Tesla Financing for All States

Tesla Financing for All States

I have just completed he financing process although I live in a state that doesn't support Tesla sales either. I simply flew to a state that had Tesla financing (CA), signed, paid no taxes (paid them later in home state at registration). Went super smoothly and I just took delivery this past Friday. Highly recommend this over third pay financing. Seems to me that Tesla financing is now available to all States if you're willing to travel. Delivery still ones straight to your home.

Benz | 2013年5月6日

@ EVPatriot

That's interesting.

Please tell us more details about the deal you have made.

What are the options that you have chosen?

What is the total amount of your loan?

What are the several amounts (of the taxes and fees) that you have paid in your home state?

What is the amount of your monthly payments going to be?

Thanks for sharing your information with us.


AlMc | 2013年5月6日

Benz....There are two threads running on this topic with the same name. One private and one public. Maybe mods can combine? Just an FYI.

Carefree | 2013年5月6日

@Benz, you are asking a lot of very personal information. Your request goes way beyond what should be discussed in a public forum. This thread is not even marked private!

EVPatriot | 2013年5月6日

Carefree, agreed. Here's the pertinent info:

My delivery specialist was Mac (only one guy by that name). Please promote this work-around. It's good for Tesla, individuals, banks. Everyone wins - except for maybe the car dealer lobbies... ;)

P.S.: The initial response I got from the Tesla finance department was that this would be impossible and I may get double-taxed. So beware of misinformation. This totally works, you should have to pay no California taxes, will need to fly in, however when your vehicle is built. Getting registration paperwork in time was the only snag (got it the day prior to delivery). At the time of registration in your home state, you will pay whatever states sales tax is due. Enjoy!

Brian H | 2013年5月6日

I think the key is not to actually take delivery in CA to avoid its taxes.