Tesla representatives are too vauge

Tesla representatives are too vauge

I've heard many representatives of Tesla making statements like "The Model S starts at $50k with a max range of 300 miles and comes out in 2011".

I think Tesla needs to do a better job being specific about the capabilities of their car, because we all know that a 300 mile Model S will not cost $50k and will not be available in 2011. Of course the rep never explicitly states that, but they are vague enough that someone who does not follow Tesla could easily be misled, and I'm sure Tesla doesn't want to appear as a company that purposely deceives it's customers.

In my opinion it's better to be specific (if a little more long winded). For example "The Model S debuts in 2011, starts at $50k, and will have a range of 160 miles with an option to upgrade to 230 mile range. A 300 mile range option will be available soon as well."

dsm363 | 2011年2月21日

They haven't said 2011 for about a year. Everything they've said recently has said it begins mid 2012.

Also, they can't give specifics until closer to productions when all of their suppliers are locked down. If they thought the 300 mile pack only costs $10,000 but right before production they have to change suppliers and the cost goes up to $15,000, there would be some angry people. It's better for them to under-promise and over deliver. I think they learned that lesson from the Roadster program.

jfeister | 2011年2月21日

Got the years flipped, but if you read carefully you'll see that I'm not suggesting they give any more info than they already know.