Tesla Competition Car - Marketing Opportunity

Tesla Competition Car - Marketing Opportunity

Curious question. Why doesn't Tesla Motors have a competition race car, or have a Tesla entered in any major motorsport competitions? Racing is a good way to show the durability and endurance of the brand in extreme conditions, so seeing a Tesla in mediums such as time attack, endurance racing or hillclimb would be an interesting way to grow awareness of the brand.

Why has this not happened yet?

Davin Sturdivant
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Kardax | 2013年7月12日

It hasn't happened because Tesla has never spent much on marketing. They're still getting enough sales to keep the factory busy from word of mouth alone.

Brian H | 2013年7月12日

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awieckowski4833 | 2013年7月13日

Tesla doesn't need marketing or advertisements because they are already having trouble meeting their quotas. If the demand gets too high and the supply remains low then customers will get tired of waiting a year or two for their car and it would hurt Tesla's reputation.

Plus marketing and ads are expensive. Most of the ads on youtube are done by Tesla fans and enthusiast.

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