According to a Tesla rep at the local showroom, they have been informed that the MX will weigh 10,000 lbs. This seems to be nonsense; the MS is 4650 lbs and the sparse MX specs I've read indicate that it'll be approximately 10% more than the MS. Anyone have any more info?

aljjr2 | 2015年6月28日

10,000 pounds seems incredulous. The Audi Q7 weighs 5300 pounds and is less for its 2016 revamp that uses aluminum and composites. So for sake of argument, start with the Q7 (similar size), and take away the ICE, transmission, cooling, 4-wheel drive, etc and replace with the Battery and Motors trying to come up with another 5,000 pounds seems unlikely.

grant10k | 2015年6月28日

Towing capacity is supposed to be 10,000 lbs. That's probably the source of the confusion.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月28日

It sounds as if someone has mistaken the GVTR (Gross Vehicle Tow Rating) for the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) or the Curb Weight.

The Curb Weight is how much the empty vehicle weighs. My guess is that Model X will clock in at around 5,100 lbs.

The GVWR is the maximum combined weight of the vehicle and all cargo, passengers and freight inside it. I would guess that would be in the range of 6,100-to-6,500 lbs.

The GVTR is literally how much the vehicle can tow behind it using a proper hitch, and is usually quoted in terms of a 'Class' rating. It has been reported the Model X will have a Class III tow rating, which is good for 'over 5,000 lbs' and a Tesla Motors executive, Jim Chen, has been quoted as being 'almost 10,000 lbs' when he spoke at a recent conference. | 2015年6月28日

I think Elon has been quoted saying that the X will weigh 200 pounds more than the S(85D?).

paradis | 2015年6月28日

Maybe that's with the 300 kwh battery pack that gives 1,000 miles range!!! LOL

vperl | 2015年6月29日


Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月29日

Geez. It just occurred to me that this will never end... Tesla Motors will some day release a car that is capable of a ~1,000 mile range... And there will still be leadfoot equipped idiots who come here to complain, saying that after three months of ownership their typical range is displayed as 'only' ~700 miles... They will swear this is evidence of either 'false advertising' or 'battery degradation' and then be labeled trolls or $#0r+ spies because they don't understand the estimate of range is based upon their driving style. With any luck, I will be long gone by then.


jjs | 2015年6月29日

@Red, Not only will it not end, it will become more and more prevalent as sales increase.

However you can't leave. Who else would share with the minions the ultimate answer of the universe?

EternalChampion | 2015年6月29日

My SuperCrew Ford Raptor weighs only 6203. That Model X must be a beast. ;)

EternalChampion | 2015年6月29日

Maybe the Apple Gold Edition Falcon wings are driving the weight up?

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月29日

EternalChampion: Sure, the Ford Raptor SuperCrew weighs in at a 6,203 curb weight... But it has a cargo capacity of 3,120 lbs... That makes for a GVWR of 9,323 lbs.

EternalChampion | 2015年6月29日

Is it feasible that the Model X will approach or exceed the GVWR of a truck? Seems a little unbelievable to me.

jjs | 2015年6月29日

Batteries are heavy.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月30日

More likely the Model X will exceed the internal cargo volume of an F-150 or Sierra crew cab, thanks to the frunk. But yeah... If an 85 kWh battery pack weighed the same as a filled 25 gallon fuel tank, the Model X would probably have a similar payload rating to a pickup.

vperl | 2015年6月30日

Reddyevever, remarks on you being gone, when is this "vacation" happening? Soon, can anyone help? Just ask, a few may wish to speed up up your trip.

Great fortune.

ernie | 2015年6月30日

Question of battery capacity, life, galaxy, fact all questions have only one answer "42". I know it is true because the answer was written in the movie script and millions of people have seen the answer and the TRUTH. I did start to doubt for a while as I realized 42 is not a Prime Number. However, if you add 1 to 42, 43 is a Prime Number. Subtract 1 from 43 and again you have the Ultimate Answer.

Unfortunately the answer I have to give with respect to when my X arrives is "probably January"...which will have been 42 months from my first dream of a Tesla. I am doomed.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月30日

42: The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Dude, Where's My Car? | 2015年6月30日

@Eternel: Elon says about 4,850 pounds

ernie | 2015年6月30日

The answer is 4,849 pounds. Prime 4817 plus 42. Elon is close. | 2015年6月30日

He did say "about" | 2015年6月30日

BTW. 4817 + 42 = 4859. Not as close as you think.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月30日

What do you get if you multiply six by nine (in base thirteen)?

ernie | 2015年6月30日

You mean I cannot add? Harrumph! Oh well, when fly swatters come out of the ground and hit you in the face a few dozen times...well, maybe that part of my brain was damaged. | 2015年7月1日

You think you're brain damaged?
Wait unit il you get as old as me when the plaque migrates from teeth to brain... | 2015年7月1日

Can't even type. "Il".

mikewolff1 | 2015年9月11日

To bad that I haven't ordered one.... Tax Code 179 seems to be a kicker for people that are in business and can write this vehicle off...I'm sure if more people would know this, I am sure the orders would succeed way more then 100k units this year alone..... Spread the word that if your getting a MODEL X you can deduct 25.000 + 5.000 + 7.500 fedEV=37.500 first year in 2015...I am not a accountant but if I am reading this correctly that's what it is.....Enjoy your MODEL X peeps. ___"""""_Please Always Check with your TAX ACCOUNTANT first when making a big purchase...!!!!!!!!!_______""""""" The only reason I am posting this here is because if it does weigh over 6000lbs GVWR this would be amazing for Tesla...and its sales!!Please correct me if I am wrong thank you!! | 2015年9月11日

I think it qualifies if the weight of car plus passengers exceeds 6,000 lbs. With 7 guys my size, no problemo. The MX will be practically free until the audit.

DavidA | 2015年9月30日

Ladies and Gentlemen, the official GVWR right off of Elon's Model X spec plate is 6768 pounds. Info courtesy of a photo snapped of the data plate by someone at last night's event.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月1日

Excellent. And it don't burn no gas!

f3rretus | 2015年10月1日

jjs - think sage meant he'll be pushing daisies.

johnse | 2015年10月1日

I believe at the launch Elon said empty weight is 5400 pounds. Data plate lists GVWR at 6768.

The Tesla rep might be misremembering JB's earlier statements about being able to tow 10,000 pounds. But now they're saying 5000 instead.