Shareholders, a decision to personally advantage the CEO at the expense of commercial interests would be illegal. I'm not suggesting that's the case here, just pointing out that what Elon did or did not put at risk prior to Tesla listing must be irrelevant to the strategic decisions it makes now.

hsadler | 2013年9月13日

"Best interest of the stockholders"
Hmmm... interesting phrase. We should get a gaggle of lawyers to determine what is the best interest of the stockholders. They can determine what action will definitely cause the stock to rise in value.

I would think that installation of an SC, no matter where, would be in the 'best interest'

Docrob | 2013年9月13日

Oh no doubt when there is an alleged breach of SEC rules an insta-gaggle of lawyers appears, I'm not suggesting SEC rules are always easily interpreted, however the test must always be is the decision made with the best interests of shareholders always first in mind. Kleist's suggestion that Elon is owed favorable treatment due to early investments is an example of an action that would breach SEC rules.

SamO | 2013年9月13日

All of this is silly. Elon is not breaching any SEC guidelines out of nostalgia.

He is trying to promote Tesla.

He has an open/shut business case for the trip.

If it was truly "personal" then there would be no news coverage. Anyone think there WON'T be coverage?

Skotty | 2013年9月13日

I suppose it's fine by me if they want to install Superchargers on I-90 first. But I also feel like Superchargers along pretty much any other E-W route (I-40, I-70, I-80) would be more useful to customers.

DonS | 2013年9月13日

It's not like he picked the route to help his daily commute, which would be for his benefit. The fact that he took this route before gives it a story, and he will be able to contrast that previous trip with this trip. Humanizing the trip with a dad and his kids will give it lots more media play than just car magazines. Marketing genius!

tes-s | 2013年9月13日

More useful to shareholders, not customers, is the standard.

Elon's cross-country trip is in the best interest of shareholders; have any cross-country supercharger route is the key here.

My guess is they chose the route based on two criteria:
1. Low risk. They chose a route where they felt they had the best likelihood of getting it completed in time.
2. Interesting things "to do". Elon is promoting it as no time waiting for a charge - charging when they would have stopped anyway.

I don't think Elon cares which route his marketing team comes up with. 5 boys and 6 days?? Who gets which seat? Who gets to plug in? He's touching me!! It is a trip he will look back on years later with fondness...I doubt he'll remember the route.

DTsea | 2013年9月13日

SInce the superchargers collect no revenue they can put them wherever they like... xcountry trip in WINTER refutes the Broders.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2013年9月13日

Docrob, there is no such SEC rule. All decisions do NOT have to be for the benefit of shareholders. As a member of a public company board, I can tell you definitively that companies often consider other things, including employee welfare and morale, social and environmental issues (including deciding to lose shareholder money where it prioritizes doing the right thing), and can decide to prioritize long investment over immediate results. Shareholder benefits are a nebulous and shifting thing, highly dependent on time horizons, as short term impacts may be negative while long term results may be positive.

TM is certainly within its prerogative to decide to enhance the Elon narrative by prioritizing his college trip route over one that might look more logical from an immediate business or interstate travel volume perspective. The Elon narrative has brand value in and of itself, whether or not you see him as having some modern day PT Barnum characteristics, as he certainly ones, albeit without the polish and presentation skills.

DouglasR | 2013年9月13日

@tes-s - I also seem to recall that Elon announced his trip for December. However, I can't find the reference anywhere. Do you know where the December date is specified? Thx. | 2013年9月13日

@lbjack: from Marriam-Webster ( "difficult to comprehend : not clear or precise in thought or expression"

My point was they we might be being intentionally imprecise to head off any political battles.


tes-s | 2013年9月13日

I thought December, but maybe he just said LA to NY using only superchargers would be available by the end of the year.

He also said triple by July (according to the report), which Tesla missed by a couple of months.

ENGINEER | 2013年9月13日

Tesla will easily rule Europe. It's no surprise that they're putting more focus in the continent, the car is much more desirable there. Hopefully it won't hinder the SC growth in the US.