Voice commands

Voice commands

Just wondering if anyone has a clue what voice commands the Tesla S will use? Will it be built in or use an internet connection like that of Siri?

TJK | 2012年3月4日

It uses the internet with Google Voice for at least the music, Elon mentions it around 2:30.

(Here's the direct link if the embedded one doesn't work...

Discoducky | 2012年3月6日

Yep, and I'd expect on native command support not no 3rd party API extensible options for aspiring developers. At least TM can update the cars firmware for more options in the future though.

Discoducky | 2012年3月6日

Wow, how about that for a poorly worded sentence.

I'd expect native command support only.

No 3rd party API extensible options for aspiring developers, but it would be super cool to remotely start a song playing or something like that. At least TM can update the cars firmware for more options in the future though.

Tom A | 2012年3月6日

My 2010 Mariner hybrid has Ford Sync for voice-command of my phone through bluetooth - it can read text messages to you, as well as let you dial numbers or to "call _name_ on _cell/home/work/whatever_" Works like a charm.

The voice control also covers music, including radio, CD and any storage device you connect via the USB port. It can index my 3/4-full 80GB iPod and recognize "play album _album name_" or "playlist" or "artist" etc. Very very slick stuff.

That is the future of car interfaces. Bah! Humbug to touchscreens, knobs and buttons for all but the essential functions (AC, heat, volume, on/off).

The 2010 Fusion hybrid also had voice commands for climate control (set temperature by voice command in either Celsius or Fahrenheit) and other functions.

Of course, both vehicles had a few key redundant buttons on the steering wheel for hanging up the phone, adjusting volume and advancing up/down songs/radio stations/etc. on one side, and cruise control on the other side (no voice control for cruise, as far as I know, and that is a good thing, as far as I am concerned!).

Brian H | 2012年3月7日

News flash. TMC has hacked the Roadster interface for iPhone/Android apps. Looking for "contributors".

mwu | 2012年3月7日

Send me a roadster, I'll contribute.

john | 2013年6月11日

Does someone have a list of commands for the Model S?

john | 2013年6月11日

Sorry, does someone have a list of VOICE commands for the Tesla S?

michael1800 | 2013年6月11日

Like everything else in my house, the Model S doesn't respond to the standard voice commands such as sit, stop, no and give it to me now.

Schlermie | 2013年6月11日

From the Owner's Guide:

You can use voice commands to call a contact, navigate, or listen
to Internet music. Press and hold the voice button on the upper
right side of the steering wheel. When you hear the tone, speak
your command. Release the button when you finish speaking.
• To call a contact, say “Call” or “Dial,” followed by the contact’s first and/or last name(s). For example, “Call Eric.”
• To navigate, say “Drive,” “Navigate,” or “Where is,” followed by an address, business name, business category, or landmark. For
example, “Drive to Tesla in Menlo Park.”
• To listen to the Slacker Internet music service, say “Listen to,” or “Play,”
followed by the name of the song, album, artist or combination. To
improve voice recognition accuracy, provide multiple cues in your
command, such as artist plus song (for example, “Play Free Fallin by Tom Petty”).

cgiGuy | 2013年6月12日

@michael1800- LOL.. can't wait to bump into your Model S at the gym after it divorces you.

jeffrey.begens | 2013年6月12日

I just learned that besides playing a particular song or an artist, you can also say "Play Jerry Seinfeld" (or other comics) and you will hear 5-7 minute bits from him and other comics like Dane Cook, Steve Martin and others. Love it.

bsimoes | 2013年6月13日

That's a great tip. Thanks jeffrey.begens@

SamO | 2013年8月25日

Big help for all owners

murraypetera | 2013年8月25日

I found that every time I voiced a command it would never understand me. When my daughter would say the same command it would work. My voice in far from a barratone but I found if I speak in a false seto my chances of getting understood became much higher.

I hope 5.0 is better and I hope it does not need Internet connection.

thranx | 2013年8月26日

Be nice to turn on cruise control and set (or reset) the speed with voice command, instead of having to monkey with the lever all the time.

derek | 2013年8月26日

@murraypetera Strange that you have to use a false seto. I use the real seto commands, and it works OK for me.

Perhaps you should try speaking in a stack catto. PS, also consider a music or italian class.

rpssks | 2014年12月27日

My T ms is a beauty to drive but voice command seems to be not as responsive as on my 10 year old Acura or
2year old Lexus. Is this a fact or I should go to TM delivery store for some lessons?

J.T. | 2014年12月27日

@rpssks Hold the button, hear the beep, continue hokding the button, speak your command using "listen to" "Where is" or "call" wait a beat then release the button.

Songs with contractions don't do well.

Hope that helps.

Captain_Zap | 2014年12月27日

"play" "find"

vitaman | 2014年12月27日

I find the voice commands better than Porsche, Jaguar, or BMW.
With those cars I used them once or twice during the entire ownership.
In 5 days with the Model S I have used it at least 15 times and marvel at its abilities.
I may have low expectations from my previous experiences however.