There are many factors that make the Tesla Model S a great car, however I believe there is one here that is key, absolutely essential. No longer can society doubt this amazing machine built by an amazing team of individuals.

Technology holds a special place in my heart, as software engineer I am enveloped by it and it continually changes the way in which I live my life. The Tesla team has created an incredible vehicle, which at it's heart holds an arsenal of technology. This concept was never fully imagined by other auto manufactures as it is with Model S. It's mind boggling to think executives at Ford were deliberating reverting to a user interface which was purely analog (buttons and knobs), as touchscreens devices put into cars weren't effective. These devices were not, and are still not effective. People like to press their fingertips to a surface, and see the device react, the fluidity of these devices is just not there, possibly due to a lack of hardware powering the device.

Incorporating technology into the daily lives of individuals is a gigantic factor for the Model S, ESPECIALLY as many are not used to this. There are no other cars on the market that display the use of technology as the Model S at a consumer level. People love technology, in the past 50 years technology has overhauled our lives time and time again. An effective use of technology within a business model will quite literally allow one to circumvent the competitions business plan. How often do you find yourself at Tower Records purchasing a new CD? Or at Blockbuster renting a new flick that just released to DVD? I'm willing to wager not all to often, as both of these massive chains are now out of business.

I mentioned earlier the Model S is a great car for many, many reasons, technology is unequivocally one of them.

Marty1234 | 2013年9月4日

It's interesting that when BMW tried to introduce technology into there cars many owners found it so counter intuitive it discouraged car sales. Yet the simplicity of the modle S demonstrates why so many consider tesla to be the new Apple.To GM and the likes, it must seem like it was developed by another species..