tesla in Monaco!

tesla in Monaco!

Anyone else see the Tesla safety car at the Monaco grand Prix! Pretty cool :O

Brian H | 2014年5月25日

Video? | 2014年5月25日
Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月25日


Jolinar | 2014年5月25日


lolachampcar | 2014年5月25日

Yea Baby!!!

JAD | 2014年5月25日

Cool picture! I just saw it on the prerace show...

negarholger | 2014年5月25日

Actually it is not the safety car... word is Albert II the reigning monarch drove the Model S around the track himself ( so no backseat comfort complaints ).

electrophorus | 2014年5月25日

Yup, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, Elon tweeted it earlier today.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月25日

Tesla Model S at Monaco Gran Prix

negarholger | 2014年5月25日

Does the paint job picture a simulated fire exhaust?

Red Sage ca us | 2014年5月25日

Maybe. I thought of it as a checkered flag finish line in perspective...

negarholger | 2014年5月25日

That is a perspective too...

Who needs advertising if you have Elon ( word is he was there too ). Monaco Grand Prix is a big deal in Europe... I hope Elon was there to get a supercharger build in Monaco. That would the PR steal of the century.

The day a Tesla is the safety car in Monaco we are at EV normality... ( some people say 2017 will be the last year for a F1 event ).

christurbeville | 2014年5月27日

Yes you could see Elon behind the Prince and Princess. Oddly not a word made it to TV about it. They plainly showed them and it's a pretty big deal for an American car to be the royal carriage with all the choices they have. The Monaco store has been open for a while.