Those rear doors are forever rendered useless.

Those rear doors are forever rendered useless.

I mean rear doors on those Range Rovers and Cayennes. No owner of those cars would want to open them and let people see that they actually swing open.

Tropopause | 2015年9月30日

Lol. Elton has set the SUV bar high. E-Tron is already outdated and still 3 years away.

Tropopause | 2015年9月30日


Eric | 2015年9月30日
Iowa92x | 2015年9月30日

Falcon doors being able to open when other cars are parked close are irrelevant because FRONT DOORZ.

jordanrichard | 2015年9月30日

Yes if one was parked that close to another vehicle, the front doors wouldn't be able to be opened. However the whole point of squeezing the Model X between 2 other cars or rather vans, was to demonstrate the articulation the FWDs have.

carlgo | 2015年9月30日

Ideally should have front falcon doors as well, or one big side door.

Tropopause | 2015年9月30日

In this scenario, just crawl in through the falcon wing doors to access the front seat.

grant10k | 2015年9月30日


It's a demonstration to show that if you can get out of the front doors at all, you'll have zero problem with the rear ones.

thevangoghs | 2015年9月30日

You shouldn't need to worry about the doors (although they are beautiful). In a couple years, push a button and the car will ease out of any impossibly tight space, find a perfect spot and open the doors to invite you in : )

NumberOne | 2015年9月30日

The doors are not just about opening them in tight spaces, although it will be fun to climb to the back when you are in a really tight space, because some bafo.. parked over the line effectively taking two spaces. I have parked next to such a person and had to get out through the hatch. There is now way to get a door ding this way either because said selfish individual cannot open their door either. That aside, the purpose of the door is more a matter of making 3rd row access possible without folding a seat, and also to make it easier to place children in car seats. I love the doors and the seats, although my ears will turn red the first few times I drop my kids off at school.

Jamminrio | 2015年9月30日

I had suggested last year that the second row seats slide and fold back, so the front seats could move back to the second row to get out when cars park too close . Then I realized that it didn't matter, because the car would be able to park or pull itself out if needed. The Falcon doors come in handy if you needed to get something out of the vehicle quickly in this situation. I just hope you can manually move the doors quickly if you wanted.

Madatgascar | 2015年9月30日

@Jamminrio, No, you have to wait for the six second hydraulic lift.

sosmerc | 2015年9月30日

I suspect the whole "situation" with these doors is going to change with time. Meaning, I hope we will see alternative designs such as a single large falcon wing door on either side making it easy for EVERYONE to get in and out even when parked closely to other vehicles. Or a sliding door like current vans use.
Seating variations will most likely also evolve with time. I can invision all kinds of different seating options that will give the X alot more versatility. All in time.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月30日

The part where Elon demonstrated the difference in having an open sliding door on the Honda Odyssey versus the Tesla Model X was golden. I wish he had done the same with the AUDI Q7, which would have been even worse, due to the swinging door panel...

Madatgascar | 2015年9月30日

I know right??? I was just waiting for the swinging door fail on the Audi. Would have driven home the point much better.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月30日

He may not have wanted to ding the Model X...


danej | 2015年9月30日

The FW are also about kids, who sometimes will throw a door open and ding an adjacent vehicle. This is basically the point of minivan sliders: they're punishment for us parents until we've adequately trained our children on proper use of a normal car door. "First detent, second detent, wide open, repeat after me!"

Ross1 | 2015年10月1日

Correct me if I'm wrong (you always do) but doesn't the MX and MS have the ability to come forth on call from your iphone, opening the garage door and presenting to you, now with the door open ready for you. You don't have to get in it inside the garage. At least the technology is dormant within for that.

Or maybe the kids can get in the FW doors if you can't squeeze in, they can remote control the car to pick you up...wherever.

Time will come, they can call it up from school, or soccer. No more soccer moms required. (They can go to work to pay for the MX while MX runs all over town doing errands.