Tesla Model R Concept

Tesla Model R Concept

Wanted to share this Tesla Model R concept, hope you guys like it!

cloroxbb | 2013年6月18日

Whats the point? Just seems like a waste of money to make a 2 door (essentially) Model S. It may just be me though, I really don't see much appeal in a coupe.

Captain_Zap | 2013年6月18日

It is just you. I never wanted a sedan until I met the Model S.

petochok | 2013年6月18日

I always enjoy seeing people's renderings of what they wish to see in production one day. Visually, the concept looks appealing and not too drastically overdone. With that said, I couldn't help but notice the paddle shifter comment.
Having paddle shifters with rev matching and being able to keep both hands on the wheel of my ICE car during spirited driving is the highlight of my daily commute.
But how exactly will paddle shifters in a BEV with a direct drive gearbox enhance the driver experience? There is no rev matching neccesary, or even possible. There is no pronounced bark or growl under the hood. There is no kick, pinning you to the back of the seat during an upshift, etc...
I think simplicity of the EV drivetrain should be embraced for what it is. There is no need to mock up additional features, which serve no useful purpose.

Mmv3 | 2013年6月20日

Personally not impressed the door would be so long if opened normaly it would require three parking spaces to get out of both sides ( driver and passenger) if opened up like MX rear doors it would not have the need to open from the front just behind the tire like the panel sections show in the drawing
Besides all that, it's just a MS with two doors, should look more like a super car.
MR should be a new roadster, but easier to get into and out of than the original.

Timo | 2013年6月20日

MR is "basically smaller version of Model S" according to Elon, so that is quite good guess what it could look like. OTOH I bet it would be narrower, more spacious for passengers and with four doors. Their major version based on that platform is a car for "everybody", so no supercar until later. A Leaf-competition.

Supercar then could look a bit like that, maybe with Koenigsegg-type door hinges (unless they have made that a trademark). Koenigsegg doors open in fancy way pushing outward while tilting directly up. That way door uses space only its thickness amount sideways. Of course Koenigsegg cars are really low two-seaters, so height of that door is not a problem for them.

Brian H | 2013年6月22日

I thought that description applied to GenIII family car, not MR.

Vulpine | 2013年6月22日

Considering that I personally am not a fan of 4-door everything, I like the idea of a 2-door Model S; they wouldn't even really need to change much else if perhaps they simply hid the rear doors by making them half-doors like Mazda, Saturn and even Ford used on certain car and truck models.

I have never owned a 4-door car I paid for myself, though I have owned two different 4-door SUVs. I much prefer having the sleeker look that 2 doors offers a vehicle.

mikeellis | 2013年6月23日

I would be in for a two door version. Maybe with even more performance. The S appealed to me as a performance car along with being electric. Like others I don't need rear doors.

blue adept | 2013年7月6日

Personally, I find it encouraging that so many are vying for the right to claim "props" (brownie points) for the naming and design of Tesla's mass produced/high volume, low price, third generation series EV...It's very promising given its' proof of mass market appeal.