Tesla with a Tikit folding bike in the frunk

Tesla with a Tikit folding bike in the frunk

I am considering buying one of these for the frunk, as it'd be nice to have a bike from time to time, and I seldom use the space otherwise. So, I stopped by the local dealer to see if it would fit.

The bike is a Tikit "Bike Friday" commuter. They're $1500 to $3500, depending upon how you configure the bike. Word is that they ride nicely, but I didn't have time to take it for a spin.

Here's how it fits in the frunk:

Chuck Lusin | 2013年11月13日

We toss in both of our specialized bikes in the back, just remove the parcel shelf.

SCCRENDO | 2013年11月13日

Unfortunately I'm now using my frunk for a spare tire since getting 2 flats in a month.

Gizmotoy | 2013年11月13日

@Chuck Lusin: Wait, you fit two bikes in the back? Do you have to take off the wheels?

We have a pair of Specialized bikes: I have a CrossTrail and my wife an Ariel. If we can toss them in the back I'll be pretty excited.

SCCRENDO | 2013年11月13日

I can put one bike in the back with the wheels on. Have not tried 2 but suspect its doable with wheels off

ssarker | 2013年11月13日

We can fit 2 adults and 1 kid and bikes for all in the trunk with the rear seats folded down.

Chuck Lusin | 2013年11月13日


Yea, I don't even take the tires off. I take out the shelf, and lower the backs of the seats. Then I insert half a old blanket, with the other half hanging out the back. Then I put mine in with the back tire going in first. Then fold the remaining half of the blanket, and put her bike in the opposite way.

I have the Tarmac SL4 with the electric shifting, and she has the Dolce. They are faster to load / unload in the Model S verses the truck with have to remove the front tires.

Gizmotoy | 2013年11月13日

@Chuck Lusin: That's great, thanks for the tip. That sounds excellent. I really hope ours fit as easily as yours seem to. We're excited to expand our rides out.

SCCRENDO | 2013年11月13日

@ssarker If you fold down the rear seats where does your kid sit? Is that what the frunk is for?

danej | 2013年11月14日

@ssarker - how about a pic?

ssarker | 2013年11月14日

Folding the driver's side rear seats leaves room for my only kid.

SCCRENDO | 2013年11月14日

@ssarker Post a pic of two bikes in the trunk with only one rear seat down.

regen | 2014年3月23日

I'm curious if anyone else has had any luck fitting 2 bikes in the back of the Model S?

The folding bike seems like it could be an option that would alleviate the need to fold any of the seats down. Has anyone else tried fitting a folding/collapsible bike into the MS?