USB vs. 12V Power Socket Charging

USB vs. 12V Power Socket Charging

I'm noticing that the USB charger charges my iPhone very slowly. Has anyone else had this experience? I have not tried the 12V Power Socket yet. Does that charge more quickly?

J.T. | 2014年8月5日

Just yesterday my Galaxy 4 was on orange about to die and I plugged it in to my 12v socket and in 20 minutes i had it up to 25%.

NetWatchR | 2014年8月5日

From what I've ready on other threads covering this (hint), I believe the USB only runs up to 1A. If your iPhone is active (GPS/Data/etc.), this will barely cover usage. Most 12V adapters today will run at 2.1A

QtweetEV | 2014年8月5日

I find the USB ports very performing to charge my iphone. I tried both (USB and 12volts) and had very rapid results either way.


msung330 | 2014年8月5日

Go 12V outlet socket with a 2.1 amp charger/adapter, and genuine Apple cable, for best/fastest charging (12W max). Your USB port might only be pumping out 0.5 amp... Check out the following:

WillEric | 2014年8月5日

msung, thanks a lot, that was really helpful

buickguy | 2014年8月5日

The 12V socket is fast, very fast.