Tracking highest VINs

Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

cfOH | 2013年7月24日

@timmsteiner Me first! Me first! As my kids would yell. ;-)

Where in Ohio are you?

Zero EV | 2013年7月25日


I think mine is in that lot as well, although my DS told me there was a shipment of 9!

VIN: 15664

Still awaiting "the call" to confirm.

kent | 2013年7月25日

I hope the 7 new Tesla Owners in Ohio sign into our Ohio Tesla Owners Facebook page. Welcome to the Tesla club. Ohio area is growing quit quickly. Your service center manager Dave is a great guy along with the rest of the staff.

Benz | 2013年7月25日

Not many new VIN# are being posted lately, I must say. Does that mean anything?

cfOH | 2013年7月25日

I'd like to start a new "POST YOUR NEW VIN HERE" thread, as this one's title is a little different than how we're now using it. I could also post the spreadsheet in that first post and have it updated automatically. Anyone mind?

cfOH | 2013年7月25日

Oh, and would it be OK to make it private? I mean, is there any value to non-owners having access to a "post your VINs" thread?

SCOOBY | 2013年7月25日

I enjoy your graph. Please don't make it private. Like many other recent owners, I do not have access to private threads. And please don't say "contact Tesla about it".; I have better things to do with my time.

cfOH | 2013年7月25日

@schueppert Thanks for the input.

Regarding your access to private forums, you can get access in less time than it took you to type the comment about having better things to do with your time.

I simply wrote the following email to

I have a confirmed reservation with an issued VIN, yet I'm unable to see the private forum areas reserved for Tesla customers. Can you add me to the approved list somehow? Thanks.

Feel free to copy and paste that if it saves you 20 seconds.

pgiralt | 2013年7月25日

FWIW, it took me some time to get access to the private forums. I had called the Tesla number and spoke to some folks about my order and in passing I asked about the access to the private forums. The guy had no idea what I was talking about. It took a few days for them to figure it out and get me to the right person. I think anyone who is new here won't even know about the private forums or how to get access to them unless they read through a bunch of posts and figure it out (and stumble upon a post like yours telling them exactly how to get access). Up to now I think this thread has been okay without being private and would vote to keep it like that to get the most data possible.

Out4aDuck | 2013年7月25日

Speaking for those of us who cannot yet afford a Tesla, it would be disappointing if we could not follow the Tesla story. I feel like it's a rare occasion where we are actually witnessing history being made. Whatever your decision, thanks so much for sharing the data you have.

Benz | 2013年7月25日

I agree with both pgiralt and Out4aDuck. Share the data with all of us. Thanks.

Cattledog | 2013年7月25日

cfOH - OK foe new forum and OK to stay public. And OK to say thanks for doing it...thanks.

tobi_ger | 2013年7月25日

Out4aDuck +1

CalDreamin | 2013年7月25日

cfOH, I really appreciate your posting updated VIN charts. Out4aDuck is right, it's like watching history being made.

TM forum members, please post your Model S VIN and dates you received your VINs.

Thank you!

bobby.clark | 2013年7月25日

17424 -- Delivery to Chicago set for July 13th. just in time for a cross country trip.

reserved 7/2
built 7/28
tentative delivery date to Chicago (Villa Park) 8/13

ajkim26 | 2013年7月25日

15577 picked it up last week, amazing experience.

Nlupei | 2013年7月26日

Just received my VIN XXX17925.
Ordered 7/12, Confirmed 7/13, VIN received 7/26.
Status still says sourcing parts but I've heard once the chassis is made they assign a VIN.
Estimated delivery to Chicago is Late Aug at this point.

timmsteiner | 2013年7月26日

@cfOH - in Indiana, just no service center here!

jackhub | 2013年7月26日

Curious! I am a Tesla owner. I have never registered for access to private threads, yet I have access to private threads! Mmmm.

Brian H | 2013年7月27日

supposed to be automatic; doesn't happen for some, has to be fixed.

wolfpet | 2013年7月27日


I've done nothing, just opened the site and got private threads visible.


lolachampcar | 2013年7月27日

Just placed a reservation and will post the ViN when issued.

SamO | 2013年7月27日


Another one?

tobi_ger | 2013年7月27日

Nice, MS or MX?

FranknWC | 2013年7月29日

MS 85 black, Tech pac, Air Susp, twin chargers

06/08/13 Test drive
06/19/13 Ordered
06/25/13 Order confirmed
06/25/13 Received Vin ...16071
07/12/13 Sourcing parts, promised 07/30-08/13
07/15/13 In production
07/17/13 Received notice that my car would be delivered late July
07/22/13 Production complete... being prepared for (pickup or) delivery
07/29/13 my dashboard changed from being prep. to sourcing parts called my DS and he said, "Forget that" car arrived today.
07/30/13 pick-up tomorrow 10:AM

Looks like 1 week production 1 week to deliver coast to coast.

I feel like I will be driving the most advanced car on the road. Don't know if I can sleep tonight.

Cattledog | 2013年7月29日

FranknWC - Don't even try. Congratulations!

Nicolai Imset | 2013年8月8日

Got my Vin for Norway, Europe yesterday


Oliver.femont | 2013年8月8日

@ FrankWC - Seems that Europeans (Belgium) keep being pushed behind! Ordered my 85 performance + in april 2012 got my VIN (19290) last week, Not really fair to those who were convinced upon first pictures. Little bit jealous...

GoReedo | 2013年8月8日

VIN 19622 received yesterday (confirmed 8.6.13)

brian.wilk | 2013年8月8日


jyeatman | 2013年8月10日

VIN 19802 assigned today. Woot!

Nicolai Imset | 2013年8月23日

vin 19330 EU p85+

Got VIN August 7th 2013

GEB | 2013年8月30日

VIN 21731 assigned today, 8/30/13.

Fred O | 2013年8月30日

Wow. 1100 new vins in one week.

AoneOne | 2013年8月30日

21639, confirmed 8/26, assigned 8/30

Whity Whiteman | 2013年8月30日

is it correct, that we can assume the reached goal of 21000 Cars in 2013 with VIN-Number (more or less) 23500?
---2450 Cars in 2012 an maybe 1000 for loaners, Crashtests etc...
We are actually nearer than it should be (end of August)... 4 months to go --- 7000 Cars more to produce (at least 1700 Cars/month).

Any suggestions?

Brian H | 2013年8月30日

About right. I expect closer to 25K than 21K .

paulw5 | 2013年9月4日

Ordered 19 Juli 2013.....
Still sourcing parts

85KW black all options ;-)

stussy5555 | 2013年9月5日

VIN: 22297

85P Grey, 21" Grey Turbine. Pano/Tech/Sound/Psensors etc.

Supposed to be ready at months end. Seems soon considering I just confirmed my order yesterday. Not complaining!

Tamtam10 | 2013年9月9日

85KW, a few options.

VIN: 2252*
Order Date: September 8th
Expected Delivery: Late October

bronto | 2013年9月9日

Ordered/Confirmed: 9-8
VIN assigned 9-9: 22531

Benz | 2013年9月9日

@ Tamtam10 @ bronto

Please also post your VIN 3 in this thread:
"Post Your Newly Assigned VINs Here"


DouglasR | 2013年9月10日

@Whity Whiteman - You might want to edit the title of this thread so that people are not confused. Something like "Use Other Thread to Post VIN." This is a good thread to discuss the trends and implications of the statistics, but the other thread is better for posting those numbers IMHO.

tanera | 2013年9月11日

Order 19/7/2013 with all options
Vin number assigned 12/9/2013
Vin number 22241

tanera | 2013年9月11日

My order is for European market and expected delivery December 2013.

Whity Whiteman | 2013年9月20日

do we see VIN 30.000 in 2013? Could be, if Tesla makes 6000 Cars in Q4

AlMc | 2013年9月20日

+1 Douglas R: Thanks for the thread Whity but the cfOH thread has regression analysis and a nice chart of VINS.

kawdennis | 2013年10月2日

AUG 24TH VIN 19516

Benz | 2013年10月2日


There is a new thread where you can post your VIN: "NEW VIN THREAD". Post your VIN there as well. Thanks