Tesla needs to educate the press about the big picture, i.e.: Gen III, the affordable car for the masses.

Tesla needs to educate the press about the big picture, i.e.: Gen III, the affordable car for the masses.

In just about every article written about Tesla, specifically the ones accompanying these recent awards and accolades, the number one criticism in the comments under the articles goes something like: "Why the hell are the giving the award to a car no one can afford?" Or "Sure, yet another car for the wealthy, what is the rest of the country supposed to drive?!" etc, etc...

We have all seen it and heard it...Now, WE all know what Elon's grand plan for Tesla is...Namely that the Roadster, Model S and Model X are the necessary capital builders and proofs of concept needed to pave the way for the more affordable Gen III car that will be aimed at the masses. Every article written about Tesla should include this information, because without it, the people reading it who don't know Tesla like we do are going to be missing a key piece of information about Tesla and their mission. Sure, some of them will dig deeper, and others are still going to hate anyway ('cause haters gonna hate...), but in the mean time, with every article that appears that doesn't address this, there are a lot of people that are being led to believe that Tesla is just a rich guy's car company.

Tesla's PR/marketing dept HAS to make sure that they impress upon journalists that this piece of information is vital to the public's understanding of why Tesla is and will be such an important car company for EVERYONE, not just wealthy people.

mrspaghetti | 2012年11月13日

Do first, then talk I say.

TheAustin | 2012年11月13日

They are doing...I just worry that they are missing the opportunity to get people on the right page, from the start.

petero | 2012年11月13日

I am more concerned about the queue. More than a few potential buyers are going to be unhappy about buying the 2013 MT COTY in 2014!

enadler | 2012年11月13日

They are establishing a brand and a halo effect. When Gen 3 is announced the market will be ripe. Tesla will have established itself as a quality aspirational product that has now made its way to an affordable price point.

Getting Amped Again | 2012年11月13日

I agree with TheAustin. I've designed the advertisement:

Sudre_ | 2012年11月13日

I think Tesla is on the right track and should not waste time telling the "I want what I want NOW" American public about the cheaper car coming later. The American public for the most part does not care what Tesla says.

I will admit I am one of those typical "I want what I want now" people. I am here buying a car 30k-40K more than I would normally spend because I want what I want now and I don't want to wait for the GenIII... plus I can afford a Model S.

Sudre_ | 2012年11月13日

oh.. almost forgot, Getting Amped Soon, do you mind if I grab that banner you created and post it on my FB page?

I wonder if we should get permission from MT and Tesla? I know it sounds silly but on a game I beta tested there were a bunch of us that were going to advertise (banner adds) for it but the publisher and the software house didn't want us using their copyrighted stuff.

Andrew18 | 2012年11月13日

@getting amped soon-

Make the words Tesla Model S more prominent!

Getting Amped Again | 2012年11月13日

For the record, you can't use any content from the TM website, or the MT Car of the Year award graphic for any commercial purpose. This is posted for the enjoyment of the users of this forum only.

BryanW | 2012年11月13日

When friends and family refer to Tesla as only for the wealthy, I refer them to the secret Tesla master plan!

Consider that Elon wrote that blog more than 6 years ago! It's amazing to me what they have done over these 6 years. The success of the Roadster. The success of the Model S. Cannot wait for the success of the Model X and Gen 3!

jjaeger | 2012年11月13日

BryanW - excellent reference to re-review 6 yrs later. The man is confident and has a plan if nothing else.

Brian H | 2012年11月13日

Leasing will make this question rhetorical:

Can you afford a Tesla or...? ?
Can you afford NOT to buy a Tesla?

TikiMan | 2012年11月13日

In a nutshell, I believe Tesla is smart to not press the issue of cheap EV's, just yet. A good example is what happened when Volkswagen released the Phaeton. It didn't sell very well, because most folks only know Volkswagen for inexpensive small cars, and no one wanted to own a latge luxury Volkswagen, even if it was a very impressive car for its time.

When Tesla does introduce a $30k car, the brand will already be established as an impressive brand.

Think of it this way...

Dude1: "Hey, I'm getting a Kia!"
Dude2: "Big whoop."

Dude3: "Hey, I'm getting a Tesla!"
Dude2: "Wow! really?!?!?"

Brian H | 2012年11月14日

Dude4: "Which one?"

petero | 2012年11月14日

Dude, Where's My Car? Maybe Feb. 2013 for P3900+.

Sudre_ | 2012年11月14日

Rememebr the base priced car will only get about 150-200 miles to the charge. The 300+ mile car will be 50k. The average public will still cry the car cost too much and it's for the rich because 300+ miles is what they drive all the time. Most people are pushing it to purchase a 30k car. Honda Accords are in the 20-30k range with options included. The GennIII will start at 30k.

andrigtmiller | 2012年11月14日

Elon was on the Fox Business channel (I saw it on-line:, and was able to say just exactly what the long-term plan was. That was really good, because certainly the price of the Model S doesn't make it a mass market product offering.

It will be very interesting to see what the mass market product will be. Can't wait to see it.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年11月14日

GenIII isn't Honda Accord. It's more like 3-series BMW. That's a different price and a different target audience. As far as I can tell, Tesla relies on larger, main-stream manufacturers to cover the market below that segment -- be it with their own developments, be it by licensing Tesla's power train, or part of it.

In any event, yes, when GenIII is presented they will discover that again it isn't a car "for the rest of us". If the Model S is for the 2%, then GenIII is for the 20%, and the other 80% of the market will still be up for grabs.

Timo | 2012年11月14日

"Affordable" not "cheap". Car that pretty much anyone can afford. Emphasis on "can". Most people can afford to buy Model S, but it would mean sacrifices in other areas of living, gen III "affordable" car just makes those sacrifices a bit less hurting.

I mean I'm not rich and I have no huge incomes, but I would be able to buy Model S if I really stretch by budget. It just takes a really spartan lifestyle and some patience and consideration where and to what you use your money. Main reason I'm not considering buying Model S is that I simply don't need it, it's too big and too "fancy". Heart wants, brain says "you don't need it", currently brain is winning. When GenIII "affordable" car comes available I think heart wins (I actually don't need car at all, so even that would be purchase made for fun, not for reason).

I think there will be several models for gen III platform, some that might be even more expensive than Model S (next Roadster-equal two or four seater sport car comes to mind), some a lot cheaper.

Brian H | 2012年11月14日

The site already puts the base S TCO down with some 20K cars; the calculation for GenIII should allow it to compete with the Tata!

RedShift | 2012年11月14日

They need to talk more.

Just like Obama - don't just do, connect with people. In my office, when I told a republican that Tesla has a wait list of 13000+, he was shocked, and wanted to know more about this car that republicans have loved to demonize. I think I have converted 3-4 people who keep bugging me about details on this car a lot now.

Knowledge and education can overcome barriers, I say. Shouting that knowledge is for the better cause.

Brian H | 2012年11月14日

AFAIK, aside from EV-doubters in general, the repubs disliked the "odeur" of insider lending and subsidizing. The Solyndra case was a serious case of "Friends of O" getting special treatment.

All TM's financials look way overextended on paper; as Elon acknowledges freely, TM survival depends on making and moving product (and now playing some catch-up for the supplier QC bottlenecks). That is now playing out quite well, and is likely (fingers crossed) to continue doing so.

The loan, as Elon sometimes repeats, enabled TM to advance work on the X, GenIII, and ESS/battery tech prior to having large income flows from Model S, and was not necessary to the production of the S itself. The loan approximates the guesstimates of 2013 net profits, so could be said to have bought about a 1 year acceleration in the introduction of newer product.