Please brag about the best feature of your car!

bnwdon | 2013年4月15日

It's a TESLA! | 2013年4月15日

It's the whole package--much more than the sum of it's awesome parts.

craigi | 2013年4月15日

Reducing our foreign energy dependence (and, hopefully, the need to send future generations to war to "protect" oil interests).

markapeterman | 2013年4月15日

Riding around with my wife and 5 kids in a beautiful, quiet, fast sedan. Unfathomable until Tesla.

July10Models | 2013年4月15日

The ability to put anything beside you in the rear view camera almost instantaneously.

olanmills | 2013年4月15日

It's kind of obvious which makes it less interesting, and some people even consider it a drawback, but I love that the center console and gauge cluster are just screens.

bobinfla | 2013年4月15日

Hands down it's the acceleration.

As far as features, it's gotta be the door handles. How can you not love a car that greets you when you come near and says "can we go for a ride". Like an excited puppy.

GeekEV | 2013年4月15日

The continued commitment to software upgrades and enhancements. I've never had a car that gained features before! Even if they don't keep it up forever, how could they, it's nice to know that the car will continue to grow into what they wanted it to be and not be forever stuck on what they were forced to ship by necessity.

cerjor | 2013年4月15日

Regenerative braking

drp | 2013年4月15日


I assume you mean other than the driver's.......

It is pretty cool that things can be updated via 3G and you don't have to be stuck with something outdated.

drp | 2013年4月15日

My primary purpose for buying the car was the reduction of my carbon footprint in exchange for carbon fiber

noel.smyth | 2013年4月15日

no gas, for all the reasons associated with that

kw1 | 2013年4月15日

Not transferring money to governments hostile to the United States via buying gasoline. And having a "full" car each morning without any effort.

GLO | 2013年4月15日

Can't pick. I love it all!!!

Lastrock625 | 2013年4月15日

My favorite part is the way people react when you take them for a ride the first time :-)

GettingOldFast | 2013年4月15日

Wishing that I had spent $10,000 MORE!

TikiMan | 2013年4月15日

When I was a kid, I owned a electric slot-car set. I always thought to myself... "Wow, if only real cars were that fast!"

I now own a REAL SLOT-CAR! :-)

skymaster | 2013年4月15日

Giving people the "Tesla Grin" for the first time.

cgiGuy | 2013年4月16日

+1 craigi.

I love all the tech involved, but if this car burned gas, I never would have taken a second look. Time to get out of the oil business.

wheatcraft | 2013年4月16日

I would have to say the screens; both the 17" touchscreen, and the instrument cluster screen in front of the driver. When I first walked into a Tesla store (Newport Beach), that was what kept me coming back, just to gaze at the screens!

KWTESLA | 2013年4月16日

I love the Tesla apps that come with it ! The iPhone app that lets me see where the car is and and how fast it is going , the temperature inside the car and its charge status. My wife loves the apps too. Also the the home link button knows to pop up when it is time to open the garage door. Too cool!

Liz G | 2013年4月16日

Never again having to stand in the freezing rain at 6am pumping gas.

wbrown01 | 2013年4月16日

I am paying for a $35,000 car with the fuel saving but driving Jauguar.

Velo1 | 2013年4月16日

When I am driving, I AM the coolest thing in the car. At least that's how I feel. :)

ThomasK | 2013年4月16日

the accelerator.

David59 | 2013年4月16日

Someone told me the Tesla Model S has only 14 moving parts. I don't know if that is for the drive train or includes all the various systems, but it is still such a small fraction of the thousands of moving parts in an ICE car that it still boggles my mind to think about. I think that is the coolest thing.

EcLectric | 2013年4月16日

Parking with the press of a single button.

kyleket | 2013年4月16日

I LOVE having to eat my own words: "I will NEVER buy an American car!"

USA! USA! USA! ;-)

Vawlkus | 2013年4月17日

Coolest feature? Gotta be the A/C :D

Runar | 2013年4月17日

Nah.. DC :-D (SC free forever, speed of charging, plans - cover, US, Europe , the world :-)

RanjitC | 2013年4月17日

Other people drooling over it.

brandtlings | 2013年4月17日

Wife loves it! :D

Brian H | 2013年4月17日

Vawlkus is "observing the obvious"; A/C cools the car down, so it must be the coolest thing, in order to share.

hfcolvin | 2013年4月17日

All of the usual stuff, speed, silence, gas free, etc - but the coolest to me is just walking away from the car without buttons, keys, gears and when I get back, the handles pop out, I get in and everything is just like I left it.

Unless I was listening to music on my iPhone - that needs to get fixed.

2050project | 2013年4月17日

Lol, my latest mod to the Model S - a brand spankin' new center console insert (CCI), very cool, it's from:

BYT | 2013年4月17日

+1 kyleket, this is my first American made car as well!

Vawlkus | 2013年4月18日

Oh come ON, that was funny dammit :P

jjs | 2013年4月18日

+1 Vawlkus

Yes it was.

Vawlkus | 2013年4月18日

Runar's follow up was funny too.

contact | 2013年4月27日

The driver's seat.

Robert22 | 2013年4月27日

The deafening silence

tesla.mahedy | 2014年1月12日

The fact that I can start to charge my car from my phone or computer. This honestly made my night.


PSP | 2014年1月12日


Bumper to bumper.