Understanding Charging on 4.5

Understanding Charging on 4.5

So I just got the new 4.5 I was still on 4.4 something and don't quite understand the new charging limits. At each point are those suppose to be 10% so from 50-100%. At any point does it tell you what rated range your car would be charged at, at that level selected?

Is there a recommended daily trip level for maximum efficiency?

jat | 2013年7月24日

I personally charge mine to 70% on a daily basis, and rarely go below 50%. I don't have any hard numbers, but I believe that will very slightly improve battery longevity by reducing the overall time spent at higher charge. It doesn't show you the rated miles at each point, but it is easy enough to estimate.

GeekEV | 2013年7月24日

I settled on 75%, which gives me a nice round 150 miles rated (or close to it anyway, it varies) on my S60.

PaceyWhitter | 2013年7月24日

Overall, the best advice is that if you can, lower the max charge as this will make your battery last slightly longer.

However, under no circustances lower it to a point that would give you any range anxiety as it is just not worth it. (the benifits are not that great)

Still use a max range charge if you need it for trips.

TeslaOR | 2013年7月24日

I guess Tesla is implying with this new feature that the standard charge to 90% was a bit high if you are looking towards max battery longevity.

nickjhowe | 2013年7月24日

Today at the Port St Lucie SuperCharger opening we met and spoke with the VP responsible for the SuperCharger build out. I quote him directly "the best thing for the battery is to be constantly topped off [to a normal charge]; the worst thing is to let it run it down [to zero] then charge it back up."

jat | 2013年7月24日

@nickjhowe - then that is very different from other Li-ion battery recommendations -- for example, Nissan dings you on the annual battery report for time spent at full charge. Li-poly batteries don't like being held at high SoC for a long time either. The Volt uses the middle range of its battery, etc.

michael1800 | 2013年7月24日

@Jat - Unless I'm mistaken, by normal charge, Nick was indicating the user-configurable normal charge and NOT a range charge. In essence, keeping the battery topped off at 50-90%, not at 100%.

cerjor | 2013年7月24日

I replied to another thread that I cant find right now what each mark on the slider had my car charged to.
Full: 265 miles
First mark down: 231
Next mark: 198
Next: 171
Next: 145

Right now I am routinely charging to 200 miles.

jat | 2013年7月25日

@michael1800 - I understand that, but I don't know that 90% is the place where no excess wear occurs. Personally, I charge it as low as possible so that I don't go below 50% in my normal usage, but I don't worry about max-range charging it (though I do arrange for it to sit at completely full for as little time as possible before starting to drive it) or running it down to zero when I need it.

nickjhowe | 2013年7月25日

@Michael/@Jat - correct, I meant 90% charge. Bottom line - try not to deep cycle the battery, and try to stay away from extremely full or extremely empty.