What can we expect - Gen 3 / Bluestar?

What can we expect - Gen 3 / Bluestar?

This thread is for people to share their thoughts on what we might be able to expect on the much anticipated gen 3 model codenamed Bluestar

Skotty | 2013年8月18日

Something I haven't shared before -- I hope they offer a standard front wheel drive model, a performance rear wheel drive model, and maybe even an all wheel drive model. That would be something that, as far as I know, no auto manufacturer has ever offered before in a vehicle model.

filsmyth | 2013年8月18日

Why front-wheel drive? The main reason small ICE wagons use it is packaging, which isn't an issue with electric vehicles. Traction advantage? That only applies for a vehicle with its drive wheels at the same end as its ICE -- and then the advantage disappears with a heavy load at the rear.

As for what it will look like, I'm working on some guesses...

Mmv3 | 2013年8月18日

I prefer all wheel drive over front, as stated by filsmyth there is no practical advantage to front wheel drive over all, or rear wheel drive with out the weight of the ice. the way that Tesla has there platform set up it would make most sense to go all wheel drive due to the even weight distribution.

filsmyth | 2013年8月18日

...But if you are only going to power one pair of wheels, because of weight transfer during acceleration the rears are the best choice for traction (with even weight distribution).

Skotty | 2013年8月19日

Even if it's not the case with the end design of the Gen 3, many mass market customers will assume that front wheel drive is better for traction and control. Regardless, I would assume front wheel drive is less likely to fishtail when driving aggressively and/or in slippery conditions. It would potentially also allow for more significant regeneration when stopping.

If it has to be one or the other, I hope it's rear wheel drive. But I think there will be a lot of regular Joes and Janes who would prefer it be front wheel drive.

TeslaRocks | 2013年8月19日

Just keep in mind that AWD probably makes sense in the model S because it is a luxury car, but the name of the game for the Bluestar is cost reduction, which also means simplicity and standardization (fewer options). I would not expect much new technology in the Bluestar, other than better/more affordable batteries and similar improvements, as cutting edge technology is more appropriate for a new Roadster, Model S, Model X, or luxury pick-up truck. The bluestar will be the car for the people, but there can be a lot of beauty in simplicity, especially if that's all you can afford.

Brian H | 2013年8月19日

Where new tech advances cost control and efficiency, it will be deployed. Hint: how much does a modern computer cost compared to, say, an XT from a decade or two ago? With 1000X less RAM, running 400X slower?

NilsG | 2013年8月19日

What we can expect from gen III might be revealed sooner than we think, and we will have a new subject to discuss, namely the "Model E"

Wonder if they will put it in under or over the X.....

negarholger | 2013年8月19日

Interesting, TM seems to follow the Mercedes naming. That could be a smart move especially for Europe & Asia. Just curious how they will name the Gen3-SUV.
That opens speculation... V2.0 S and Gen3 do not need to serve Elons family needs any longer, so V2.0 S could go from premium to luxury, Model E could fill the premium category ( stripped down $35k up to $80 k ). Mercedes could bring matching versions under its own brand. Did Elon fool us again with his target of BMW 3 ?

filsmyth | 2013年8月19日

SEX sells.

If it IS called the Model E, well, I'll be glad they didn't go with 'Model C', as that has begun to sound 'average' to me. At some point they're going to run out of letters, though, and I was kind of hoping they'd give it a name.

You know, the name it's had all along. Bluestar.

I guess 'E' is for 'Economy'?

Meanwhile I'll keep sketching what I think it should look like...

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