Superman to the rescue

Superman to the rescue

Elon tweets..

Maybe already under control, but Tesla & SpaceX are happy to help with the 787 lithium ion batteries.

Smart move?

Velo1 | 2013年1月18日

Love it. My new hero.

Cattledog | 2013年1月18日

No. Everyone has moments when they are up and when they are down. Real grace would be to offer in private, if what he's tweeting is even remotely related to their problems. Really fine line between confidence and cockiness. Proceed with caution.

Brian H | 2013年1月18日

"Breaking! Tesla Motors To Replace All 787 Buggy Burning LiIon Packs!"

Wotta headline that will make!

Of course, in a few years Elon will make the 787s (and all other long range passenger jets) obsolete scrap with his VTOL sub-orbital electric "jets".

kenliles | 2013年1月18日

I think it's a great way counter any investor thoughts of like problems. Already hearing the uneducated spreading fear about all L ion batteries

Brian H | 2013年1月18日

Yes, it says, "We know how to make safe packs, even if you don't." >:)

BYT | 2013年1月19日

Sorry, didn't see this post before posting the same on the other Boeing post about it.

I thought Elon was Ironman, not Superman? :)

TeslaModelSOwner | 2013年1月19日

Agree with cattledog....Elon should tread carefully, offer in private, get the job done, then come out in public if need be, not the other way around.

Brian H | 2013年1月19日

Maybe he did, and was brushed off.

washburn777 | 2013年1月19日

SpaceX and Boeing are direct competitors in the brand new and highly lucrative space cargo industry. SpaceX is a good decade ahead of everyone else in the field, but I'm sure Elon is happy to remind his customers EXACTLY who they can trust with their billion dollar contracts.

cprenzl | 2013年1月19日

I think we are all aware that Elon is cocky. I have no problem for a man who is changing the world, has billions of dollars to be cocky. I respect what he has done and I think the tweet was more humorous not cocky, since SpaceX just beat them out of a contract.

Sudre_ | 2013年1月20日

I think Elon has the right to be cocky.

Who built an inexpensive space launch vehicle?
Who's been around for decades and should have had all the experience needed to build an inexpensive space launch vehicle?