Trade Wheels, Anyone?

Trade Wheels, Anyone?

I'm looking for a regular production model reservation holder who wants the 21" rims. I would like to work out a deal in which I trade them the 21" rims from our Signature and I get the 19" areos and $1,000 boot. That way each of us saves $1,000. Tesla will not do the switch for us, so there might be insurmountable logistical obstacles, but there it is... I will be taking delivery in the U.S., or maybe in Toronto. If anyone is interested please post to this thread.

Chris DC | 2012年3月21日

Add me to the list. Looking for the same trade...

EdG | 2012年3月21日

Here, too. I'm an hour out of NYC.

BYT | 2012年3月21日

I'm in the Bay Area and am P1,837 who would be open to trade up for a 21" but would like to save some bread... :) Too bad the forums are not searchable for when that time comes but am putting it out there in any case.

Chris DC | 2012年3月21日

I have a feeling most will want to 'trade down'...

EdG | 2012年3月21日

Might be a used a little, as I'm Sig 303, and you might not have yours for some months. So there might be a little room for negotiations. Or it might not work.

Tesla, can you help by giving me someone else's aero wheels 4 months before they buy, and hold my 21" for them? Please?

BYT | 2012年3月21日

I love the look on the 21" and I don't mind swapping out the tires more often for that look so am open to the idea for me. I do want to see what they 19" Aereo's look like first however, I don't like the ones I see now with the all black solid finish as they look like cheap rims to me. The rims make the car people, well, sometimes.

ckessel | 2012年3月21日

There's a number of us that want to trade down from 21" -> 19" and feel Tesla should credit for the down grade just like they charge for the upgrade.

Forcing people to go through forums to arrange wheel swaps at a reasonable price is just silly.

EdG | 2012年3月21日

I agree. Maybe they want to book the sale at the higher price in the first quarter of sales? I have no idea why they said "no." Perhaps by aiding our swap they can book the sale and provide the features we want, while we take care of the difference ourselves?

ThomasN | 2012年3月21日


ThomasN | 2012年3月21日

As a stock holder, I don't have a problem with this. As a reservation holder, I'll find a solution.

BruceR | 2012年3月21日

Hope you can work out a deal directly with TESLA. If not, I may be interested in Cleveland (I use seperate winter and summer tires). P1842 so timing might be the issue and would affect the price differential.

cablechewer | 2012年3月21日

Harold if you live in Canada and plan to plate the vehicle in Canada you should check with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. If Tesla doesn't get the Model S on the RIV list you won't be able to import the car. Presently Tesla does not have any entries on the RIV list and Tesla reps have told me they do not intend to get the Model S on the list. You can check the list here:

For this reason I signed up to buy my Model S in Canada despite the fact I am currently living in the US.

Tesla will have the ability to import the vehicle into Canada as a manufacturer, but once the vehicle is sold to a consumer the list I linked to applies.

If you have a permanent address in the US and will be leaving a US plate on the car indefinitely then none of this will be a concern. However I have spent some time on the phone with the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario and they confirmed I cannot get an Ontario plate for a US vehicle without the proper import paperwork. After that the registrar of imported vehicles confirmed that at this time they will not import a Tesla (actually the conversation took place over a year ago when I made my reservation).

Maybe there are other provinces that are more lax. That might let you work around this, but you should investigate before you assume all will be fine. If you have other information I would love to hear it and avoid the HST in Ontario (even though it would put me at the end of the US reservation line). The MTO also told me the penalties for leaving a US plate on a car that is garaged in Canada, but I no longer remember the details.

Hmmm, maybe I should investigate the virtue of moving my point of purchase to another province with more favourable sales tax...

stephen.kamichik | 2012年3月22日

cablechewer.....The free trade agreement allows any new car manufactured in the USA or Mexico to be imported into Canada. Therefore I do not think that Tesla needs to get the model S on the RIV list.

cablechewer | 2012年3月22日

I just called the Registrar to check that. They said the free trade agreement may exempt a US made vehicle from some duty and taxes, but if the vehicle isn't on the RIV list it is considered inadmissible.

It is up the the CBSA to verify admissibility and the validity of your Form-1. However the Registrar won't issue a Form 1 for a vehicle they consider inadmissible.

That being said there are exceptions for temporary visitors (up to 1 year), diplomats, CBP officers, military personnel and demonstration/test vehicles.

Tesla has said they will have the cars on the pre-clearance list so they can import them. However, whatever extra effort is needed to enable consumer import of the vehicles Tesla will not undertake (that came from two different Tesla reps in conversations through 2010).

stephen.kamichik | 2012年3月22日

TM has stated (on this website) that it will not support importing its vehicles into markets for which they were not designated.

kevjo | 2012年6月2日

I'd be willing to trade up to the 21" wheels. I'm #4684 and hopefully will be taking delivery around 12/12 in the Bay Area.

And just out of curiosity, do the 21's really wear that much faster than the 19's? Why are people interested in trading down?

jerry3 | 2012年6月2日

- Why are people interested in trading down

Winter, poor roads, ride comfort, wheel damage, tire price, tire selection, range, etc.. There are a host of reasons.

EdG | 2012年6月3日

I was quoted "up to 5%" less range with the performance wheels/tires, decreased mileage per tire, and higher cost to replace each tire.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年6月3日

And just out of curiosity, do the 21's really wear that much faster than the 19's? Why are people interested in trading down? (kevjo)

Here's a thread that provides lots of details and personal experience/views on performance tires:

jerry3 | 2012年6月3日

Note that you can roughly determine the practicality and economy of a tire by it's aspect ratio*. The smaller the aspect ratio is the more expensive and short lived the tire will be.

* aspect ratio is the nominal section height divided by the nominal section width. Also called "profile" it's the second number in a tire size 245/35R21, the 35 is the aspect ratio.

Brian10 | 2012年6月3日

I'm P1399, taking delivery in Newport Beach, CA and I'll make that trade. How do we arrange it?

JimBl | 2012年6月5日

I want to use the 19 inch tires for ride. I am not going to be racing the car and do not need the high performance 21 inch tires. Does anyone know what the acutal cost difference is in these two tire sets? I am reservation 296 for a SIG. I am in Seattle and would trade down for a set or 19 inch if I could get enough to pay for paint armour. The problem is timing, I don't want to wait for someone who will not get their car until later in the year.

The rep does not think Tesla will offer any kind of deal for those of us who have 21 inch tires as "standard" and want the cheaper 19 inch set.

Any suggestions will be welcome.

EdG | 2012年6月5日

Given no help from Tesla, it would seem that someone would have to accept slightly used wheels from a Sig/Perf buyer.

ATSTesla | 2012年6月5日

If you are looking to trade down, i'm willing to take the 21" performance wheels off your hands. I am looking for the smoked black ones. I'm a regular reservation holder located in the Bay Area. Looking to take delivery at the end of the year. Reservation # 68. Contact me and tell me which wheels you would like and we can make a trade.

ATSTesla | 2012年6月5日

Reservation #4068

danielcolbert | 2012年6月5日

If you are looking to trade down, I'm willing to take the 21" performance wheels off your hands. I am looking for the smoked black ones. I'm a regular reservation holder located in the Chicago Area. Looking to take delivery at the end of the year. Reservation #4419. Contact me and tell me which wheels you would like and we can negotiate a trade.

MandL | 2012年6月20日

Just configured my Sig (#802) and decided to take the 21" wheels even though I live in a pothole-ridden city on a cobblestone street and work for a company that doesn't believe in snow days. Just too cheap to let the $3500 slide. So I too will be looking to make this deal with someone at some point.

Brian H | 2012年6月20日

MandL, meet daniel. Daniel, meet MandL. My introduction commission is just 10% of the transaction value. |8-$

kingkong | 2012年6月20日


If your are CAN sig the delivery might close to winter. you may order a set of 19" winter & save the new 21" to trade(people might pay a little more for a new set instead of used)

HaroldS | 2012年6月20日

Since my original post which started this thread we spent a fair amount of time thinking about the details of trading.

First, since we REALLY can't use the 21"s in our climate we couldn't afford to end up owning them if a trading partner didn't come through.

Second, the geographic dispersion of many of us meant that there would probably be the cost and difficulty of shipping wheel sets around the country. We're taking delivery in Maine, for example.

Third, what are we going to drive on while the trade sets are in transit?

In the end, it just turned out that the logistics for trading seemed way too complicated. Since we were #273 in the Signature queue, so we had to configure our car some weeks ago. We opted for the aero wheels, but of course can't get them now, so we changed to 19" all weathers.

If anyone does manage to arrange a trade it would be good to hear about how it worked out.

Brian H | 2012年6月20日

Both drive to a mid-point and start with the lug nutting?

petero | 2012年6月20日

HaroldS. My suggestion is to speak to your TM store manager to see if he/she can facilitate the swap. Perhaps for a commission they could accommodate two customers. This would make it quick, easy, and safe.

dborn | 2012年6月20日

Perhaps slightly off topic, but my local dealer here in Sydney Australia is talking of arranging a spare wheel loaner for customers going on longer trips, and who feel the need to have a spare wheel but not to own one while simply driving around town. Unfortunately, I have been told by my local tire place that the inflation/fix it kits that will come with the S and come with the roadster, ruin a tire and make them irreparable.
For some reason, punctures around Sydney are an extremely common occurrence - lots of screws nails etc. on the roadway.
If he is prepared to arrange a service of that type, then I can see little reason why he would not facilitate wheel swaps. No skin off his nose and a good look for Tesla and customer service.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年6月21日

what are we going to drive on while the trade sets are in transit? (HaroldS)

you may order a [additional] set of 19" winter & save the new 21" to trade (kingkong)

Sounds like a reasonable and practical way to recover some of the 21" value. The price difference between 19" and 21" is wide enough, there seems to be very little risk involved.

BYT | 2012年6月21日

I wonder how much an extra set of the 19" would cost? You know, if I wanted to keep them around should something happen to the 21"

Anybody look up comparable tires/rims elsewhere?

Slindell | 2012年6月21日

I intend to offer my 21" silver wheels/tires for sale on this and the TMC forum, and have 19" "turbine" wheels/tires ready to put on my Sig Model S the day I get it delivered.

kingkong | 2012年6月21日


even though there was not much snow in Toronto the last two winters, I still think winter tires are needed(safer winter driving & also prolong your performance tires); Especially if you are going to keep +$100K car for a while(Harold you must be kidding that you can afford an extra set of wheels & tires)

smorgasbord | 2012年6月22日

I'm in the SF Bay Area, getting a Performance Model S and am willing to swap/sell my 21" (Grey or Silver, your choice) wheels & tires. I'm reservation #R270 (Roadster Friends&Family), which should mean my car arrives in October.

Ideally, you're getting your Model S about the same time, and we can just swap wheels and split the money difference down the middle. However, I'm also willing to sell my 21" ers outright, even shipping them.

Contact me at teslawheels (at) if you're interested and we'll see what we can work out.

NJS1207 | 2012年6月23日

I am in northern New Jersey and will be configuring my Sig. (#1207) shortly. If anyone is interested in setting up a trade for my 21" wheels, let me know. I plan to go to the store in NYC to finalize my options, so I will discuss petero's suggestion of TM facilitating a swap.

Heinz | 2012年6月29日

The aero wheels have been removed as a design option. Does anyone know why?

Teoatawki | 2012年6月29日

Apparently problems with the supplier, customer demand, and range improvement was not what they hoped.

My5bAby | 2012年6月30日

If you look at the Options page, it now clearly says that downgrading wheels is a "no cost option".


NJS1207 | 2012年6月30日

I submitted my paperwork for Sig 1207 last week. Since I was not confident I would be able to arrange a trade, I had to configure with 19" wheels. I would appreciate if someone could explain why Tesla will not give some consideration for the downgrade to the 19" wheels. Presumably the company's cost for the 19" wheels is considerably less than for the 21" wheels. I need the 19" wheels here in NJ -- 21" are just not an option --, but I would feel much better about ihe downgrade if someone could explain why there should not be a discount.. I am totally excited about the prospect of taking delivery; this is the only respect in which I feel Tesla is not doing right by its customers. I hope I am missing something and someone can offer a cogent explanation for why the company's position makes sense.

Brian H | 2012年7月1日

Think of the 21" wheels as being a free Sig upgrade!

vufamily2009 | 2013年5月7日

I am willing to trade up, 19" for 21", plus some cash. I am looking for a smoked black one. Please let me know if anyone is interested, email


cgiGuy | 2013年5月7日

Same here.. I wouldn't mind trading 19s and some cash for grey 21s. I'm in Texas.

mkidding | 2013年5月7日

For those who did trade their wheels - does Tesla do the software re-config for you guys to reflect the changes on the wheels?

StingSC10 | 2013年5月10日

I have the 19" wheels and I want the 21" wheels. I live in Atlanta and my MS will be delivered in late June or early July. Therefore my wheels/tires will be BRAND NEW. Please let me know if you are interested in a trade.

StingSC10 | 2013年5月10日

Forgot to add my contact info for my above post. chad.bruhn@gmail

Brian H | 2013年5月11日

Heh. Your "name" is your email arreddy.