Tesla Live streaming of Model X site

Tesla Live streaming of Model X site

Model X Reveal at 8 pm Pacific


vandacca | 2015年9月29日

do you have the new Kia Reveal link as well?

vperl | 2015年9月29日

Yes, knew you are interested, got deal for you.

leh22a | 2015年9月29日

vperl! You DO care about us!! Feel so special!

Gayatrikr | 2015年9月29日

Invite said 7 pm pst now moved to 8
Harder for early sleepers east coast but i cant sleep

vperl | 2015年9月29日

Slow Easterner's, parking gates open earlier, Elon starts around 8pm pacific .

Get over it.

Daniel_L | 2015年9月29日

Just making sure, the event will be archived by tesla right? Can't watch tonight (11pm eastern), have to get up early in the morning.

aljjr2 | 2015年9月29日

invite said doors open at 7PM, please be in by 7:30. Nothing new here. At the event and have a 6:20 flight back in the morning. I need a NAP.

aesculus | 2015年9月29日

Waiting in line.